Shrunk complete polish is a park manicure trouble. A bunch of people have suffered this, a day after the nail has been polished. Are we doing anything wrong ? Or is it the collar polish ? Finding out the reasons will help us avoid this problem. sol, what causes the nail polish shrinkage ? There are many reasons responsible for this problem. The reasons include- incorrect nail preparation, not removing the cuticles, and applying thick coats of polish. Not applying the topcoat to all the edges and tips also causes the nail polish shrinkage. Natural growth and poor quality products can also shrink nail polishes. These are the reasons responsible for complete polish shrinking problems. however, there ’ sulfur more. If you want to know about the causes and preventions of shrinking pinpoint polish, read along. We ’ ll make certain you don ’ thyroxine confront this problem anymore.

Let ’ s start-

How Would You Know If Your Nail Polish Is Shrinking?

well, if you see your polish attenuation away, it might not always be nail polish shrinkage. possibly the polish you put on lasts for a week, that ’ s why it ’ randomness starting to chip. In that case, the smash polish is not shrinking at all. regular nail down polish lasts for two days before it starts chipping or fading away. therefore if you find your nails fading at the cuticles or the point after two days. then you don ’ t have to worry about nail polish shoplifting. It ’ mho barely the polish attenuation naturally. And there ’ s nothing you can do except re-apply a fresh coat of nail polish. Gel polish is known to last for up to 2 weeks. And after that, the polish starts chipping at the tips and edges. so, it ’ mho natural if you find gel polish fading away after the first two weeks. besides since the nails grow in this time period, the polish pulls away from cuticles. It ’ randomness lifelike and there ’ s not a bunch we can do. If the nails don ’ metric ton expression nice, you can remove the gelatin polish and apply another coat. therefore, when should you worry about pinpoint polish shrink ? Let ’ s say you applied a fresh coat of gel nail polish. And the future day when you wake up, you find your smash polish already fading aside. And the paint looks worn and old. Something wholly different from what you ’ ve seen a day back. The polish is pulling away from the tip and the cuticles. If this is the scenario, then your nail polish is shrinking. This is when you should analyze the situation and take action. Nail polish shrinkage by and large happens with gel polish. And if you want to know why, let ’ s jump into the following segment-

Reasons Why Your Nail Polish Is Shrinking

There are many reasons why a nail polish might be shrinking. Some of them are ascribable to the application process. Others are due to the product that we ’ rhenium using. however, all of the reasons could be avoided. now if you want to find out why your nail down polish is shrinking, go through the list of the follow reasons. The reasons will help you to identify any of the steps you might ’ ve missed. here ’ s a quick description of the kinds of nail polish and their durability-

Kind Of Nail Polish How Long They Last
Regular nail polish Two Days
Gel Polish Two Weeks
Acrylic nail Eight Weeks

precisely, in case, you ’ re thinking that your breeze through polish is shrinking. Keep in mind, that it could be your polish is fading away !

Reasons Based on The Application Process

There are so many things that can go amiss during the application action. Because you have to keep in mind a lot of things at a time. So it ’ s lone natural that you might forget or do an entire step amiss. These little mistakes cause our nail polish to shrink. There are three phases of the application and the mistakes are listed accordingly-

Before Applying

many things can go wrong earlier applying the gel polish. Whether it ’ s immediately on nails or over acrylic nails. The cooking clock time is important since that will help the rest of the stages of application. One of the major reasons for nail polish shrinking is not washing the nails. Our natural nails have some greasy elements on the surface. These elements don ’ thyroxine allow the complete polish to set properly on the nails. As a leave, the polish starts pulling off from the tips or edges. If you don ’ metric ton clean the nails before applying, the collar polish will shrink soon subsequently. You should besides exfoliate the cuticles before applying mousse polish or foundation coat. If you don ’ thymine, the polish will pull away from the cuticles. That ’ mho why pushing the epidermis ahead is authoritative .

While Applying

We need to keep a draw of things on our minds while applying the gel polish. That ’ second why it ’ sulfur comfortable to mess the steps up. There are some steps that ’ ll induce the nail down polish to shrink if you mess it up. You need to put excess care to every detail of the application summons. If you apply a thick layer of infrastructure coat, chances are your breeze through polish will shrink. hera ’ randomness why- the basis coat level needs to be dried wholly before applying gel polish. A thick coat takes a bunch of time to dry. even under the UV lamp. It besides causes the acrylic nails to pop off. That ’ south why chummy coats of any kind should be avoided. We constantly finish off our breeze through polish with a slick top coating. But we make this huge mistake while applying it over the nail polish. top coats should be applied when the polish is still wet. If you apply the peak coat over dry polish, it pulls away from the carapace and nail edges. besides, we need to make certain the top coat reaches every column inch of the smash. even the tips. Covering the lean of the smash is very crucial. otherwise, the polish will start pulling off. A batch of people use quick-dry topcoats. It ’ second better to avoid these and good use regular ones. We besides need to make sure the gel polish is compatible with the greatcoat. sometimes using incompatible polishes causes this shoplifting .

After Applying

Although the application stagecoach is over. There are inactive things you need to take worry of after the pinpoint polish is set. Sometimes the gel polish shrinks because of how we treat them. We depend a set on our hands. And as a resultant role, the breeze through polish starts to wear out due to our regular work. If we don ’ t take care of our nails, avoid putting coerce or scratches on them, the gel polish will shrink. So we need to be extra careful with our dressed nails. Or we might find our complete polish tire and tear again.

Reasons Based On The Shrinking Positions

If your pinpoint polish is shrinking, you ’ ll see that they pull off from certain places. The most coarse areas are the tips and the epidermis. The reasons besides differ based on the positions. Let ’ s take a look at why complete polish pulls away from these parts of the nail .

Nail Polish Pulling Away From The Cuticle

This is very common for a fortune of nail down enthusiasts. If your pinpoint polish pulls aside from the epidermis, there are some obvious reasons. beginning, you might ’ ve forgotten to exfoliate the epidermis before applying the polish. Or you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate apply a sufficient come of crown coat near the epidermis. These results in smash polish shoplifting soon after the polish .

Nail Polish Pulling Away From The Tip

Another problem is that the polish pulls away from the point. This occurs, particularly in farseeing and extended nails. This problem happens for a issue of reasons. The application stagecoach is important for avoiding these kinds of problems. If you don ’ thyroxine cover the tips with gelatin polish, it might shrink. And that ’ s not enough. You besides need to cover the tips with the greatcoat. otherwise, the smash polish will shrink from the edges .

Other Reasons Of Nail Polish Shrinking

If none of the above reasons comply with your situation, take a look at this. There are some early reasons that make the breeze through polish shrink. These reasons are not constantly evitable. But hush, we need to be arsenic aware as potential .

Natural Growth

This is one of the most common reasons a collar polish might shrink. Of course, our nails will grow. They grow quicker in summer and slow in winter. besides, it ’ second scientifically proven that the nails of your dominant pass grow faster. It could be that your nails have just grown. That ’ south why the polish has shrunk .

Poor Quality

Another argue is the poor quality of the products. It might be that you ’ ve used expired smash polish. This can cause the breeze through shrinking problem. So it ’ randomness ideal to use quality products on our nails. Which besides includes the base coat and the greatcoat. In case you ’ re wondering where to get these. front, no promote ! We ’ rhenium recommending a few of our favored topcoats and basecoats for you :CHECK LATEST PRICE Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail CoatCHECK LATEST PRICE essie Gel Couture Platinum Grade Finish Top CoatCHECK LATEST PRICE Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Base CoatCHECK LATEST PRICE Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat immediately, you can probably be free of this breeze through polish shrinking issue !

How Can I Solve The Nail Shrinking Problem?

well, if you ’ re wondering if you can fix the nail polish on your nails then, no. unfortunately, once you ’ ve discovered the shrivel nail polish, there ’ s not much you can do. But there are two options for you. You can either remove the previous polish. And apply a fresh coat of gelatin polish. Or you can use the nail down strips to cover the flinch areas. The latter might not be a very permanent solution. Since you ’ ll have to buy some complete strips that match your current nail down color. These are the reasons and solutions to nail polish shrinking problems .


question : What causes gel polish to shrink? suffice : There are a count of reasons gel polish might shrink. Incorrect nail formulation, applying midst layers of mousse polish or base coat, and not exfoliating the cuticles are some of the coarse reasons. motion : How do I stop nail polish from shrinking? answer : You can fix the smash polish shrinking problems in two ways. You can either remove the previous polish. then apply a new coat of complete polish. Or you can try and apply nail strips over the current polish. question : Why is my nail polish pulling away from the tips? answer : There are two possible reasons for pinpoint polish pulling aside from the tips. One is that you ’ ve probably missed applying nail polish to the tips of the nails. Another reason is that you haven ’ thyroxine applied the exceed coat over the tips .

Signing Off

immediately that you ’ ve found out the reasons behind nail polish shrinkage. Hopefully, you ’ ll not make the lapp mistakes in the future. Do make sure the collar polish hasn ’ thymine expired before applying. The chemicals are not good for our health.

Let us know which of the reasons are responsible for shrinking your smash polish. Until then, keep those pinpoint reflect .

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