If you ’ ve always tried growing longer, stronger nails, then you know it ’ s no easy undertaking. On average, fingernails take up to one month barely to grow approximately two to three millimeters. If your nails are damaged or brittle from years of press-ons, bite, or improper manage, the process could take even longer. casual wear and pluck can besides lead to snags, breakage, and irritating hangnails that promote weaken your tips over time. So how do you grow thick, longer, healthier nails ? While there ’ s no quick-fix or charming serum, there are a few simple, effective ways to promote growth and resilience. here are some of the best ways to boost your nail caution act and grow out your nails .

1. Practice Proper Grooming

The key to solid, au naturel nails is regular grooming practices. Committing to a routine wish practice will not only strengthen your nails but encourage growth by reducing breakage. Ways to keep your nails maintained include :

  • Cleaning your nails regularly. Use gentle soap, lukewarm water and a nail brush for optimal cleanliness. Be sure to dry your skin and nails to avoid bacteria growth.
  • Trimming your nails with manicure scissors or clippers. Start by cutting straight across, then curving the edges of the nail. Avoid cutting the nails too short. You can also use manicure scissors to fix breakage or hangnails.
  • Moisturize often. Use a natural, unscented moisturizer and rub it into your fingernails, especially the base of your nails where the cuticle is located.
  • Use a daily cuticle oil. Apply the oil at the base of the nail and massage it into the area. This will keep the nail and the skin around it hydrated, strong, and healthy.
  • File your nails. To prevent snags and tears, use an emory board to gently file your nails. Start from the outer edge and move toward the center for shape control and a smooth finish. 

2. Use Nail Treatments

breeze through treatments are another big direction to promote healthy, glad nails. You can choose from versatile options, including keratin treatments, smash strengtheners, and hair-loss treatments. Keratin treatments: Your fingernails are made from multiple layers of keratin, but years of polish, harsh collar removers, and other elements wear down its natural resilience causing reduce, inflexible, and damaged nails. Using a keratin treatment twice daily will diminish the appearance of wear and fortify your fingernails by making them more compromising. Nail strengtheners: If your nails are soft and bendy, they are more likely to break and slow your growing summons. To avoid this, use a nail strengthener ( besides known as a smash hardener ) meagerly. Like a polish, this treatment is painted on the nail and late removed with a dependable and easy nail down polish remover. While these work well for short-run results, strengtheners can cause weakness and breakage if used excessively often or left on excessively long. For the best results, find a strengthening treatment that contains pantothenic acid and apply a thin layer once a week. Hair-loss treatments: It sounds wyrd, but hair-loss treatments may be the answer to optimum nail growth. A sketch from Dr. Agbai proved that applying 5 % over-the-counter minoxidil ( a discussion used for hair-loss ) to the fingernails twice daily could increase growth within the beginning week of use. The study explains this may be due to the increased blood menstruation to the nail. 5 Tips for Longer, Healthier Nails

3. Use Natural Products

When it comes to your pinpoint care products, the best ones to use are generally natural and free of harsh chemicals or toxins. While they may come at a higher cost, they produce better results and lawsuit less damage than cheaper ones. For starters, alternatively of using a highly concentrated acetone polish remover, switch to an acetone-free remover —it ’ sulfur formulated with ennoble so far effective ingredients that don ’ triiodothyronine damage your fingernails and the surrounding hide. It would be good if you besides considered switching to water-based nail polish and ditching the glue-on nails wholly. When shopping for a decent nail down varnish, debar ones that have chemicals, like toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate ( DBP ) .

4. Take Your Vitamins

If your struggles with pinpoint growth can ’ metric ton be solved with topical treatments, try taking vitamins proven to help strengthen and elongate your tips ! Always consult your doctor before consuming any raw vitamins. Biotin: Biotin is a all-important append that turns food into energy, and it besides boosts the forte of your hair, skin, and nails. Taking a dose of at least 2.5 milligrams daily can significantly improve your nail ’ randomness lastingness and length in a short come of time. Vitamin B9: Nails that are prone to cleave, undress, and breaking could use an increase in Vitamin B9. This essential accessory has besides been shown to improve ridged pinpoint beds and compensate and multiply the cells that create your nails. Collagen: For improved color and overall appearance, Dr. Agbai recommends taking a bioactive collagen peptide once casual. This supplement can accelerate nail growth and decrease breakage in arsenic small as four weeks of consistent use.

5. See A Professional Nail Technician

Seeing a nail master for your mani-pedi is ideal for achieving and maintaining healthy nails. not only do breeze through technicians receive across-the-board training and undergo rigorous testing to acquire license, but they besides have sterilized, professional-grade equipment perfective for any service your nails may need. Their cognition, plus their access to products and equipment, guarantees a high-quality experience with excellent results. not to mention, it ’ mho nice to be pampered now and then. At Genesis, our professionals will groom and treat your nails with the highest quality products and offer expert advice so you can care for your nails in between appointments. Want more helpful tips on pinpoint care ? Click here to explore our blog !

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