Hello everyone ! today we will be creating a dragonfly design. This design is inspired by a design that I would do on this lady, that would come to the nail salon that I use to work at and she would constantly want a dragonfly on her big toenail. indeed after doing this design plenty of times on her, I thought I would give it a test on my own finger nails, and show all of you how it is done .

Dragonfly Nail Design 

Here are the nail art tools and polishes used to create this dragonfly design:

Base coat and top coat – CND Stickey Base Coat and Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

Nail polishes- Sally Hansen- Insta Dri Matte- Smoldering Teal, Loreal- textured polish, too dimensional, Sally Hansen- xtreme wear-Celeb city, and Color Club- Mini- Silver Glitter.

Acrylic paint- (optional used to create an outline) White.

Nail art tools- thin detail brush, medium and large dotting tools.

Other- a small glass jar with acetone in it to clean off your nail art brushes.

Dragonfly Nail Design

Start off with clean nails, with no polish on them, and apply a thin layer of base coat.

Let that dry.

Then polish all of your nails with a teal colored polish, I used

Sally Hansen- Insta Dri Matte- Smoldering Teal.

Let that dry as well.


Dragonfly Nail Design

We will first start off with the very simple part, the glitter trail that is left behind by the dragonfly. I know dragonflies don’t leave a glitter trail, but I thought it would look pretty as a part of this design and I was really unsure what I could put on the other nails, so we will go with a glitter trail.  

Start off by take a little bit of your glitter polish and pouring some out on a nail mat or a plastic bag, then taking a small detail brush with that glitter on it and make a very big curved line that starts at the index nail and end at the pinky finger nail. I did each part of the line in sections/ one nail at a time. Just make sure the line lines up when you put your finger together.

Dragonfly Nail Design

To complete this design we will make the dragonfly on the thumb nail. With all of the designs I do I always like to create an outline with acrylic paint, for this design I first created the outline with white, this part is optional you can always go straight in with nail polish. 

For creating the white outline, first take a clean detail brush with white paint on it and we will make the wings first. Also make sure to leave a little bit of space in between the wings for the body.

Starting on the right side make a teardrop shape near the tip of the nail and then right under that make another teardrop shape for the wings. Repeat this step on the other side for the other part of the wings.

For the body take a few different sized dotting tools to make your dots/ body for the dragonfly, with a sliver polish starting with a large dot and then going small, make a kind of curved line with dots for the body going down the nail.

If you did create a outline with white paint, once that has dried with a small detail brush and a glittery purple (our whatever colored polish you would like), go over the wings with that polish. 


Dragonfly Nail Design

Once you have your design the way you like apply a topcoat to seal in your design and to make it nice and shinny, I did use a matte teal polish for the base color. 

Hope all of you enjoyed this design, that is nice and simple and great for Spring and Summer.

See you next time for more nail fun!   

beginning : https://nailcenter.us
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