Nail Primer vs Base CoatNail Primer vs Base Coat In this article, I will be comparing both Base Coats and Nail Primers to help you to more accurately understand when and how to properly use them .

Is a Base Coat the lapp as a Nail Primer ?

Base Coats and Nail Primers are both used to make your manicures end long. But both of them work differently and are used with different products. Nail Primers are generally used to treat the surface of your nails to make your acrylic or nail polish adhere better to your nail plates. Nail primers normally work by either :

1- Dehydrating your nails to remove moisture and oil on the open of your nails allowing your acrylics or polish to adhere better. 2- Covering the airfoil of your nails with a thin coating of a super sticky layer, which acts like glue holding your acrylics or polish onto our nails. 3- Creating microscopic tears and holes on your nail down plates allowing the acrylics and polishes to grip onto the nails better. Whilst a Base Coat is a type of clear coat of polish applied to your nails to make your gel or regular nail polish last longer. Base Coats are very similar to polishes except they contain plasticizers to make them more flexible and higher levels of cellulose to make them stand by better. citation .

When Do You Use a Base Coat

Base Coats are normally used as the first base coat of polish before applying your gel polish or unconstipated nail polish .

When Do You Use a Nail Primer

smash Primers are used to treat your nails before applying acrylics but they can be used when applying gel or even polishes. Though I don ’ triiodothyronine advocate using a nail primer when applying gel polish or even polishes unless you are prone to peeling or chipping. This is because smash primers are harsh chemicals that should only be used when they are sincerely necessary like when applying acrylics or when you are prone to peeling or chipping .

Advantages of Nail Primers

collar Primers are much better at making your acrylics, gel polish or regular polish adhere to your nails when compared to just a knit base coat. nail down primers can be used with most products such as acrylics, gel polishes, and regular polishes .

Advantages Of Base Coats

1- Does Help to Extend the Life Of Your Manicures Base Coats can help to make your gel and regular polishes end long ; by providing a better foundation for them to adhere to. And by making your polishes more flexible allowing them to bend preferably than break. 2- Can Prevent Staining

Some brands of the al-qaeda coats protect your natural nails from being stained by dyes in your polishes. If you notice that your natural nails have a yellow tinge, you should invest in a good base coating with stain preventing properties. OPI Base Coat is pretty good and would protect your nails from being stained, you can click here to see the monetary value on Amazon . 3- Promote Healthier Nails Base Coats promote stronger and healthier natural nails they do then by forming a protective coating over them, shielding your nails from the harsh chemicals in your polish. Some brands of the base coats even contain vitamins, nutrients, and tied moisturizers to keep your natural nails in better condition .

Can You Use a Nail Primer & Base Coat together

Using a smash flat coat in concurrence with a base coat will allow your mousse polish or regular polishes to be highly durable. But I don ’ t rede using both unless your nails are prone to chipping and lifting .

Can You Use a Base Coat as a Primer for Acrylic Nails

Base Coats are meant to be used with gelatin polishes and regular polishes not for acrylics. When applying acrylic fiber nails it is advisable to use nail primers and nail dehydrators. If you want to learn more about Nail Primers and Nail dehydrators you can click here to read my buyer ’ s guide on breeze through primers where I will explain the diverse types and when and how to use them. But if you want a quick DIY Nail Primer you can click here to learn how to make one. Citation and References Used Do you need a base coat before you apply nail polish

How Nail Primers Work. Nail Primer Patent Do You truly Need to Use Base Coat

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