Everyone knows that the best part of Easter is getting eggs for hunting, but your nails can also be festive. If you’re looking for inspiration for Easter nails and colors, we’ve got you covered.
easter nails
seasonal worker nails make for some of the funniest manicures around. The Easter holidays give you the perfect opportunity to practice painting bunnies, chicks, and Easter eggs abounding .
We created a list with our favorite pinpoint designs, thus take the clock time to explore everything and find something you like.

Charming Easter Nail Designs that Deserve Your Attention

Check out these Easter nail ideas and tutorials to get inspired :

1. Pastel Colors with Speckles – Easter Nail Colors

Pastel Colors with Speckles - easter nail colors
If you want mini Egg nails that aren ’ metric ton excessively extraordinary, try using pastel colors with speckles. This nail design is simple and elegant, but hush has a snatch of Easter dash .
All you need is pastel nail polish in your hope color and a contrasting discolor to paint small dots on top. You can even use different colors for each finger for a actually fun attend .
begin by painting your nails with two coats of light pink or blue polish. Once the beginning coat is dry, use a toothpick to add iniquity speckles to the nails. Repeat the work with a second base coat of polish to seal in the speckles .

2. Baby Chick – Easter Nail Ideas

baby chick easter nail ideas
If you ’ re interested in Easter chick nails, you can paint your nails yellow with purple stripes. One breeze through can be white and have a dame on it .
depart by painting all your nails with a base coat of yellow polish. then, paint one nail down white and add a dame delineate on crown. Use a fine brush to make a triangle inside the lines for the beak and two dots for the eyes .
last, paint purple stripes across at least one chicken nail using tape or stickers as guides to create straight lines. You can besides use this proficiency to create upright rather of horizontal stripes if you prefer .

3. Bunny – Easy Easter Nails

Bunny - Easy Easter Nails
Easter bunny nail designs can be done in lots of different ways. For model, you can use pastel colors with bunnies hiding in the corner of each nail down .
One manner is to paint all your nails light pink. then, use a different semblance to paint the bunny on one nail. The best colors for this are imperial, pink, green, and white .
For the other nails, you can paint the corner with any coloring material or just leave it lacuna. It doesn ’ t need to coordinate absolutely with your bunny collar .

4. Simple Bunny – Cute Easter Easter Nails

Simple Bunny - Cute Easter Easter Nails
A dim-witted manner to obtain Easter nails is by painting all nails in pastel colors, applying white speckles, and adding the delicate silhouette of a bunny on a one nail .
Begin by applying a base coat to the nails. Next, paint the nail tips white and use a modest acuate object like a toothpick to apply the white speckles on top .
After it dries, apply another layer of polish to seal in the specks. similarly, you can use the toothpick to create the bunny silhouette on one nail .

5. Baby Pink – Easter Acrylic Nails

Baby Pink - Easter Acrylic Nails
If you ’ ra looking for baby pink nail designs for Easter, polka dots are a great choice. This is a low-commitment invention that inactive looks cute and gay .
additionally, you can decorate bantam Easter eggs and a bunny. It ’ s a fantastic design because you can do it with any shade of pink .
visit Kimspired DIY to get the complete instructions .

6. Bunny Heads – Easter Nail Art Designs

Bunny Heads - Elegant Nail Art Designs
When it comes to elegant nail down designs for Easter, chasteness is constantly the best choice. For case, this design features absolved nails with a pink-and-white bunny painted on each complete. It ’ s not necessary to draw any facial expressions for the bunny .
Check out @ aliona_shcherbachuk for more inspiration .

7. Bright Nails with Bunnies and Specks – Easter Themed Nails

Bright Nails with Bunnies and Specks - Easter Themed Nails
jump is a prison term of celebration, so there ’ s no better way to portray your Easter nail design than by opting for bright and fun colors, like pink, greens, purple, orange, and chicken .
You can besides draw rabbits and whiten specks on top of the base color to add more relish .
Go to @ chelsey.raising.daughters for more inspiration .

8. Pink and Purple Easter Gel Nails

Pink and Purple Easter Gel Nails
These motley fingernails remind us of ice rink cream. They have many delicious-looking colors, including pink and purple. What ’ s more, you can shape the nails in any way you like .
head over to @ islasnailsandbeauty for more inhalation .

9. Pastel Blue – Gel Nails for Easter

Pastel Blue - Gel Nails for Easter
Pastel blue nails are a capital means to celebrate Easter. They are gentle and elusive, and will complement any outfit. We particularly love this blueprint thanks to the elusive flowers.

Visit @ trufflesnails for more inspiration .

10. Butterflies – Pink and Blue Nails

Butterflies - Pink and Blue Nails
If you want to go with pink and blue nails this Easter, try this amazing design : flannel nails with two pink and blue butterflies. They look amazing .
Check out @ nailsby.skyla for more inspiration .

11. Bunnies, Chicks, and Easter Marble – Coffin Easter Nails

Bunnies chicks and easter marble nail art
Paint each nail with a different picture or root and try marbling an dialect nail in pastel Easter colors for some trendy line. View The Posh Polish to find out more .

12. Bunnies and Polka Dots – Acrylic Easter Nails

Bunnies and polka dots nail design
Let one bunny portrait stand out by painting the nails around it with simple polka dot patterns. Go to Amour Annette for more details .

13. Spring Gingham – Simple Easter Nails

Spring gingham nails - Simple Easter Nails
This adorable blueprint will remind you of cheery spring picnics every time you look at your fingers. head over to Nouveau Cheap to find out more. And, if you love k, check out these park manicure ideas .

14. Rhinestone Bunnies – Easter Nails Acrylic

Rhinestone bunnies Easter Nails Acrylic
Paint a cunning cartoon bunny on each nail down and stress one or two with dainty rhinestone ear bows. Check out this Tumblr post for more inspiration .

15. Easter Egg Nail Designs

Easter Egg Nail Designs
barely in case you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate make to eat enough of your favorite chocolate eggs over Easter weekend, try painting them on your nails besides. Go to Emily ’ s Nail Files to learn more .

16. Spring Sky Bunnies – Pastel Easter Nail Designs

Spring sky bunnies - Pastel Easter Nail Designs
Your thumb breeze through is a bunny and your other nails are the flip and the eatage he lives in. Add a couple of Easter eggs for color. Find out more at Polishment ( in the first place uploaded to Pshiiit.com ). If blasphemous is your color, check out these blue nail polish ideas .

17. Speckled Basket Nails – Spring Easter Nail Designs

Speckled basket nails - spring easter nail designs
A cute speckled polish makes the perfect background for each of these short Easter baskets. Find out more information at That Leanne .

18. Neutral Zig Zags – Pastel Easter Nails

Neutral zig zags nails - Pastel Easter Nails
Do you like patterned Easter eggs but need something a little less bright for work ? Try some neutral colored strips and zigzag zigzag. Go to Small Good Things for more information .

19. Pastel Polka Dots – Cute Easter Nails

Pastel polka dots - cute easter nails
sometimes the best designs are authoritative and simple. Choose three pastel colors and dot them on a white background. principal over to Blushing Basics for more information .

20. Sleeping Bunnies – Easter Bunny Nails

sleeping bunnies - easter bunny nails
Each finger becomes a differently colored snoozing bunny in this adorable Easter manicure. You can thank Miss Lipgloss for this gorgeous idea .

21. Polka-dotted Easter Ombre Nails

Polka dotted easter ombre nails
This look takes the trendy ombre proficiency and overlays polka dots and zigzag zagging lines for an Easter effect. Check out Beauty Palmira for more inhalation .

22. Patterns – Easter Pastel Nails

Pastel Easter Pastel Nails
If you ’ re the kind of person who just loves wearing colors, a bright Easter egg design like this one is a good burst for you. Visit Swatch and Learn to find out more .

23. Bright Easter Egg Nails

Bright easter egg nails
Easter egg nail art doesn ’ triiodothyronine have to be entirely pastels. Try creating the like patterns but with undimmed, flashier colors alternatively. See Michelle Phan for more information .

24. Bunny Paw – Easter Nails

Bunny paw nail art
Paint one of your nails like the Easter bunny and another one with short paws like the bunny ran across your fingers. View Pursuit of Polish for more details .

25. Hatching Chick – Easter Nail Polish Colors

Hatching chick - Easter Nail Polish Colors

Paint your nails with a sponge for a textured impression that will look like ruffle feathers, and then give each smash features like a small dame. oral sex over to Did My Nails to find out more .

Final Thoughts on Easter Nails

Nails are a bang-up direction to show off your personality, indeed have fun with this. There are loads of Easter nail design ideas you can use to create something for this gay vacation .
What are your favorite Easter nail designs ? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below .

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