Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have recently fallen in love with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish. It literally dries in a minute as advertised and stays on chip-free for a good week after one coat. However, when the time comes for me to remove it, I have not found a nail polish remover that can penetrate it without putting in lots of time rubbing, and extra applications of remover. I am hoping that you know of a nail polish remover that can do the job with this wonderful polish without requiring an hour of work to get it all off. — Martha W. dear Martha : Nail polish has come a retentive way since the days when the independent ailment was that it chipped in minutes — OK, possibly hours — scantily staying intact long enough to even bother with painting our nails. With the introduction of long wear, curtly dry time, gelatin polish and such, the diametric is true. How to get the stuff off ? Straight acetone is the most effective means to remove polish. It is particularly effective on salon enhanced ( artificial ) nails. One hundred percentage acetone is what ’ second used at many salons to remove polish ( and the fake nails below ). however, like many well things, there ’ s a downside : Straight acetone can dry out your nails and the clamber surrounding them.

If that doesn ’ t scare you off, 100 % acetone is available at drugstores, Sally Beauty and big box cosmetics stores like Ulta Beauty and Sephora. And the higher the acetone share in complete polish removers, the more effective the removal process. besides, polish remover manufacturers, recognizing the problem of hard-to-remove polish, have introduced products labeled “ Ultra-Powerful ” ( Cutex ), “ The Stripper ” ( Deborah Lippmann ), “ Scrubbers ” ( Butter London ), “ Professional Maximum Strength ” ( Onyx ), “ Offly Fast ” ( CND ) and “ Expert Touch ” ( OPI ). You ’ ll need to be the judge of whether these are any better than the remover you didn ’ metric ton like or precisely a crowd of hype for the same old formulas in new bottles. Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Your reader, Mike L., complained to you about his pants that won’t say up because he has no butt. Many women have the same problem. Can you offer any help for us? — Allison J. dear Allison : yes I can ! Thanks to reader Celeste L., who had this hypnotism : “ Buy elastic shank pants in JUNIOR size alternatively of women ’ s sizes. Junior sizes are cut straight, to accommodate small butts for women who nobelium long ( or never ) have curvy hips. While pants from the women ’ mho department will fall down due to small derrière and uncoiled hips, the junior pants will look and feel capital. ” Angelic Readers 1 From Terri H : “ Judy A. wrote you that she wanted to sell some shoes but didn ’ thymine want to list them on eBay because she didn ’ thymine want to participate in an auction and preferred a set price and she didn ’ triiodothyronine want to be paid through PayPal : EBay no longer pays sellers through PayPal. EBay now requires bank bill information. Plus, you can list an detail for a specific price ( not an auction ). It will stay posted until sold at that price. You can change the monetary value up or down if you ’ d like at any time before person buys the item. You can besides check a box to take offers from people ( you do not have to accept them… heck, you don ’ metric ton even need to reply bet on, you can set minimal sale prices and eBay will car reply based on settings you ’ ve set ). other alternatives for selling are Facebook Marketplace, the Nextdoor app and all sorts of selling groups on Facebook. All those are free. ” Reader Judith M. besides pointed out the flat price option : “ no bidding required. ”

Angelic Readers 2 From Karen K. : “ recently I ’ ve been using recently CeraVe Eye Repair Cream. Started with dawn and night as recommended and have cut second to night only. I besides use Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer “ It ’ s your life-changing concealer ! ” says the manufacturer (, $ 28 ;, $ 28 or $ 12.50 travel size in limit colors ). From Ellen : I ’ ve had good luck with glo minerals Camouflage Oil Free Concealer (, $ 30 ) and makeup ace Bobbi Brown ’ s new direct-to-consumer constitution line, Jones Road (, The Face Pencil, 25 shades, $ 25 on-line ). I mix two of the Jones Road colors to get a perfect match. But beware, you ’ ll want to buy a sharpener .

Straight acetone is the most effective room to remove breeze through polish. hypertext transfer protocol : // acetone is the most effective way to remove collar polish. Dreamstime/TNS By Ellen Warren

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