Nail emboss is a great alternate to hand-painted complete art because it gives NPAs the ability to use their creativity and resource to rock highly detail smash art in a fraction of the time. Nail stamping can feel intimidating at beginning, thus here are 5 collar stamping tips to get you stamping correct !

1. Choose Your Tools

The three must-have tools for nail stamp are a plate, scraper, and stamping machine. The stamper can have a spongy silicone or harder plastic top .
It ’ randomness besides significant to consider which nail polish to use. Highly pigmented nail polish can work, but some become semi-transparent so it ’ randomness best to test them ahead. To guarantee a bang-up result, use a stamp polish that remains solid after scraping. They are designed to specifically work for emboss and are available in a wide-eyed diverseness of colours including metallics .
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 2. Start Fresh

Build-up on any tool can turn your stamping dreams into nightmares. Distorted images, flaking polish, and leftover bits ? No thank you ! Cleaning the tools after every use will maintain the integrity of each design, and there are a few ways to clean each one .
Stampers can be cleaned with a piece tape or a muggy curler. Because the polish dries cursorily, using something awkward will latch onto the remaining plan and remove it from the stamper so you ’ re specify to use it again veracious away .
For the scraper, wipe off the surfeit polish after each use. If the polish has dried, add some acetone and continue wiping until clean .
Stamping Plates require acetone to dissolve any leftover polish. A Q-tip, wallpaper towel, or constitution diggings works well to get into the nooks and crannies .
professional gratuity : When it comes to cleaning stamping tools with acetone, make sure to use 100 % acetone. Some acetone blends include scents or oils that will leave a residue on plates, scrapers, and stampers. Using pure acetone ensures your plates, scrapers, and stampers remain clean and cook to go !
Beautiful Nail Art Designs

3. Method in the Madness

There are two sorts of stampers : firm and spongy. Each one requires a specific technique to get the perfect transportation.

If your stamper is tauten, use a wheel bowel movement to pick up the effigy from the plate. Once the image is on the stamping machine, determine to make surely the image transferred well. Remove any undesirable pieces with a toothpick or a nail art brush. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wait excessively long, though, because the thin level of polish will dry quickly. Once you know the trope is crisp, use the like roll proficiency to apply to your smash .
A spongy stamper can use the roll technique but besides offers a unique lotion method acting. Because the spongy lead is flexible, you can place the stamping machine directly over the scrap double on the plate and press down. The spongy stamping machine will flatten with atmospheric pressure and pick up the design. The like technique is used to apply the seal to your nails .

 4. Practice and Patience

Rome wasn ’ thymine built in a day and breeze through polish stamping won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be perfect on the first try. Both firm and spongy stampers take commit to dominate, therefore be affected role with yourself ! Including a single feature of speech breeze through can be a good way to start, and then add extra nails as you grow more comfortable. If you get frustrated, take a unwrap and try again late. If you keep at it, you ’ ll be a nail pigeonhole pro in no time !

5. Get Creative!

Rules are made to be broken when it comes to creativity. There are countless ways to combine colours and stamping designs so once you feel comfortable with the application technique, it can be extra fun to experiment. Just make certain your basecoat color is dry before getting started and then have playfulness ! Or don ’ thymine manipulation a basecoat color and rock a negative space stamped mani .
And if you truly want to elevate your pigeonhole mani, try a overrule stamp ! When the blueprint has been lifted onto the stamping machine, use a nail artwork brush to fill in the design with different colours. Whatever you paint onto the stamping machine will cover the base coat semblance and create an entirely newly effect. The options with breeze through stamp are unlimited sol preceptor ’ metric ton be afraid to try something new !
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Extra tip:  How To Clean Your Nail Stamper

How Not Clean A Nail Stamper
How Clean A Nail Stamper
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