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In the past I have had compliments on how white ( opaque ) my nail tips are. now, I will make it clear that blank nail tips are not necessarily healthier, but some like the look as it mimics a french manicure and looks more fashionable. The degree of opacity of our collar tips is slightly due to our genetics, which we can ’ t control ( so far ! ), however, there are a few factors affecting opacity which we can control. Have you noticed that sometimes your collar tips are more transparent than others ? In this web log post I ’ ll concisely discuss what causes this and what you can do to achieve ashen breeze through tips .

The Science

Our nails are made of a substance called keratin. The collar grows from the bottom up and is nourished by the nail bed ( the pink vascular area we can see under our nail ). When attached to the nail seam, the nail is guileless, but when separated from the nail layer i.e. at the tip, the collar becomes more opaque and white. This is thought to be due to the increased exposure to publicize and personnel casualty of hydration from the up flow of the complete bed .

Two Top Tips

1. Balance Hydration

The white of our nails is partially dependent on hydration. The nail down home plate is 1000 times more permeable to water than hide and so can be very quickly hydrated and dehydrated, making it a ticket poise act. Nails with 30 % water content are opaque, soft and what most see as desirable. excessive contact with water can increase transparency as excessively much water pushes the keratin cells aside causing weaker and more diaphanous nails. If you are person who does a lot of housework, you can maintain white nails by protecting your hands with rubber eraser gloves whilst washing dishes or handling detergents. On the other hand ( no pun intended ), excessively fiddling water can make your nails brittle. therefore, commit humidify after washing your hands to prevent dry of your nails – remember, we need that 30 % water system .

2. Avoid Staining

Coloured nail varnish can discolour nails. consequently, apply a base coat of net nail varnish to protect nails from both overindulgence water and staining from strongly coloured nail varnishes .

If you are a smoker, as always I would advise you to stop smoke. There are many health benefits to not smoking, but if you love your nails, let them be your motivation. The tar in cigarette smoke can stain nails and no topic how much you moisturise or protect your nails you will find that they will not reach their full electric potential .

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