Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be intimidated by DIY, guys. You ’ re only a few steps off from a celebrity-grade manicure in a count of minutes — without a professional on payroll. It appears that guy ’ randomness nail polish paint was once acceptable in merely two colors : clear ( that is, “ invisible ” ) and punk-rock black ( hats, Ozzie ). But fashion ’ s favorite men are now embracing colored manicures with a vengeance – and normalizing it for the masses. This, thanks to humans like Harry Styles and his gradient pastels fingers to A $ AP Rocky ’ s brand smileys, J-Hope ’ s own Chicken Noodle Soup art, Anwar Hadid/Dua Lipa ’ sulfur iconic pair co-ordination, to our fave, Bad Bunny. SEE ALSO: 5 new brands are attempting to redefine ‘men’s grooming’ sure, you ’ ra think, these guys have manicurists on speed-dial because they ’ ra celebrities. Before you give up on painting your own nails, know that you can do this on your own. We ’ ra here to walk you through the hale procedure, so you can give yourself the coolest claw in under 10-minutes or less. The best part : You don ’ t have to break the bank. ( Just don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate break your nails ! ).

Tools you’ll need:

Remember, you ’ re aiming to give yourself the best rouge caper ever with minimal feat so we can leave the drenching to the professionals. however, you will need a few basic products to achieve a manicure to write home about and tools that will go the distance. How to paint your nails as a guy ? here are the tools you need, first !

  • Clippers
  • File
  • Buffer
  • Cotton pads
  • Nail polish remover
  • Nail polish
  • Clear top coat

1. Shape up, baby

excessively many guys make the mistake of cutting — not trimming — their nails, setting you up for a manicure that shortens your fingers, alternatively of elongating. If they ’ re particularly hanker, take your clippers and snip on both sides then the top, so your smash resembles the lead of a hexagon. This will save you from “ lumberjack nails ” ( i.e. chunky ). BUY HERE, $ 9

2. Get filin’ and stay buff

The best manicure will be the product of preserving your nails. If you don ’ t need to heavy-duty-file ( frequently the encase with acrylic fiber nails, which aren ’ triiodothyronine particularly common among men ), smooth strokes in one direction not only lowering the chance of future breakage. This proficiency will stop you from over-filing, and since you ’ ra doing it yourself, there besides need be no performative back-and-forth. then take your buffer and run it over the nails to create the ideal surface — this is all-important to create the best base for a color manicure. Wash your hands to free yourself of dust from file, run a remover-soaked cotton wool pad over each nail — this rids your smash of any unwanted substance so it ’ sulfur cook to apply polish. $ 25 dollar manicure whomst ? You did this wholly by yourself in a matter of minutes. BUY HERE, $ 12Men's nails red nail polish

3. It’s painting time

If you ’ re in truth committing to the ultimate manicure, you can start with a al-qaeda coat so it lasts longer ( nick polish can be a pretty enviable look ) or you can skip this step ( remember, we entirely have a few minutes after all ). adjacent, we ’ ra moving on to painting.

Wipe the brush against the bottle ’ s rim to ensure you have just adequate product and start a fraction astir from the base of the smash — besides close to the nail seam gives the magic trick of short fingers. Wiggle the brush slenderly as you touch it to the complete to deposit the intersection, then swipe up. reprise until the nail is sufficiently covered, allow one minute for it to settle — if you have a sports fan or hair dry, you can set your nails six inches away for a speedier dry — then start a second coat. More than three coats will cause the paint to bubble, so we ’ d advise no more than two. When you feel as though it ’ south relatively dry, you can open up your clear greatcoat and do a light few swipes on each nail down. Allow five minutes to ensure they ’ re amply dry and voilà ! Colored nails. BUY HERE, $ 9

4. Make it pop

If you ’ re very leaning in to and want to imitate the nails of some of your faves ( without the steady hand of a train manicurist ), there are options. From full-coverage to modest designs, stickers are your best bet to see you serve rockstar department of energy. After your basic initial manicure, select the dagger that best fits the nail ( you ’ ra looking for width, not length here ) so that it can nestle right into the complete bed for the best leave. Make certain to use them a soon as you open the box as air will dry them out. Peel the polish clean from the backing with the delegate yellow journalism, place the undress on the collar and smooth it so the manicure is wrinkle-free — remember duraseal-ing your educate books ? This is precisely that on a smaller scale. You ’ re then going to pull out that file and file away any excess ( this is equitable for full-coverage breeze through wraps, if you ’ rhenium pop on a smaller spine you ’ ra home loose by now ). Keep in thinker, this might require an extra few minutes, but trust us, your nails will be more than worth it. BUY HERE – $ 7

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