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Balayam yoga or nail rub yoga is a exercise that most of us are familiar with but possibly did not attribute it as a yoga proficiency for hair regrowth. Infact, yoga Guru Swami Baba Ramdev has mentioned that balayam is the best natural discussion for hair problems. This drill shows its affect on the hair as the nerves below the pinpoint bed are connected to the scalp and regular collar rubbing stimulates blood flow and oxygen to the scalp. It besides helps rejuvenate hair follicles and enhance hair growth by controlling DHT ( Dihydrotestosterone ). Balayam is besides practiced as per the tenets of acupressure therapy and is considered as a interracial class of yoga and acupressure .

Benefits of nail rubbing:
  1. Nail rub is a loosen exercise that can help calm the mind .
  2. Blood circulation to the scalp is boosted which strengthens the hair follicles and provides a natural haircloth growth. gives you natural hair growth .
  3. Helps with enhancing the tone and volume of the hair’s-breadth and warding off grey hair from growing .
  4. Enhances lineage circulation which is associated with health benefits such as better heart and lung function, a well as increase in energy levels .

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Here’s how to practice nail rubbing

Before starting the nail friction practice, baby-sit in a sukhasana position for 5 minutes to relax your body and calm your mind.

balayam yogaBalayam yoga is the best natural remedy to control hair fall. Image courtesy: Shutterstock Step 1: now, place your hands at chest level and curl your fingers of both hands inwards towards your decoration. Step 2: Get the palm to touch each early to get corroborate and bring your nails in contact with each other. Step 3: Rub the nails of both your hands swiftly. Remember that you only need to rub the nails, not the thumbnail. see that you are rubbing nails vigorously so that the nerves under your nails get a well amount of clash. Step 4: Keep rubbing your nails for 5-10 minutes and repeat the exercise doubly a sidereal day .

Word of caution

Although it is a identical easy drill, in sealed cases it should be avoided :

  • meaning women should avoid practicing this proficiency as it may result in high lineage pressure and uterine contraction .
  • If you ’ ra suffer from senior high school lineage pressure and high blood pressure then balayam yoga may be harmful to you since it elevates blood imperativeness .
  • For those who have any kind of clamber and nail infections around the contact area, practicing nail friction may make the condition bad.
  • People dealing with surgical conditions such as angiography and appendicitis should avoid nail rub as acme in rake imperativeness can cause complications .

thus, relax yourself and practice this proficiency from the comfort of your home for healthier and shinier haircloth.

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