You must add 1 as a minimum quantity to buy this intersection. Nail tiptoe extension can be used for two main reasons, for adding an extra texture to your hair or giving it modern duration and book .

Nail tip / U tip human hair extensions

Hair extensions are a fun, easy way to give modern life to your hair … and collar topple hair are besides the most sleep together way of permanent hair extensions.

With nail tap hair you can get the hair of your dreams .

100 % satiny straight Remy human hair, pre bonded with keratin for easy application and removal. Each chain of extension is bonded with the highest quality keratin. Keratin is the safest natural bonding agent available. It can be removed from your hair thus easily without causing any damage to your natural hair .

Our complete peak hair extensions are of high quality REMY. Pre bonded nail tip hair’s-breadth extensions – pre glued keratin strands of genuine hair extensions, to be attached by heat fusion. Nail topple hair is besides called u-tip extension .

epicurean and beautiful hair extensions for permanent carry of your hair .

Every strand is Remy, oriented in the lapp direction, and the cuticles are intact to ensure a long permanent quality .

100 % real human hair in remy quality of european type for the best price .

This homo hair extension can be styled, straightend, curled, … just like your own natural haircloth .

Comes with detail education manual how to apply hair extensions.

Specification details:

  • Type of hair extensions: Nail tip (U tip) hair extension
  • Texture: straight
  • Set length: 24″ (60cm)
  • Type of hair: 100% human hair Remy, European type
  • Color shade: #60
  • Contains: 50pcs strands
  • Heat friendly: YES
  • Usage: Can be curled, straightened, tongued, washed and dyed.

Set slant options :

  • one strand weighs 0.5 grams = one set (50 strands per pack) weighs 25 grams
  • one strand weighs 0.7 grams = one set (50 strands per pack) weighs 35 grams

( you may chose the choice before adding to cart )

How to choose the right hair extension for you:

Nail topple hair extensions are available in many different colors and lengths. Please have a expect around our web site for all the options available. Find the discolor that matches your hair by browsing through the versatile products on extend at our site .

You will need around 100-200 strands for a broad mind cover. If you want streak hair, buy two sets of different colors and combine them. reference is attached by heating system coalition. Nail lean hair extension has very small connection. You can choose one of two possibilities of weights. See above .

If you are not sure about option of your color shade, it is not a big deal. cipher has own hair in one color tone. Hair always has more color undertones, which together make your color shade. then, if you choose hair’s-breadth in a short bit different tad, do not be sad. Hair elongation will mix with your own haircloth and you will have mod streaked hair .

however if you require a professional advice, we have a unique color matching service at your administration to assist you. Please fill the customer aid online class on our web site and add a video of your hair or alternatively immediately email us : information @ and attach a photograph of your hair’s-breadth, we will provide you a professional aid with choice of allow optimum color shadow for you .

Additional information:

front at photos before and after hair extensions .

Caring for your new haircloth product is easy, and you should treat your new product as an investment that you want to keep looking newfangled and fresh for american samoa long as possible. For more information visit how to care for extend hair’s-breadth .

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