Let ’ s celebrate the warm seasons with the spring/ summer 2018 smash trends ! For this newfangled fashion season, manicurists and smash artists created all manner of smash polish looks. On some runways, we saw bad, embellished nails in loudly colors, while many others chose to keep it simple and subtle .

Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends
Browse through these spring/ summer 2018 nail trends to find the dash that suits you best, with a dislocation of spring/ summer 2018 breeze through human body trends, 2018 breeze through polish trends, and 2018 nail art trends.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Shape Trends

#1. Short Nails

In a nod to practicality, many nail down artists this season skipped the press-ons, and let models rock shortstop but groomed nails. At Emporio Armani, most models ’ nails were abruptly and squared away, arsenic well as at Marchesa, and Oscar de la Renta. This look was much paired with a solid swipe of opaque, lustrous nail polish, like at Sonia Rykiel .

Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Short Nails

#2. Long Ovals

long ovals are that classic pinpoint shape that about everyone wishes for, naturally. They are hanker enough to scratch, but not so hanker as to be inconvenient. We saw the perfect model of classic long egg-shaped nails on the Adam Selman runway. other runways to feature long egg-shaped nails included Francesca Liberatore, Antonio Marras, and House of Holland .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Long Oval Nails

#3. Stiletto Nails

If you thought the spring/ summer 2018 nail shape trends were all about practicality, think again. While many of the looks we saw were quite down to earth, many complete artists were not afraid to go all out with farseeing stiletto press-ons .

At Tom Ford, Fenty x Puma, and Jeremy Scott, the extravagant stiletto nails were painted with attention-getting shades. At The Blonds, the stiletto nails were sincerely unique, covered in busy designs and some 3 dimensional appliques .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Stiletto Nails

Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Polish Trends

#1. Classic Red Nails

Red is a dateless color that will constantly have its place on the runways. It is sexy, elegant, and high-energy, so it was no surprise to see bolshevik nail polish become one of the spring/ summer 2018 nail polish trends .
The Orly shadow Love My Nails is the warm red used to paint the nails of models at the Adam Selman prove. This nuance worked absolutely with a long, egg-shaped manicure .
At Vfiles, we saw a dramatic red stiletto nail, with a large of haphazard metallic collar art that worked well with the vibrant collection .
At Eudon Choi, a cool loss shade of a polish on short breeze through designs was a arrant complement to a identical womanly collection. At Sonia Rykiel, a vibrant warm loss stole the display .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Red Nails

#2. Nude Nails

You can not go wrong with a pale pink, beige, or clean fuscous, a dateless and natural nude breeze through polish color that easily becomes a tendency every season, so it is no surprise that is part of the spring/ summer 2018 nail trends .
For Alexander Wang, the perfect nude was Essie ’ s Topless & Barefoot, a pale shade that worked well with short, squoval nails, and suited all models careless of their skin tone .
We saw a like albeit taupier and more matte shade on the nails of models at the Sophia Webster testify. Nude was besides the go-to polish color at Mugler, and Emilio Pucci .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Nude Nails
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Nude Nails

#3. Ocean Blue Nails

While affectionate and inert tones generally ruled over the spring 2018 nail trends, a few nail down artists bucked the course to make blue a wholly drift of its own .
At Fenty x Puma by Rihanna, long press-on nails were painted an electric blue that had the perfect total of department of energy for summer. At Concept Korea, short nails were painted an equally bright albeit lighter sky blue .
The only dull interpretation of the tendency was at Emporio Armani, where a dark blue blue was used to paint the models ’ nails .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Blue Nails

#4. Bright Matte Nail Polishes

A fun way to play with truly bright, neon nail polish shades is to change up their ending. While we ’ re used to glossy brights ( and we surely saw some examples on the runway ), breeze through artists changed it up with electrifying mattes for the summer 2018 nail down trends .
At Jeremy Scott, models wore stiletto nails painted in bright pinks and oranges, with a classy flatness finish. At christian Siriano, in addition to the sketchy designs and florals, there were besides some duo-colored neon matte nails on expose .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Bright Matte Nails

#5. Opaque Shimmer Nails

In a cutthroat good continuation of last season ’ s course, opaque shimmer shades showed up on many runways, becoming the ‘ it ’ choice for easy and agile however glamorous nails. It is easy to see how this shade became one of the form 2018 nail polish trends .
At the Rebecca Minkoff show, a metallic light purple shade made for a fantastic base shade, and was decorated with a central stripe of black purple. At Oscar de la Renta, the nails were all course, painted in a gorgeous fortunate shininess .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Metallic Opaque Shimmer Nails

Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Art Trends

#6. Bare Nails with Black Stripes

Nude and black is a pinpoint combination that is soon becoming equally omnipresent as the french manicure. As depart of the spring/ summer 2018 pinpoint art trends, it was all about nude nails with thin blacken lines for decorations .
CND for Club Monaco, for case, painted nails in a uninfected and crispen nude, and then added a dark stripe right along the bottom, near the carapace. The look at Zero + Maria Cornejo was alike, but the bed stripe of black nail polish was a small thick, while the nails were kept quite childlike .
At Kate Spade and Phillip Lim, it was all about minimalist nude nails with a single stripe on an accent nail. At Kate Spade, a upright line of black had been drawn, while at Phillip Lim, it was horizontal.

At Tibi, we saw the most graphic take on this jump 2018 nail tendency, with a compact stripe and a thin strip draw diagonally along the peak of the stress nail .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Bare Nails with Black Stripes

#7. Nail Art with Colorful Stripes

Striping in all kinds of colors was besides apparent all over the spring 2018 nails this season, although black was the clear winner. even so, we saw all kinds of reds, greens, and blues striping both long and short circuit nails, allowing you to get creative with the spring/ summer 2018 complete art trends .
The funnest take on stripey collar polish came from the Tanya Taylor runway, where midst swipes of crimson and white were painted on the nails in a swirly blueprint. At Alice + Olivia, we saw a unique french manicure, with a slender strip of bluish green replacing the traditional white .
No two nails were alike at Christian Siriano, but a standout nail art design was a actually sketchy and artistic take on colorful stripes over a white base .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Nail Art with Colorful Stripes

#8. Nails with Jewel Appliques

There is no better way to turn up the glam than by gluing some jewels to an already ferocious manicure. This is a perfect way to jazz up nails for a night out, and is one of the most vibrant leap 2018 pinpoint trends .
At Philipp Plein, unmarried, clear jewel appliques were attached to each stiletto collar. They were large and glistening, and looked extremely glamorous .
At Naeem Khan, the appliques were a fiddling more delicate. A series of small, press-on crystals were glued unto the little finger and center finger over a shimmery silver polish, and looked lovely and elusive. There was a similar applique design on the nails at the Area show, but the overall look was more high fashion and less delicate because the base shades were either a vibrant pink or a iniquity, vampy purple .
last, at Libertine, the bejewel appliques had a punk rock border, as they were total darkness, surrounding a scandalmongering smiley grimace, and to add to that, the tip off of the breeze through itself was surrounded by a barbed wire accessory .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Nail Art with Jewel Appliques

#9. Barely There Polish

There were all kinds of takes on nude and natural nails as part of the spring/ summer 2018 collar trends, and one of those trends was not covering the natural nail down with any tad, and merely leaving them bare, either all over, or entirely at a few spots .
At Marc Jacobs, we saw an easy and simpleton contract on nail polish in diverse colors that was painted a few millimetres above the cuticle, to create a damaging space effect ( that besides looked a short bit like a grown-out manicure ). There was a alike effect, with bare half moons at Francesca Liberatore, with the perch of the nails painted a metallic silver medal, another of the season ’ randomness 2018 nail trends .
At Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, nail artist Adam Slee plainly coated the models ’ nails with a clear basal coat, letting the nails ’ natural color shine through, and then added a single bolshevik letter per nail, declaring phrases like ‘ dark child ’ and ‘ wild open fire ’ .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Negative Space Nail Art

#10. Springtime Floral Nails

The give 2018 nail art trends included floral decorations, in a not-so-subtle nod to the season. At Michael Costello, the floral blueprint was quite insidious, painted in a metallic pink over a pale, lustrous tap .
At Creatures of Comfort, we saw a more outline take on floral nail art, painted with assorted Essie shades in a minimalist petal pattern over swerve nails. The pattern on the nails at Novis was like, but across the board nails were painted with bluing petals .
last, at Christian Siriano, where singular pinpoint art designs reigned, one of the acquire patterns was a colored french manicure with little flowers as decorations at the tip .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Floral Nail Art

#11. Abstract Polka Dots

There were no cutesy polka dots as separate of the spring/ summer 2018 collar art trends. alternatively, the polka dots we saw on the runway manicures this season were artistic and sophisticated .
At Moschino, white egg-shaped dot over a grey base on the nails had a graphic “ net income ” effect. At Ryan Lo, the nails were painted a base shade of shimmery brown, and then dotted with a slurred, textured shape in a lighter beige .
At Tadashi Shoji, a nude nail was decorated with pale spill the beans dots, for a insidious and soft polka dot effect .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Nail Art with Abstract Polka Dots

#12. Logos on the Nails

Branding is everything in our world right immediately, so quite a few labels decided to have their brand extended to the models ’ nails. Nail art showcasing names or son was one of the brash spring 2018 collar trends, and playing with words and symbols can be a fine way of incorporating it into your own collar painting habits .
At Monse, an “ M ” was drawn on the thumb in loss and white stripes, over otherwise fairly nude nails. At Helmut Lang, a childlike black emboss on every one of the pink, squared off nails declared “ Helmut ’, and last, at Kith, we saw the Champion logo in red, white, and blue .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Logo Nail Art

#13. Extended Paint

Why stick to lone painting the nails ? On quite a few of the runways, the spring 2018 nail art extended beyond the nails to decorate the fingers and hands. At Antonio Berardi, for example, the nails were painted a delicate bare, while the hands themselves were decorated in white or black patterns .
At both Jeremy Scott and Francesco Scognamiglio, eloquent glitter was used to decorate the hands. At the early it was slightly more moderate, and restricted lone to the fingers, while at the latter it extended all the way down to the back of the hand .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Extended Paint on the Hands

#14. Glitter Nails

A season without glitter is a season not worth paying attention to. For the spring/ summer 2018 pinpoint trends, there were a fortune of cool and unique takes on glitter collar polish, to liven up everyone ’ south spirits .
For Tom Ford, press-on stiletto nails were decorated with a gorgeous aglitter rose gold to black ombre. At Anna Sui, it was all about shortstop nails covered in ash grey in the mannequin of both little and large glitter pieces that gave a chunky, textured effect.

last, at Jeremy Scott, while the smash was kept flat, the fingers themselves had been covered in flatware glitter for a fetid look .
Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Glitter Nails
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