My Favorite Nail Polishes for Winter 2017
hawaii ! today, I am here to plowshare some of my favorite nail polishes for the temper. December is a month that sets everyone in the holiday temper. All the decorations and lights everywhere, gets us in the temper of fun and celebration. Christmas and then welcoming the new year gets all flashiness and glam with late night outings and parties .
The constitution, the dresses everything gets aglitter and gay, which I love. To complete the expression painting nails in different glitters, chromes and  sparkles add glamour to the look. This is the time when we can wear all metallic and aglitter shades. nowadays I have a few of my favorite nail polishes for the winter 2017 vacation season. I have selected a few colors that will look beautiful and define the vacation liveliness that we are all into. All the complete polishes are by OPI and one is Revlon. All these polishes last long time on the nails. I have worn them a lot 🙂
OPI – First Class Desires – A beautiful glitter polish that is black about bound note black with lots of fine glitters. There is a purple shift to this color. When light hits we see some purple but mostly it is a very dark gray. Love this color. If you do not wish to wear black this kind of not so colored shade is a great option.

Winter 2017 Favorite Nail Polish OPI First Class Desires
OPI – Peace & Love & OPI – This couple chrome polish by OPI is singular. The gray and purple shift in this shade is beautiful. I love how the color changes when clean hits. In undimmed light it is a beautiful purple but with no light it is a wholly unlike shade gray coloring material. I tried unvoiced to capture the duo-chrome but could not. This is a pretty nuance with a drop eat up that will look gorgeous during sidereal day deoxyadenosine monophosphate good as night .
Winter 2017 Favorite Nail Polish OPI Peace & Love & OPI
Winter 2017 Favorite Nail Polish OPI Peace & Love & OPI
Revlon – 765 Holographic Pearls – This silver holographic polish by Revlon was an clamant purchase. It is a polish with lots and lots of holographic shimmering peals. however, it is sheer and we need at least 3 to 4 coats to see the actual holographic effect and a reminder of the snow season. This is such a pretty party nuance to add some glamour and glow to the nails. This breeze through polish can be worn alone however, 3 to 4 coats will be needed. We can use it as a best to give that holographic effect to other nail polishes angstrom well. recently while playing with my shimmer polishes I got the a close holographic effect using a basis color and then added two coats of Revlon 765 Holographic Pearls. Check the pictures below .
Revlon 765 Holographic Pearls
My favorite nail polishes for winter. Revlon 765 Holographic Pearls.
My favorite nail polish for winter season. Revlon 765 Holographic Pearls

OPI – Grape…Set…Match – Purple nails suit absolutely with the vacation spirit. No count how benighted or clean, sparkle or glitter imperial nails are always trendy. This nuance by OPI is a purple with pink iridescence to it. It is a beautiful purple shimmer polish that looks royal for the vacation .
Winter 2017 Favorite Nail Polish OPI Grape...Set...Match
OPI – Rally Pretty Pink – This matchless is my front-runner. The duo-chrome in this polish is reasonably and elegant. not besides in your confront. This metallic rose gold polish has the pink and aureate chrome-y effect which looks satiny and twist. This one is a sheer polish and we need 3 coats .
Winter 2017 Favorite Nail Polish OPI Rally Pretty Pink
OPI – Red Fingers & MistletoesRed nails never go out of style. I think most of us will like to wear bolshevik polishes all year round, winters are no exception because loss nails are always beautiful. This sparkling metallic bolshevik shade with fine gold glitters is perfective for the hanker snow-white days .
Winter 2017 Favorite Nail Polish OPI Red Fingers & Mistletoes
I could have chosen so many more colors but have to keep my post short and sweet. however, I think these type of shades never go out of fashion and would constantly look pretty on everyone. Some of the polishes are available on Amazon if you like to check. I have linked one though. Thanks a distribute for taking the time to read. Please ignore the haphazard application hehe 🙂 What shades do you prefer to wear during the winter season ? Which shade did you like from the ones I selected ? Which other shades would you like to add here ? Let me know. 🙂
My Favorite Nail Polishes for Winter 2017

Until next time stay glamorous for the season ! Take care guys..

Favorite Nail Polishes for winter.

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