There ‘s nothing like a great manicure to leave you feeling pampered, but sometimes doing your nails at dwelling can be time-consuming. however, there are easy tricks you can do not entirely to save time and money, but besides to achieve a glossy search without having to go to the salon .
We look at the peak 15 tips and tricks for a perfect manicure at home.

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Coat your cuticles with Vaseline to protect the skin
Dry nails in iced water
If you haven ’ thyroxine got the patience to wait for your nails to dry, leave them for thirty seconds then dip them in a bowling ball of frost water – this will dry nails in seconds .
Make a homemade dotter
You can well create your own nail patterns by sticking a pin into a pencil eraser. Dip the oral sex into your nail down varnish and dot away .
Coat your cuticles with Vaseline
This will protect the bark around your cuticles from erroneous polish strokes. Just swipe away with a cotton bud for a mess spare manicure .
Use clear plasters for French tips
Cut a plaster in half then stick it to your pinpoint, leaving a belittled gap on your tip. then coat your lean color and use the plaster as a safety net for any rickety hand slip-ups .
Use a white base for bright colours
Painting your nails white before applying your color can in truth made them pop. This works specially well with bluff polishes like neon colours .
nail art
Create a homemade dotting tool with a pin and pencil eraser
Match colours to your skin tone
Nude shades are still huge but make certain you match the right color to your skin note. Fair ladies should go for absolute pinks and creamy blushes whilst olive tonicity lovelies should stick to balmy peaches .
Use toothpaste to get rid of stains

If you have a stubborn deep red stain left after your manicure, try scrubbing them with an a nailbrush and toothpaste .
Prep for glitter nail polish removal
Try using craft glue as a nucleotide coat before applying glitter polish. When you ’ re fix change your look, the polish will peel easily off – no more hours of tear cotton pads !
Use a pencil to place gems
If you ’ re getting creative with nail art, try placing adhesive gems with a pencil. Tweezers normally send them flying but using the lead of a pencil will well pick them up .
Roll polish bottles instead of shaking them
Shaking smash varnish can cause bantam breeze bubbles, which will only rise once you ’ ve painted your nail. Try rolling it between the palms of your hand rather to mix the color .
Create new nail colours with eyeshadow and clear polish
Use make-up sponges for nail art
Make up sponges can be used to created ombre, gradient or spider web nails .
Create nail varnish with eye shadow
If you ’ ve got a break center shadow, don ’ thyroxine despair. Mix the pigments together with some clear up nail varnish to create a brand new complete coloring material .
Clean nails with distilled vinegar
Before applying your polish, clean your nails with a cotton bud soaked in a little distill vinegar. The clean surface will help your manicure last .
Apply in multiple thin coats
To get your polish to dry flying, apply three thin coats as opposed to one or two thick layers .
Use a slanted eye shadow brush to clean up

If you ’ ve had some slip-ups, dip a slant eye apparition brush into some nail polish remover for easy steer .
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