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by Doug Schoon

Is polish causing my nails to peel? Peeling Nails

Trying to figure out why your nails are peeling, and how to stop it, can be very thwart .
In this article, you will learn…

  • How peeling off polish can damage the nail plate
  • The proper way to remove nail enhancements
  • Thirteen (13) solutions to help prevent peeling

This article about peeling nails is an excerpt from my 74th sequence ( available June 2017 ) of confront to Face with Doug Schoon video series .


My nails are identical impregnable and healthy, and they can grow very farseeing, but ampere soon as I use complete polish they become brittle and begin desquamation. They continue to do so until all “ previous complete ” has grown out and the solid nail is replaced .
I have tried 5-free, 7-free and water based polish, and I have besides tried different removers. But no matter what, my nails get ruined every time I use polish. Do you have any suggestions of what I should do ? ~Eva


Eva, hera are my top suggestions for addressing complete home plate surface undress .

Peeling Off Polish

Never peel nail polish from your nail plate. This will weaken the surface layers .
These weakened coat layers will eventually peel away when they reach the dislodge edge. It may be months later, so you might have forgotten what you did .
peeling nails cuticle nailcarehq.001 For model ; if you peel nail down polish from your nails in May, expect the cellular telephone layers on the top-side of the barren border will peel in until September when those damaged nail down cells last grow off the complimentary edge .
Doing this repeatedly can lead to a state of constant open undress .
Some nail coatings adhere to the nail plate better the longer you wear them .
Ana ’ s photograph to the properly is a perfect exercise. She peeled her well bonded polish off while watching a movie .
It took 4 months for the damage to grow out.
Long wearing complete polish has greater adhesion, so these are more probably to harm the coat when forcibly peeled off .

Proper Removal

peeling nails Remove-Gel-Nails-Scrape-with-wood-tool_790 Gently remove all nail coatings, without the use of any effect, e.g. no skin, scraping, bite, etc .
The is no such thing as gentle peeling or scraping, so don ’ thymine gull yourself into thinking you “ lightly scrape ” or “ peel off carefully ” .
This is highly authoritative when removing soak-off gel polish .
It can take up to 30 minutes to wholly dissolve the application !
I have more electron microscope examples in my article about removing gel polish by rights .

Water price

Keep your hands out of water.
Each time you saturate the nail plate, airfoil layers swell apart and separate .
Repeated soak and drying cycles can weaken the bond between the upper level and lower layers .

Washing Hands

Don ’ t wash your hands besides much. Yes, you can wash your hands too much!
More than ten ( 10 ) times a day can be hard on nails and clamber. many wash their hands 20 times a day or more .
That’s just too much.
Soaps, cleansers and detergents can finally strip away substances that help hold the surface cells to the underlying cells and this can lead to peeling.
The same can occur when nails are exposed to cleaning solvents.

free Polish ?

It doesn ’ t topic if the polish is 5-free or 99-free, that’s just “marketing” and doesn ’ t say how effective or how safe a collar polish is.

Don ’ metric ton think this is the problem or the solution to peeling nail plates .

quality Counts

Buy high quality products. Less expensive breeze through polish are less expensive for a reason. They often use inferior ingredients or are ailing formulated .

Nail Length

Keep nails shorter.
The longer the nail plate, the more flexible the free edge, the more likely the polish will peel. This is particularly true for those with thin, elastic nail plates .

Wrap Edges

Wrap the absolve border by wrapping the base and greatcoat around the free border to the bottom and give it some extra protection .
But, avoid skin contact a much as possible. Repeated contact to the tissue can cause skin irritation.


Treat your nails like jewels. Don ’ thyroxine use them as tools .
break gloves when digging or working with your hands. This is specially important when working with clean supplies .

Sun exposure

Protect nails from the sun.
The breeze through home plate has a high natural SPF, so the nail bed is protected from UV vulnerability, but that means the upper layers absorb the UV.
retentive periods of excessive sunlight can weaken surface layers and cause them to come apart. 

Buffing Destroys

Don’t over file or buff the nail plate.
besides much filing or buffing thins the nail and it is much harder for polish to adhere to thin nails, than thick nails .
Don ’ t try to fill away alleged “ ridges ”. The nail plate can ’ metric ton grow ridges. The thinner, weaker part of the smash plate is the grooves.
consequently, filing the plate politic reduces and thins the integral nail home plate to the match the sparseness of the deepest rut .
That ’ randomness perturb waiting to happen—so don’t do it.

Use Nail anoint

Nail oils can help reduce surface brittleness and help toughen the bonds between the open and lower layers of collar cells, but make certain to remove surface oils before apply any collar coat .
Nail oils besides absorb into the plate to make it more resistant to excessive water absorption.

polish Removers

Solvents can remove open oils and may also leach out substances that help to cement collar cell layers together .
Occasional (once a week) manipulation of solvent-containing polish removers won ’ t have much impression on normal nails .
But they may have a obtrusive effect on plates that have weakened adhesion due to other factors described above .

Allergies ?

Peeling complete plates are never a sign of allergic reactions .
The nail plate is not living and does NOT have an immune system, so allergic reactions are not possible.  

Exceptions ?

Eva, there are always eldritch things that happen that preceptor ’ t decrease within the norm, which means they don ’ thyroxine give to most people .
It may be potential that your nail layers are scantily held together and solvents ( acetone ) are disrupting the fallible bonds that exist .
Make indisputable that you are following all my suggestions above and you will have beautiful, healthy nails that make you proud.

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