recently, a trip to the local pinpoint salon has come to look like a summer Pinkberry run. so many options ! Long gone are the days of the simple manicure, which is still, of course, an option—but now you can besides try dip powder, acrylic fiber, gel and many more nail layer treatments .
Rita Pinto, founder of New York City and Miami-based breeze through artwork studios Vanity Projects, broke down all the different ways you can get polish on your digits .
“ A client should choose the right manicure that works for them based on their daily life and their ultimate goal with their nails, whether that be to have the flexibility of changing polish color therefore frequently or having a manicure that will give you longer wear, ” explains Pinto. Though she personally prefers gel—as a nail art lover, gels will preserve a style for longer—she left her bias at the door and broke down eight types of manicures. Below, all the details for your digits from lowest to highest commitment .

The Classic Manicure

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A classic manicure is simple as can be. It starts with a breeze through clean ( cuticles filed, cut, and shaping ) and is followed by polish application .
How much does it cost? $ 10- $ 20.
How long does it last? Up to a workweek.
How do you remove it? Cotton pads and nail down polish remover ! Easy blowy.
What’s the damage? not much. Make sure you find a polish that keeps your nails goodly and doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate include lots of chemicals. here ‘s a helpful guide .
This manicure is for you if… you ‘ve already got great nails and want to show them off a bite with a polish. besides ideal if you ’ re in a haste as this is the fastest manicure in the game .

The Reverse Manicure

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A reverse manicure is the revoke take on the Classic French and highlights the lower region of your breeze through known as the half moonlight. It falls under the authoritative manicure class but the popularity of the design makes it deserving of its own shoutout .
How much does it cost? $ 15-35.
How long does it last? A workweek or more. If you opt to leave the one-half moon of a overrule manicure bare, natural collar grow out become less obtrusive so your manicure basically lasts longer.
How do you remove it? Same as a authoritative manicure. Cotton pads and polish remover will be your best supporter.
What’s the damage? Depends on if you add breeze through extensions. Nail extensions can hurt your natural nails if not removed by rights.
This manicure is for you if… you want to flip a classical on its read/write head. Think more modern, less Prom in the early aughts .

The Paraffin Manicure

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A Paraffin Manicure is an add treatment that includes dipping your hands into warmly, melted methane series wax and hydrates the bark after receiving a fully manicure service .
How much does it cost? $ 10 to $ 15.
How long does it last? The results of hydrate skin can be felt for up to a week after service.
How do you remove it? No need !
What’s the damage? Paraffin can clog pores and is harmful if swallowed.
This manicure is for you if… you want to treat yourself ! This is just an upgrade and can be followed by any type of manicure .

The Vinylux Manicure

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A Vinylux Manicure is a polish created by CND ( the polish post Creative Nail Design ) that has a self-adhering coloring material coat that provides long wear that can be removed with breeze through polish remover and survive up to a week without chipping .
How much does it cost? $ 20- $ 35.
How long does it last? Up to a workweek without chipping.
How do you remove it? Traditional nail polish remover and cotton swabs.
What’s the damage? The recipe can besides be drying to nails.

This manicure is for you if… you want longwear without distance.

The Shellac Manicure

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A Shellac Manicure is like to a gel manicure except it is a nail product created by CND and is a half nail polish, one-half gel product and is cured through UV alight arsenic well .
How much does it cost? $ 30- $ 60.
How long does it last? It can end for up to two weeks.
How do you remove it? You can do it at home with acetone, aluminum thwart, and cotton pads or visit a professional at the salon.
What’s the damage? The recipe can be highly drying.
This manicure is for you if… you want high-shine !

The Gel Manicure

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There are two types of gels : voiced gel and hard gel. The main remainder in the two products has to do with how they are removed. soft gel nails are known as “ soak-off gels ” because the pinpoint polish can be removed with acetone. Hard gel is used to add nail duration over indulgent gel that is used soley as a polish. Gel nails are besides well for complete art .
How much does it cost? $ 45 to $ 180.
How long does it last? Up to two weeks with TLC.
How do you remove it? It ’ s best to seek the avail of a professional if you ’ ve opted for hard gel. Removals can range between $ 10- $ 15 at most salons. You can soak indulgent gel nails off.
What’s the damage? Wearing the manicure for besides long can cause long-run damage to your nails. It ’ mho besides crucial to remove the gel correctly and not peel-off the polish.
This manicure is for you if… you want to add duration. Hard gel manicures are arrant for creating a larger canvas for pinpoint art .

The Acrylic Manicure

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An acrylic manicure is the combination of a fluid monomer and powder polymer that creates a unvoiced protective level over your natural nail down and is then coated with polish .
How much does it cost? $ 35 to $ 60.
How long does it last? Up to three weeks.
How do you remove it? It ’ s best to visit a believe salon but you can do it at base with cotton pads, acetone, and hydrofoil.
What’s the damage? Incorrect removal can damage nails over time.
This manicure is for you if… you want a classical nail extension. The OG method acting is tried and genuine .

The Dip Powder Nail

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Like the name mentions, you dip your nails into a short jar of a color of your choice alternatively of the authoritative use of UV rays to seal in your polish. Brands of drop powder include SNS, Gelish, and TP Gel .
How much does it cost? $ 50 and improving.
How long does it last? Up to three weeks.
How do you remove it? Seek professional have at the salon.
What’s the damage? The product must be removed correctly or can cause collar damage. Some customers have noted that an allergic reaction can occur on the skin near the nail due to the practice of powder.
This manicure is for you if… you want nails that last !
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