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Are you looking for a way to change up your pinpoint look ? Do you like sparkle, but you ’ ra tired of precisely plain old glitter ? Try adding diamonds to your nails rather. While these beauties aren ’ t the very deal, the stunning effect is real number enough. possibly you can ’ thyroxine afford to rock millionaire jewelry, but everyone can afford to rock rhombus nails .
The best part of nails with diamonds is their versatility. If you prefer to do your nails at home preferably than going to the salon, try one of the elementary styles. If you are bequeath to spend the big bucks, go for break dance on one of the more complex designs. It doesn ’ t topic if you want to go short or retentive, feather or round, diamonds ferment with whatever basis nail down is your preference .
Nail designs with diamonds are a growing drift, and it is easy to see why. rhombus, pearl, rhinestones and early jewel decals are easy to apply and add something special to your everyday nail look. Coming in a wide assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes, the possibilities are dateless when it comes to diamond nail designs.

The Best Nails with Diamons

Diamond French Tips

A classy count perfect for any bride, beautiful rounded french tips get an upgrade with the summation of diamonds. These particular gems have a beveled edge, which adds a spot more flashiness to the solid effect. Leaving one complete nude besides allows the jewels to shine .

White Coffin Nails with Diamonds

Golden gems lift this simple coffin nails look. White is pristine and chic, and gold is just the right match to give this plan a imperial atmosphere. Reduce the total of jewels or the size if you prefer a shorter pinpoint to achieve the same look .

Blue Gems

Gray ombre nails are a great background for these big gemstones and complement the colors precisely. Between the holographic glitter and diamonds, there is enough of hex to go around. An ideal nail plan if you are looking to make a statement .

Red Hearts and Nude Nails

A capital attend for Valentine ’ s Day, red jewels take nude nails to a new flat. Using heart shaped glitter to match the nails is a capital way to round out the spirit. If you want a bold design, keep the accents the same and pair with a crimson nail .

Multicolored Gems

If you want the gems to be the headliner of the show, consider these clear nails with motley diamonds. With a rose as the alone early pop of color, the jewels themselves make up the design. As seen here, the diamonds form the shapes and patterns of the expression. While this takes time, it ’ mho well worth the campaign for a blazing design .

Red Nails with Diamonds

loss nails are a true classical, but it can not be denied that adding diamonds lifts this 3D nail art staple. The different patterns and applications of the diamonds remind one of fabulous jewelry. even if you can ’ thymine yield such expensive pieces, you can decidedly add sparkle to your life with this incredible look .

White Nails with Diamonds

White nails are the perfective canvas for motley gems as white goes with everything. here, beautiful blues, greens, and pinks come together to give an oceanic spirit. While the simpleton attend is big, if you wanted to jazz it up further you could add ocean life decals to continue the ocean composition. A coffin smash shape rounds out the overall invention .

French Tips and Silver Glitter

A great everyday expect or a fun claim on a bridal invention, adding diamonds to french tips is a fashionable way to accent a authoritative count. The silver glitter gives another component of sparkle if you equitable can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get enough. If you are looking for a wedding look, choose diamonds that go with your jewelry or the accents on your full-dress .

Ombre Nails with Diamonds

Ombre nails are a trendy option to the traditional tipped attend. The summation of diamonds and glitter elevates the ombre style and gives an element of fun. In this event, a chunky glitter adds a holographic count that complements the diamonds .

Coral Swirls

Using shaped rhinestones are a great option when it comes to breeze through design. here, pretty coral nails with a eddy dialect nail down are arrant for summer, and the sparkle vine gems finish off the look. You don ’ t need a bombastic come of gemstones to make an shock .

Sky Blue Coffin Nails

here, the diamonds provide an element of texture that complements the smooth nature of the ombre blue nails. The amobarbital sodium glow in the gems mimics the color of the nails, providing consistency within the look. While the long coffin breeze through here is striking, you could besides achieve this expect with a shorter nail style .

Pearls and Gemstones

This color scheme hearkens back to the Golden Age of Hollywood and crimson rug premieres, the pearl and gold sharpen that visualize. Using glitter, gems, and gold all in one look might sound overwhelm, but on a inert complete the effect works. A round nail down fits well with the shape of the stones .

Red Sugar

long red nails are a dramatic look on their own, but adding an stress collar gives another sharpen of interest within the design. here, clear stones applied with the sugar technique give a cool contrast to the brightness of the semblance. If you want a more elusive front, a baby blue or simple tap nail would look dainty with the clear beads .

Gold, Glitter, and Gems

Another capital example of a boodle nail proficiency for the glitter effects, gold glitter pairs absolutely with the gold jewels. While the gemstones are accents rather than the concentrate of the design, they still provide a fun component to the overall spirit. If you prefer a simple look, good use the stones rather than the glitter effects .

Varying Jewel Sizes

A mashup of several complete artwork styles, this aplomb ombre nails with diamonds look is absolutely dazzling. Combining together the boodle pinpoint effect and rhinestones for the independent stress nail down provides a glitter effect. The single pit on the middle smash helps to tie the blueprint together. This would be another fun eddy on a bridal look if you are trying to go for something different .

Pink Nails with Diamonds

A new tendency in stress nails is to have not one, but two that work as a copulate. hera, pink gemstones absolutely match the tap chrome breeze through tinge to provide consistency to a cool nail down front. The carbohydrate effect on the stress nails besides gives a contrasting texture to the smooth nails .

Go for Broke

sometimes you just need to go all out with your complete style, and this is the prime model. An electric purple ties together the colors from the gems and the large-flecked glitter, while the long nail gives you batch of space to decorate. Finishing with a point finishes off your complete argument .

Shimmer and Silver

shimmery nails are the ideal base for the silver gems and glitter. specially if you favor acrylic fiber nails with diamonds, this is a adept look for you. Using acrylics gives you the opportunity to attach larger gems for a three-dimensional expect .

Orange Acrylic Nails with Diamonds

Pale orange is an strange and singular pinpoint color that is stunning with amber glitter. The discolor besides brings out the warm colors in the rhinestones that differently might have been lost. In short, these acrylic nails are a cool means to achieve a fun diamond look. Another advantage to using acrylic fiber nails with diamonds is the fact that you can decorate the nails ahead of time and then fix the nail on afterwards .

Hearts, Stars, and Gemstones

A inert smash color allows the gems and glitter to shine in this nail design with diamonds. In this case, individual pieces of the heart glitter have been applied and sealed on two of the nails. The holographic nature of the glitter matches with the effect of the rhinestones, tying the whole blueprint together .

Short Nails with Diamonds

Similar in color to the former invention, this look shows how a short nail down can be just as effective. For some professions and occasions, a long breeze through is equitable not practical. however, that does not mean you can ’ t bling out your short nails or go for a durable acrylic fiber. here, short-change acrylic nails with diamonds are a rocking expression that works in a kind of settings .

Short Coffin Nails with Diamonds

even though coffin nails are typically long, it is the shape that makes it a coffin complete design and not the duration. In this design, coffin nails are cut short and pack with gems on the accent nails. Using two unlike jewel designs allows you to be creative, but it is a thoroughly estimate with a short nail to keep your designs entirely on the accent nail so as not to be consuming.

Coral Raindrop

In this design, a raindrop-shaped ball field gives a color contrast to an otherwise monochromatic spirit. The bright bluing is a great copulate to the soft coral, and fits in well with the early small gems. other accents, such as the glitter and subtle center design, are fun details that complete the look .

Pink Ombre Nails with Diamonds

much like a french manicure in change by reversal, these pink ombre nails are cute and odoriferous. Using a short circuit nail down adds to the cute-factor. Adding the diamonds lifts the plan to a newfangled level of sophistication, which is perfect if you are concern that cute equals childish .

French Manicure with Diamond Accents

Without the diamonds, this would be a basic french manicure. While there is nothing wrong with a authoritative design, sometimes you want barely a little extra dynamism. The diamonds do good that, dazzling in the way they cover the entire breeze through. This count would be perfect for promenade or a night out on the town .

Diamonds and Pearls

sometimes, you fair want a bare look. hera, clear nails with diamonds accomplishes that goal. Using a achromatic color or plain clear gives you the chance to play around with the gems, as they are the focus of the design. As picture, this is ideal for a short breeze through expression .

Head in the Clouds

That being said, a clear smash front doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to be simple. As you can see, long coffin nails become the perfective canvas for a beautiful cloud design accented with silver stones. While this lapp look is typically paired with blue, it ’ randomness just as effective with a inert or authorize polish .

Crystal Clear Nails with Diamonds

Continuing with the gain nail theme, these basically naked nails get a elevation with small jewel accents. This look is perfect if you have to have a neutral or clear pinpoint for work. A perfective loophole : jewels aren ’ t nail color, nowadays are they ?

Panic at the Purple Disco

imperial is the perfective complement to any baseball diamond look, as it brings out the purple and amobarbital sodium tones of the stones. Covering the little finger nail wholly gives the expect of a disco ball, reflecting back the bright colors. Cool fire accents give an edge to the front .

Large Gems, Big Statement

It ’ south all about the diamonds in this search. The large stones are the star of the design, with the little stones singing back-up. Using a french tip makes the gems stand out even more without color to serve as a beguilement. If you want to make an impression, this is the design for you .

Delicate Designs

Diamonds are perfectly incorporated into the intricate artwork of this beautiful expect. Using a elusive ombre gives alludes to a french tip without such a stark cable. Delicate flowers and bantam stripes complete the design .

Pink Lace and Blue Gems

respective techniques go into creating this pretty design. asymmetrical and ombre tips complement each early in the lapp pinko tinge. Sugaring is the ideal direction to get the gold glitter in such a particular shape, while the white accents give the lacey look. The bluing gems and extra smaller stones give a contrast color and shake up the design .

Black Glitter Nails with Pearls

These curtly nails pack a punch with glitter, jewels, and pearls. The glitter provides a glitzy base and the pearl the independent concentrate, but the small jewels help to complete the overall design. This is the perfective room to do a bejeweled brusque breeze through without going besides extreme

Flames and Bubbles

These nails show unlike facets of personality. The white nails are classy and chic, while the purple flames show play and danger. To round off the look, minor rhinestones and well-defined beads are a capricious, textural component. not to mention a little glitter never hurt anyone ! Long nail down finish the statement, saying “ here I am, love me. ”

Dazzle Me

clear nails get a huge upgrade with glitter and diamonds in this blazing pointed collar design. Easy to accomplish, acrylic nails are simply painted with large-flecked glitter to lay the free-base for the look. Just the right lotion of shimmering diamonds finishes off the design. If you want aplomb acrylic fiber nails with diamonds, you ’ ve found them .

Black Nails with Diamonds

Black and silver make a statement but when you pair with pink, this turns into a arresting design. The diamonds are the perfective discolor silver to match the glitter and blend in seamlessly. Short, round nails have the right look to fit with the vibration of this design. Great for every day or for going out, and besides slowly to accomplish yourself at dwelling versus going to the salon .

Blue Nails with Diamonds

If you favor a short nail, this is a great diamond expression for you. Bright blue or evening aqua nails are striking, and the diamonds and a little bling without going besides extreme. A touch of silver medal glitter complements the gems and fits well with the overall search. While you could choose a different color, the Tiffany ’ s blue gives just a small something. A match made in eden with diamonds .

Blue Ombre Nails with Diamonds

Shimmering blasphemous ombre nails are a bang-up contrast to the complex bejewel radiation pattern of the stress breeze through. The particular blue tinge matches with the blue of the central gem, tying the design in concert. Choosing to use a point nail on the little finger gives another target of interest. If you prefer amber, use a gold shimmer or peak to complement the early decals on the accent nail .

Hearts on Fire

A stunning Valentine ’ s Day look, or if you are just feeling kittenish, red-toned gems coordinate with cordate glitter. Shaping the jewels into a affection as well emphasizes the overall design. Going for a charge smash works with the target of the heart, fitting with the subject. If you wanted to go tied more bold, paint the nails a thick red for a strike red nails with diamonds look .

Gold and Glamour

This count pulls out all the stops with shimmering collar polish and decking out with diamonds. respective levels of cohesion are at work in this design, from the pink shimmer to match the pinks of the diamonds to the gold shimmer bringing out the yellows. Pointed nails have the dramatic edge that befits a pinpoint plan of this complexity .

Dahlias and Diamonds

nothing says perfect the pristine nature of a ashen flower. here, half dahlias get the lift of diamonds to create a stun look. The rebuff ombre effect alludes to a tiptoe nail down without being excessively obvious. This design would be perfective for a marry or extra juncture, such as ball night on a cruise .

Studded with Diamonds

If you love diamonds, this is the look you ’ ve been waiting for. Using only a impersonal polish, the rest of the design in this nail look is accomplished with diamonds of assorted shapes and sizes. even the tips take their supreme headquarters allied powers europe through the application of small gems. If flashiness and glam are your in-between names, you ’ ll be sporting this front .

Greek Goddess

Using lines and patterns exchangeable to ancient Greek art, these unretentive coffin nails with diamonds art a bang-up neutral nail count. clear beads applied with the sugar impression add a fun textured component that complements the gems. bare curves and clean lines might seem like a basic smash design, but combined together they make a antic expression .

Silver Snake

A aplomb way to use the diamonds is to create a connect design between the nails. here, the diamonds swivel and slink like a snake from nail down to nail. If you are a 1950 ’ south fan, you could add a little black poodle to the thumbnail as a cunning decal. You could tied use green jewels as a vine, then paint flowers on each nail. The tune of diamonds works as a blank canvas for any design you could think of creating.

Whatever tinge, convention, shape, or look you want on your nails, there is a diamond decal to elevate it. Glitter is fun, but jewels make a statement and add that extra wow gene to your nails. Just like the polish itself, the gems come in all colors of the rainbow, not to mention a diverseness of sizes. If you like a simple look, go for the little eloquent drop. If you want nails that stand out, go big and bluff. No matter your style, these nails designs prove that diamonds in truth are a female child ’ randomness best ally .
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