Hello All , Hope you all are doing ticket 🙂 nowadays, I am going to review Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Acetone Formula. Let us see .
Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Acetone Formula

Price: GBP 2.99
250 milliliter
Packaging :
It comes in blue see through fictile bottle with twisting cap .
acetone, greenish blue, glycerol, BHT, PEG-75 lanolin, CI 42090
Product Description :
This nail polish remover with acetone removes all traces of flush the most refractory collar polish quickly and effectively. Formulated with glycerine-known for its humidify properties, to help prevent nails from drying out. undesirable for use on artificial nails .
Directions for use:

Moisten cotton wool with the nail polish remover, wipe lightly over the coat of the complete from cuticle towards lean to remove all traces of nail polish cursorily .

My experience with Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Acetone Formula:

I love breeze through paints and I have a habit of applying two to three coats of nail down paints. thus beneficial quality nail polish remover is must for me. I know that complete polish remover which is acetone free is good for the health of nails but I have a problem I can not stand the smell of removers that have acetone 🙁 Thus when I my eyes were laid on this remover which is with acetone I had to try it for sure. now after using it for over one month all I can say is that it is just dainty. Yeah, I mean if I am impressed than it is because of the fact that it is with acetone and therefore I can bear the smell. The remover is light blue in color and is of water consistency. It removes the nail down key truly well after one-two swipes. After removal the product do not leave any white residue ( like most of the acetone formula ) but does make nail down bite dry and brittle. yea that is a memorize 🙁 other drawback is the packaging-the bottle has wide clear mouth which sometimes leads to the custom of supernumerary product .
Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Acetone Formula (4)

Pros of Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Acetone Formula:

• Goodness of glycerol.
• Does not leave white residue after application.
• Removes pinpoint paint actually well.
• Bearable smell.
• Acetone rule ( is a pro for me ).
• Affordable, reasonably priced.
• Cap is tight and frankincense it is travel friendly .
Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Acetone Formula (3)

Cons of Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Acetone Formula:

• Makes nails a spot dry and brittle.
• Unsuitable for use on artificial nails.
• not tested on animals.
• Big open mouthpiece of bottle leads to overuse/wastage of product.
• Available only at ace jab stores and its web site .
Would I buy Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Acetone Formula?
Yes, not till I find another acetone smash polish remover which is low-cost .
Do I recommend Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Acetone Formula?
If you do not like the smell of acetone detached breeze through rouge remover you can try this as this one has very balmy smell. Else stick to your acetone release ones .
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