Trying to perfect the stomp process ? Start by checking out our tips for picking the perfective nail stamping polish .
You ’ ve seen the trendy designs in magazines, on friends ’ nails, and on those plastic caricature fingernails at your favorite salon, but you ’ ve never attempted stamping pinpoint art on your own ahead. One of the biggest tips out there for successfully mastering the art of stamp is to invest in top quality breeze through stamping polish. thankfully, there are so many out there to choose from ranging in both choice and price. You just need to do a fiddling sting of homework to find out what ones work better than others .

Specialty Stamping Polishes

For the all you newcomers in the stamp global, polish specifically designed for stomp is a must. If you want to save yourself from countless ruined manicures and tension-induced headaches, stick with proper complete stamping polish. If you ’ rhenium feel adventurous and audacious, try using some of the polish you ’ ve already started collecting. It ’ s a brave travel, but possibly you ’ ll have lucky and it ’ ll work out for you.

Everyday ‘Over-the-Counter’ Polishes

If you ’ ve been stamping for a while now, you may be able to switch things up a little moment and try polish not specifically designed for stamping. It ’ mho arduous to narrow down precisely which polishes will do the stamp trick, so it ’ s best to use trial and error when using non-stamping polish. The general rule of ovolo, though, is if the polish is thick and can be applied with about full-coverage in one coat, it ’ ll probably work well as a smash stamping polish .

Tips and Tricks to Invest in

Nail stamping plates and polish can be an excite way to discover fun nail down art. The purpose options are sincerely dateless. You can use stampers to add texture, add little images, create full pinpoint designs, french tip designs, and sol much more. And we haven ’ triiodothyronine flush covered all the unlike polish colours available out there .
To keep your flawless designs casual, try some of these basic pigeonhole tricks :

  • Invest in quality stamping plates. The designs should be deeply etched into the plate with near-perfect detail.
  • Find a stamper that works for you. For first-timers, check out Clear Jelly Big Bling Stampers. They are literally the easiest stamper to use on the planet.
  • Always try to use stamping-specific polish. It will make stamping a lot easier and a lot more fun.
  • Avoid using a scraper with a blade on it. It’ll seriously mess up the face of your quality stamping plates.
  • Do a little measuring. Fingernails come in different sizes so make sure you measure your fingernail before ordering full-design stamping plates.
  • Start small. Ultimately, you only have 10 fingernails to paint so there’s no need to run out and buy 20 plates and polishes. Build your skill then your inventory.
  • Nail polish tools like brushes and dotters can turn a rugged design into a work of art. Keep these items easily accessible at all times.
  • Take a break if you get frustrated. Stamping takes patience, but don’t worry, the resulting killer nail art is well worth the price.

For even more pinpoint stamp tips, click on over to our former post : 9 Tips to Help You Master Stamping with clear Stampers .

For quality stamp plates and perfect-for-the-job pinpoint stamping polish, check out Clear Jelly Stampers. We ’ d love to get you set up with all the industry-leading tools you ’ ll motivation to master the art of stamp .

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