14ml wholesale empty breeze through polish bottles. assorted sizes and shapes options available. compatible with plastic caps with brushes, bottles are perfective for salons and nail technicians to do manicures and pedicures .

merchandise Detail Features :

Mini Nail Polish Bulk

We are a professional company in China offering complete smash polish promotion solutions of miniskirt collar polish bulk with plastic caps and brushes for the cosmetic diligence. DH806 Empty Nail Polish Bottles Brochure Download & View Brochure.png

Our empty Nail Polish Bottles are made of :

– 4 field glass furnaces and 34 glaze bottle production lines of double-gob and 6 sections – 60 formative injection molding machines paired with automatic rifle automaton arms – 6 amply automated nail brush making machine applying filaments imported from Dupont, USA – 2 UV coat machines – 20 shield print machine – 2 electric paint line – 6 thermo transportation machine – 8 thermo print machine – 4 three-color print machine – 4 CNC machine center – 3 laser commemorate machine – 1 forum line – 2 vacuum leak signal detection instrument – 2 torsion bore – 1 stress gauge – 2 dry box – In-house invention office and molding workshop on web site – choice assurance system compatible with IS0 9001:2008 – 100 R & D engineers in the company Empty Nail Polish Bottles Brochure 2

We offer …

– Over 2,000 form empty collar polish bottles – Over 600 random variable collar polish caps – versatile regular brush, flat bow brush, wide-eyed brush, nail art brush – Customized decoration including silkscreen, lacquer, frost, metallization, UV coat, crackling, rumple metallization, soft-touch, hot stamp, etching – highly experienced blueprint agency equipped with mod programs – Developing new projects according to customer demand – OEM ODM serve

factory Info :

We are the largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical and nail polish glaze promotion in China, we possess advanced manufacture technology and expertness in our field. Our product roll covers respective containers used for the storehouse and function of cosmetics, food & beverage, medicines, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical preparations.

Our Service :

our services
Your product deserves more than plain packaging! We offer an ultimate package of glass packaging solutions! We provide our customers with expert analysis, quality appraisal and consulting support for bottles, jars, vials, and early glass containers, so you can get high-quality methamphetamine products.

As a trustworthy glass factory with advance with high-end production equipment, we produce the highest timbre products for our customers around the worldly concern. More than merely a glass manufacturer, we set up a professional consult avail team providing analytic services for bottling, condition, and closures, methamphetamine finish, and label.


OEM 1. We produce in hard-and-fast accordance with the customer ‘s design requirements. 2. We strictly follow the confidentiality agreement. 3. We offer customize brand and logo services.
ODM 1. We develop and design newly glass container styles to meet specific grocery store needs. 2. We offer custom-make brand and logo services.
Customized Process 1st step : Show your requirements and technical trace. second step : Offer the quotation according to your necessity 3rd measure : send Sample for confirm fourth step : Arrange industry after 30 % depository received. fifth step : arrange manner of speaking after 30 % down requital 6th step : Finish the balance requital by sight of B/L copy seventh footstep : Receive the goods. eighth pace : After-sales service

Why Choose u

  1. As a ball-shaped glass manufacturer, we have excellent production facilities to ensure that we provide quality field glass products and box services and potent customers with long-run relationships.
  2. We can provide packaging supply solutions and OEM / ODM services. Our occupation involves different industries, including cosmetics, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and more.
  3. Ability, invention is the key to team success. We are proud that we have an experienced and young production supervision team that has been creditworthy for further training and qualifications. Besides, we actively establish and maintain relationships with academics and other research centers to ensure we are constantly competitive all the clock time.
  4. We are accredited to ISO9001 standards, with professional add chain, production, and management.
  5. We rate every customer and feel grateful for those who establish a long-run relationship with us. We will constantly provide you with professional services.
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