Manicures & Pedicures Mani/Pedi– This classical treatment includes nail/cuticle care, foot soak and warm lotion massage .

  • Mani     $25
  • Pedi     $35

Gel Mani/Pedi – Gel Manicure/Pedicures that last for two solid weeks without chipping and doesn ’ metric ton requires any dry time seems downright marvelous. The color is painted on and then “ corned ” underneath a LED inner light. This process is repeated several times per hand- its what makes the polish ultimately thus hard and durable .

  • Mani Gel     $45
  • Pedi Gel     $55
  • Gel Mani & Removal Combo     $50
  • Gel Pedi & Removal Combo     $60

Mani/Pedi Plus – This upgrade discussion includes nail/cuticle care, warm lotion massage and a choice of mask or methane series wax treatment. Can ’ triiodothyronine decide ; get both dissemble and methane series for alone $5 more each service.

  • Mani        $37       w/Paraffin & Mask       $42
  • Pedi         $47       w/Paraffin & Mask       $52

Mini-Me – For the little kiddies in education ( 12 years old and under )

  • Mani       $18
  • Pedi        $24

Specialty Manicures & Pedicures

Anti-Aging Manicure – Get serious about fighting the battle with aging hands. This package includes a manicure, exfoliation, hand moisture mask and heat gloves. We ’ ll stopping point with a pacify resurface handwriting discussion ; cell renewing hand serum and SPF 20 hand crème. Your hands will feel young and fresh again .

  • Mani      $45

Fruit Smoothie – Getting your vitamins has never been then indulgent ! Our delicious mix of berries is a in truth unique treatment, full of fruit acids and essential vitamins that work overtime to reveal smooth, lissome skin. Spoil yourself with our japanese yuzu mineral salt overcharge, wildberry polish scrub, strawberry and skim masquerade and japanese yuzu lotion.

  • Mani       $43
  • Pedi         $57

affect of Thai – We ’ ve designed these singular products by looking to the Orient for inspiration. Our fusion of rice bran oil, greens tea leaves and press out, creamy coconut and chip lemongrass are the signature ingredients of this long-to-be-remembered treatment. Delight yourself in a Thai coconut lemongrass mineral salt pawn, fleeceable tea and broken rice cancel, sea kelp and green tea dissemble and a epicurean coconut lemongrass lotion massage .

  • Mani     $43
  • Pedi     $57

relief for Tattered Tootsies – Our epicurean lemongrass pedicure tantalizes roughly and dry feet after just one treatment. Heal your tootsies in our Totally Soaked Softening foot gel ; Down & Dirty foot scrub, Callous Control foundation mask and Rescue Me Intensive foot crème. By the clock time you leave our chair, your feet will feel like dancing across the room. Add a methane series wax discussion and leave with satiny balmy feet .

  • Pedi      $63
  • Add paraffin wax (add $12)     $75

Soothe Your Sole –Calm and unwind your muscles after a long day with a combination of the finest natural ingredients of spearmint leaves, eucalyptus and rosemary. Delight in an herb tea tub tea soak, a sugar scrub made good for the feet and delightful infantry petroleum to soften the feet. Finish up with a lavender paraffin wax treatment that will set your soles at ease. This combination was designed to help circulation, ground the feet and lift the spirits all at once .

  • Pedi     $58
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