Thinking about adding some cool lines to your manicure ? Why not give it a go with nails with lines ? These can be anything and everything that you want them to be and that you imagine ! Lines are a form of artwork that a draw of people illusion. Keep on take as we bring you some of the cool options for any event or collar length !


1. What Is A Nail Manicure With Lines?

Nails with lines and singular aplomb prints are anything that you imagine and want them to be. These can be monochrome and solid nail polish base with some simple or complex line bring on top. These nails are normally very playful and cute while being by and large worn by younger women or teens who like to crave looks and get noticed easily .

2. How Pricey Are These Nails?

You won ’ thyroxine let a lot for this manicure in most cases and in most nail salons. normally, nail artwork with simple lines and the function of complete polish will go for $ 30. If you want to try out a mousse manicure, you ’ ra looking at $ 50. Long and artificial nails such as acrylics will go for $ 80.

3. How To Do This Manicure?

You can achieve this manicure on your own and without hitting the salon. In fact, all you need are some basic tools and park pinpoint equipment, such as a pinpoint flat coat, nail file, and a buffer, your favored polish color, a different color for the lines, and a greatcoat .
pace 1 : cut and file your nails to your preferable length. Make certain that you have no nail polish on clear and solve with a clean free-base.
step 2 : add a base coat and prime your smash plate for your smash polish. Let it dry down within a couple of minutes.
step 3 : set your favored polish on acme. Use two coats to get the pigment you want and desire.
step 4 : draw the lines on lead to get the design that you wish for. You can go for criss-cross, dotted, or one simple line artwork. Use a thin brush to get the best preciseness.
step 5 : set your design with your darling top coat. Enjoy the glow and buffet out the nails to fix up any errors .

Short Nails Design With Lines

1. Simple Nail Art With Lines

Simple Nail Art With LinesSimple Nail Art With Lines
This line artwork will look cunning on top of your white free-base. You can besides go for a clear nail polish or gelatin polish. Add depth and elegance with some ashen and black lines. Take your time when it comes to achieving this or like manicure ideas. Use a thin smash brush to achieve defined artwork .

2. Short Nail Designs With Lines

Short Nail Designs With LinesShort Nail Designs With Lines
A batch of women enjoy light polish colors and base colors, arsenic well as adding a bite of dad and discolor with their prefer front-runner color. You should consider going with royal blue or light gloomy on top of a nail plate. This linework will look the best on workaholic women and those who like to create !

3. Pastel Nail Designs With Lines

Square Nail Designs With LinesSquare Nail Designs With Lines
Is pink one of your darling colors ? Do you like to wear cute and colored pieces ? If you enjoy pastel ideas you ’ re going to like this beauty ! It will look the prettiest once paired along with a clear or white smash nucleotide underneath. Add thin lines and embrace the artwork while wearing it to everyday events. This manicure will suit younger women or teens the best .

4. Square Nail Designs With Lines

Square Nail Designs With LinesSquare Nail Designs With Lines
You can add barely one coloring material on lead of your net or ashen establish. No reason to go “ all-out ”. sometimes, simplicity is the way to do it. You will like this square-shaped manicure if you ’ re person who enjoys docile and voiced transitions that aren ’ metric ton excessively hard to do on your own .

5. Beige Nail Designs With Lines

Beige Nail Designs With LinesBeige Nail Designs With Lines
A distribute of girls like the smasher of nude complete polishes and colors, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a soft touch of elements of artsy ideas. If you know and like to draw yourself and you have the patience to do this yourself, why not add some black lines to spice up the sour ? The end resultant role looks very tribal and chic, while most women who are in their thirties will like the consequence of this design .

6. Gorgeous White Nails

Gorgeous White NailsGorgeous White Nails
Some women like the bridal concept with their nails. You can go for this design if you ’ re getting marital or if you ’ re in the mood for something a lot more fancy and courtly. These nails will look sol cute when done by the proper breeze through artist and they will look elegant, perfect for important events of any sort .

7. Black & White Line Manicure

Black & White Line ManicureBlack & White Line Manicure
Black and nude when paired together will look so artsy. If you ’ re person who likes to DIY your nails and manicures, this is a must-do ! You can even keep them brusque and angelic without worrying excessively a lot about their length or thickness. The consequence will look so perfective for those who like retro ideas and modern subscribe on nails .

8. Brown & Nude Nail Designs With Lines

Brown & Nude Nail Designs With LinesBrown & Nude Nail Designs With Lines
Do you like nude and simple nails ? This manicure precisely shows you that your nails with lines can look so cunning and simple without being “ besides much ”. If you need something that you can wear on a daily and you ’ re in the temper for elegance, consider this smasher ! You ’ ll like the result for your chic tire !

9. Black & White Nail Combo

Black & White Nail ComboBlack & White Nail Combo
Go with this egg-shaped manicure and enjoy the fact that you can do it on your own. It is not excessively heavily or complex. All you need is a white or clear pinpoint polish that you will spice up with some black lines on top. Make sure that you have a brace hand to achieve this blueprint. Black and white can look so gorgeous and feminine when done together, why not test this out ?

10. Coffin Manicure With Lines

Coffin Manicure With LinesCoffin Manicure With Lines
This square-shaped manicure with elements of orange and white will look the best on women who are in the mood for something playful and childish. You can show your style and your choose front-runner color with this concept. If orange is your darling shadow and you want to add dimension on clear of your white base, this couple is for you !

11. Rainbow Nail Designs With Lines

Rainbow Nail Designs With LinesRainbow Nail Designs With Lines
Can ’ t make up your mind ? You ’ re not besides certain what to wear ? If you ’ re in the temper for all the colors of the rainbow and you like pastel designs you ’ re going to like this smasher. Add these lines and employment with different colors to show your fun and playful side with your new line manicure .

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12. Pastel Candy Nails With Lines

Pastel Candy Nails With LinesPastel Candy Nails With Lines
Do you like a rainbow or candy-inspired complete ? Women who are always looking for something newly and colorful will enjoy this design. Play with different colors and add a lot of reflect with your favorite glistening greatcoat ! The end result will look chic and retro while being arrant for younger girls .

13. Oval Bright Manicure

Oval Bright ManicureOval Bright Manicure
This egg-shaped manicure is for those who like to show off their natural nails. If you prefer your own length and style of nails, why not style them up with some pastel pops of color ? This clean pastel colored manicure will look the best for the spring season ! Show it off and wear it for your casual wear or important birthday parties.

14. Blue Manicure With Lines

Blue Manicure With LinesBlue Manicure With Lines
Are you person who likes dark colors a bite more when it comes to your nails ? possibly you prefer darker cool-tone looks ? If that is the sheath give it a proceed with this beauty ! It will work thus well when combined with different kinds of bluing lines that are placed on exceed of your gain or whiten base !

Long Nails Design With Lines

1. Nude Acrylic Nail Designs With Lines

Nude Acrylic Nail Designs With LinesNude Acrylic Nail Designs With Lines
Creamy nails inspired by chocolate and coffee will look then fantastic when done the correct way ! Do you like lighter colors and do you prefer the nude shade range ? If that is the case this retentive acrylic fiber manicure will intrigue you ! Add some lines and fulfill your chocolate light brown pipe dream with this amazing and fashionable beauty !

2. Coffin Blue & Beige Mani

Coffin Blue & Beige ManiCoffin Blue & Beige Mani
A pink-nude acrylic free-base will look so well when paired along with blue polish on circus tent. Play around with your manicure and make these two colors work in concert ! These two will look sol boisterous and the result will suit you the best for your formal wear. If it is your promenade just know that this is a cause of death jazz band !

3. Floral Nail Designs With Lines

Floral Nail Designs With LinesFloral Nail Designs With Lines
These ultra-long and angelic acrylic nails with a long ton of glitter will seek attention and front fancy at any point ! If you need a manicure that is odoriferous and elegant, this will suit you. Make indisputable that you pay near attention to glitter decorations that are done with these cool lines. The end result will suit women who are off to the promenade the best !

4. French Nail Designs With Lines

French Nail Designs With LinesFrench Nail Designs With Lines
A light tap base with some subtle toss off of white lines will look elegant. If you ’ re in the climate for something for casual wear and you can withstand acrylics, this is perfective ! This manicure just goes to show you that anyone can try out longer nails and wear them for big and modest gatherings .

5. Creative Blue & White Nails

Creative Blue & White NailsCreative Blue & White Nails
Women who want a summer-inspired blueprint that has some light bluing elements to it will like this beauty. It will look the best on longer acrylics and it will suit anyone who wants to try out a alone discolor jazz band .

6. Hot Orange Nail Combo

Hot Orange Nail ComboHot Orange Nail Combo
Go with this hot fiery red if you ’ re in the temper for womanly and attention-seeking nails. Add white linework to make your nails cohesive. You can besides add black lines on the diametric hand just to experiment with your nails and to play around with the result .

7. Pink & Nude Nail Designs With Lines

Pink & Nude Nail Designs With LinesPink & Nude Nail Designs With Lines
gentle and dulcet, perfect for everyday clothing ! Add pink and white on top of your nude/beige base. If you like pastel colors and voiced ideas this will intrigue you. Make certain that you aim for preciseness and that you know how to do harmonious ideas on both of your hands .

8. Stiletto Yellow Nail Designs With Lines

Stiletto Yellow Nail Designs With LinesStiletto Yellow Nail Designs With Lines
If you ’ ra looking for the prettiest manicure for the summer season, experiment with this color ! Yellow is a common go-to option that you ’ re going to like for any event. This color will make you look like a true elegant queen, angstrom well as person who can represent pastel flirty colors .

9. Acrylic Nails With Lines

Acrylic Nails With LinesAcrylic Nails With Lines
Pink can look thus well as a complete base for your artsy lineage work ! If you want something that is sol ex post facto and fun while being colorful, give this a sound ! once you add bootleg lines on exceed you will end up with a fashionable manicure for any depart of the day or night, arsenic well as for any event .

10. Long Acrylics With Line

Long Acrylics With LineLong Acrylics With Line
Incorporate unaccented and black blue on top of your nails to give this manicure a curl impression. Do you like the summer season ? Are you concerned in showing off your nails and their unaccented pastel couple ? This color consumption will make you look like a truthful mermaid ! Go for these nails if your favorite color is blue .

11. Black & White Nail Designs With Line

Black & White Nail Designs With LineBlack & White Nail Designs With Line
long acrylics are for women who can withstand the application process. Go for this black polish on top of your longer nude base acrylics if you want to draw some cool lines on top. Women who have a mind or steel and a batch of solitaire will enjoy this design. It will suit those who prefer feminine so far cunning ideas the best .

12. Oval Elegant Nail Designs With Lines

Oval Elegant Nail Designs With LinesOval Elegant Nail Designs With Lines
If you need an autumn-inspired manicure and you ’ re a fan of flirty colors you ’ re going to like this design. Can ’ t make up your heed ? Why not go for all these lighter nude colors ? Add some cool lines if you know how to draw and incorporate cool chic make to show off your artsy side .

13. Tea Manicure With Line Detail

Tea Manicure With Line DetailTea Manicure With Line Detail
teal and white can look thus good when paired together. Do you like pastel colors and shades that remind you of the summer ? This invention will suit you if you ’ re in the mood for something creative and retro. Add some blue, park, and white to spice up the look in your own manner. The end solution is arrant for younger women or those who are looking for a promenade manicure .

14. Cool Green Manicure With Line Art

Cool Green Manicure With Line ArtCool Green Manicure With Line Art
green done in this way will suit different old age groups. Do you like long acrylics ? Are you person who knows how to draw on top of them ? Those who have a mind of steel and women who are not in a rush will want to try this out. Let your creative spirit show and wear these long nails for your birthday party or any approaching courtly event.

15. Long Yellow Nails With Cool Lines

Long Yellow Nails With Cool LinesLong Yellow Nails With Cool Lines
Yellow on lead of your nude base will truly dad ! Yellow is a coarse summer shade and this pop is for women who like to look elegant and cohesive. The best part is that you can wear jaundiced with any other nuance. It is so adjustable and easy to recreate. Make certain that you add a matte greatcoat to make it more trendy and young !

16. Oval Nails With Blue & White Lines

Oval Nails With Blue & White LinesOval Nails With Blue & White Lines
This long acrylic fiber manicure in an ellipse shape will look on women who prefer serious lengths. Show off these nails along with these blue and white lines for your glamorous events. You will enjoy wearing these nails with a silver/blue ball dress and some elegant jewelry !

Give It A Go!

Are you eager to wear or get something from this list ? What design was your darling out of the bunch ? Let us know if you plan on doing any of these nails on your own, or if you are going to book a nail artist. We can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wait to see what you pick .

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