Imagine going to the garage down the street to get exercise done on your car and being able to get work done on your fingernails at the same time. Forget your exhaust manifold, we ‘re talking exhaustive manicure ! Believe it or not, this new service enterprise may be coming to a mechanic ‘s garage near you .

“Change the oil, check the fluids and reapply my nail polish, please!”

A surprise number of automotive alimony and compensate companies around the ball are badly pursuing women clients with female-centric serve options that go beyond checking our wipers, changing our oil and greasing our … um … nipples. They now encompass such novel offerings as manicures, massages and facials. It is obviously a reflection of the world that women are beginning to dominate the car market as this Forbes article reveals .

We’re Number One!

According to Forbes, for the first clock time ever, American women hold more drivers licenses than their male counterparts do in practically every historic period category, specially those over 55. canadian figures are slenderly lower but are hush trending powerfully in the same guidance as the US numbers. This makes it seem obvious why sol many car garages might want to look at this emerging market, particularly given the well-earned historic disfavor and distrust many women have for male mechanics .

Automotive Firms Anti-Female?

In the past many females have reported spirit like the coverall brigade is deflect on overcharging and misrepresenting the danger or necessity of car repairs. The stress is to make these women feel comfortable and to allow them to gain entrust in an establishment that has obviously been geared toward a female demographic. many women customers report they feel far more comfortable in a put that seems to understand their gender as opposed to the determent they feel at more old-school male-minded automobile mechanic ‘s garage.

Vive La Difference!

Forget the automotive garage with the black, blue waiting room that time forgot, these advanced businesses are making their service centres salon bright and as inviting for ladies as a beauty watering place that serves barren cocoa. become are the dusty, outdated girlie calendars and gruff-sounding grumps at the counter. These have been replaced with clean, bright, shipshape wait rooms, often staffed by women with a nail salon justly on the premises to offer the aforesaid manicures. This approach efficaciously allows their busy lady clients to kill two birds with one stone.

It’s a Start

To be sure there are still identical few such businesses that are actively pursuing female customers by offering salon services on locate, but their numbers are growing. One garage in Saint-Ouen-l’Aumone, near Paris, France only employs females in both their health spa and their service bays. In Houston, Texas, one enterprising car franchise, John Eagle Honda, features a “ ladies sidereal day ” every Wednesday dawn with a loose professional manicurist on locate who is encouraged not to accept tips.

Anything Closer to Home?

canadian automotive shops are besides jumping on the spa-service bandwagon with Ontario-based businesses such as in Woodbury, Toronto, and Grimsby .
sadly, the only place we found in Alberta that would apply polish to both your car ‘s paint occupation and your fingernails was a ship’s company called Elle Auto in Calgary who marketed their garage by and large to women, with manicure offers and the like, but ultimately they went out of business. The problem with their service rescue model is n’t apparent but hopefully the issue was n’t they were using the same guy to fix tires as to fix the chip in your gelatin complete .

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