“ Where can I get custom nail polish bottles with personalized label ? ” Bingo, you found it. worthy Promo provides durable smash polish in 15 milliliter ( 0.5 oz ) bottles with your logo or design printed on rectangular labels ( 0.75 inches wide by 1.2 inches tall ). Your customs nail down polish bottle labels are quality vinyl stickers printed by high-res commercial grade equipment. We carry 17 different colors and custom nail polish colors are available with a minimum decree ( ask for details ). Make indisputable your custom-made label looks deoxyadenosine monophosphate good as your polish, with Custom Worthy Promo breeze through polish .
Custom Worthy Promo besides carries custom-made complete files and custom nail clippers if you want to create a custom nail caution set .
worthy nail polish is a butyl acetate rayon product, a chemical besides found in natural fruits according to ( however our complete polish is NOT edible, for external use lone ). Our nail down polish is NOT tested on animals and contains NO formaldehyde, toluene, camphor or DBP .

Customize in a Snap

Use the “ custom-make ” button to upload your logo or visualize. Position it merely the direction you want. then add the custom breeze through polish discolor you choose to your handcart and check out. simple as that.

Free Design Assistance If You Need It

If you don ’ t have a logo or art ready to place on the orthogonal print area for your label, our design team can create one for you. Just add the color smash polish you want to your cart and check out. At the bed of the “ Checkout ” page, use the “ Order notes ( optional ) ” section to describe your design. We ’ ll produce something and email it to your for feedback and approval. When you ’ re felicitous with it, then we ’ ll go to print. Super easy .

Worthy Promo Nail Polish Product Details

Long-lasting, gamey quality nail polish
We carry 17 different breeze through polish colors
Custom breeze through polish colors are available
Nail polish bottles are standard 15 milliliter ( 0.5 oz )

Our standard label form is rectangular : 0.75 inches wide x 1.2 inches tall
Custom label shapes are available
worthy Promo breeze through polish available colors include : clear, white, black, crimson, dark crimson, navy, royal, baby blue, orange, burn orange, pinko, yellow, gold, silver, green, birdlime green, imperial
NOT tested on animals
DOES NOT CONTAIN formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, DBP

Made in the USA

Now That’s a Goodlookin’ Custom Nail Polish Label

When ’ s the stopping point time you went to a college or pro sporting event ? You might have seen this smash polish in the fan workshop. Our clients include the NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and MiLB. You ’ ll besides find this nail polish on the ledge in major chains and big box retailers. That means we can make your logo look arsenic good as a team insignia, and on a product that ’ s up to sports license standards. Go ahead, put your logo on the kind of nail polish that actually has a fan base. It ’ s Worthy .
besides, if you want to raise the barroom and go for a more “ high-end ” look, we can direct print onto your polish bottle rather of using a dagger. Please contact us directly for address print pricing .

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