Ever wonder what works best to keep the polish on your nails ? Did you know that all companies that sell polish in the U.S. have removed the formaldehyde from polish so it is more difficult to stay on ? here are some great ways to keep your polish on your nails just a little bite longer !
1. Use regular acetone or a polish remover with acetone to remove the natural oils from your nail open. It is indeed authoritative to clean the airfoil before applying polish because differently your polish will not adhere to the surface.
2. Use a intersection like OPI Chip Skip to place on your collar before you use a nucleotide coat. These products are made to help the polish adhere to your complete even better !
3. Wait 60 seconds between coats ! Trust me – just exercise a little solitaire and it will pay off late. typical application would be establish coating, first thin level of color, second dilute level of color, and then a top coat. ( Bonus tip : Make certain you are putting the color all the way over the edge of your pinpoint and when you put the top coat on, top the edge besides ! This is typically the beginning place people experience chips or nicks. )

4. Polish with a glitter or shimmer polish. These types of polishes tend to stick to your nails better than regular polish. And yes, as you credibly all know, that means they are a little more unmanageable to get off ! ( Bonus tap for hard-to-remove polish : Soak a cotton ball in remover or acetone, set on nail polish, binding with a small square of aluminum foil & wrap around finger, and let “ soak ” for up to 10 minutes for hard-to-remove polish, then use cotton ball to remove. This same technique is used in a similar way to remove acrylic from your nails so it works capital to remove stubborn polish ! )
5. Keep applying that top coating ! seriously ! think of it like waxing the car – it prolongs the color and fills in all the nicks and dings ! Apply a top coating layer every other day. ( Bonus gratuity : Put a drop of vegetable or olive anoint on each nail down after applying the top coat. This helps for a few reasons – it helps seal the polish and makes it slick so that hair and things like that chute off until it is dry, and it helps moisten your cuticles. )

My name is Cori and I have been a accredited nail technician for 7 years. I work for the Minnesota School of Cosmetology in Woodbury and besides received my trail here. Since MSC is an “ OPI ” school ( meaning we use by and large OPI products ) I typically will use OPI for my demonstrations, but keep in beware, most of my tips and tricks can be used with whatever collar polish you have. I always recommend using professional beauty products such as OPI, CND, Zoya, or Venique, to name a few.

I have done a lot of traveling in my liveliness and love experiencing raw things and places. And I love people ! I love what you can learn about people when you actually take a moment to have a conversation with them. network and learning from others gives me a prospect to get their thoughts on what they like for styles and trends. I have a rage for the industry and love keeping up with all of the new techniques and trends. Pinterest is a favorite place of mine to visit for some brainy stylus ideas. There are so many creative people out there that share big pics ! I am so aroused to share tips and tricks from the nail technical school world with you .

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