Think you know every magic trick in the book when it comes to painting your nails ? We ‘ve got the secret DIY hacks that will change your government for life. From tips for smoothing out a smear to getting glitter off in a sweep, they ‘re super elementary tricks and tweaks we could n’t be without .

1. Freeze dry fingers

When you ‘ve painted on a fresh punch of polish, try this travel rapidly drying antic ; dunk your nails in a bowl of ice water to seal your colour down. Lacquer dries faster in cool temps, indeed two or three minutes will do, et voila, a hard-wear manicure in less than half the time.

2. The winning streak

Are you the girl whose polish chips at the view of a door or keyboard ? Us besides, but we ‘ve found the long-wear trick that manicurists keep up their sleeve. once you ‘ve finished painting, brush your clear greatcoat along the peak of your collar ; this seal-down stripe closes up the raw edge to help lacquer concluding much longer .

3. Slick on, slick off

If you ‘re an fanatic buffer, grab a tub of Vaseline ; this wonder jellify protects your skin from errant semblance strokes. Slick it around the edges on both fingers and toes, making sure not to touch the breeze through, and should you paint on skin, it precisely sticks to the ointment so you can plainly wipe it away .

4. Smooth it out with saliva

now, this sounds GROSS but it honestly works on a annoying polish smudge ; if you ‘ve caused a dent while your nails are still wet, you can lick it into place. Saliva smoothes it immediately without making the problem bad, though we put the emphasis on not eating it because, well, it ‘s breeze through polish .

5. Cling on to clippings

Toenails are the worst for this – clippings that ping everywhere – but there is a way to trim down your nails without having them fly into eyes. If you lightly wet your nails and clippers, those clippings will stick to the blade, making it easy to find them and sweep them up minus the massive, disgraceful toe hunt .

6. The basecoat is all white

If you ‘re working with a neon imbue, layer blank polish as a root ; this will give bright shades an opaque finish up that boosts their plangency .

7. Go for glitter on gels

The good thing about gel nail polish ? It ‘s not indeed prone to chips. The bad thing ? When it grows out, there ‘s a break by cuticles. And, certain, it ‘s not american samoa ugly as losing a huge ball of the rouge, but if you try to lacquer over it, you ‘ll fair get a tell-tale stigmatize. rather of trying to colour equal, go for a nail art fix, brushing some glitter over the opening to hide where your gel nail end .

8. French tips trick

The downside to using a tape stencil when painting on french tips ? The record puckers when you try to shape it to your natural curve. rubber band bands make it easier as they ‘re ace ductile, indeed grab one and knot it in the middle before looping over your nail down. Loop the other end over your flick to gain some leverage, you can pull it taut with this trick technique so it wo n’t wiggle off. On the finger, put it cleverly to shape the tip you want, then fill in with a white polish for a flawless french mani.

9. Go easy on the paint

certain, one thickly coating may be rapid at getting that polish on, but it besides dries a set slower than our comfortable technique. even when you think it ‘s all fine, it has n’t set right through, while three slender layers seal down cursorily without the risk of smears .

10. Get the glitter off

The only bad matter about glitter is that it ‘s so bloody hard to remove – it ‘s about not having worth having shimmering nails for the ache of getting it off. But if you rip up a cotton ball into ten pieces and soak them in acetone, you can tape them over each feel and let them get to work. Leave them on for 10 minutes while you have a Netflix crop, and when you remove them the glitter polish should just sweep away .

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