Keratin Tipped Hair Extensions

As an official web site that sells 100 % homo hair, we are often asked this question. adjacent, we will explain in detail the difference between the three, want to know what they are different, we must beginning know what they are .
pre-bonded hair extensions
Pre-bonded hair extensions, besides known as keratin or coalition hair’s-breadth extensions, are a actually popular choice among hair’s-breadth enthusiasts. It is a type of haircloth extensions applied to the hair by heating the keratin peak or using of a connection to attach it to your natural hair’s-breadth.

What is I-tip hair extensions?

ugeat i tip hair extensions
I tip/stick hair –the top of the ground is shaped like an “ I ” and is applied using micro-rings and secured to your haircloth with pliers, it is besides called Cold Fusion hair extensions .

What is U-tip hair extensions?

ugeat u tip hair extensions
U tip/nail tip – the circus tent of the strand is shaped like a “ U ” and is applied to the hair by heating up, your hair adept attaches the strands to your hair with the correct tools at the correct temperature. it is besides called Hot Fusion hair’s-breadth extensions .

What’s the difference between I tip and U tip extensions?

ugeat i tip hair and u tip hair
From the above description, you may find I tip extensions are applied using micro-rings, and U-tip extensions are applied using inflame fusion ; But it ’ s not absolute, occasionally your technician may use estrus to apply for I-tip extensions – it depends on your hair type .
Let ’ s go on .

What is flat tap hair extensions?

ugeat flip tip in hair

Flat-tip is a very like type of keratin hair extensions to U-tip, both using the heating system method acting, equitable different in shape, Flat is a apartment shape .

So now you should be very clear about their differences, what’s better for you between I-tip and U-tip or flat tip hair extensions?

typical I-tip hair’s-breadth extensions are attached to your haircloth using a Micro-Ring process that involves pulling your hair through a humble metallic element loop in the reference nucleotide. This loop is normally made of copper or aluminum, which can cut into your haircloth ’ second cuticles, causing damage. Pulling curly or coarse hair through these rings can besides lead to tangling, snarling, and extremely hard removal, then Micro Rings may not be the way to go for women with “ bouncy ” hair types .
U-tip and Flat-tip hair’s-breadth extensions can merely be applied using a heat tool to melt the keratin. And while these tools only use a fraction of the heat created by normal curl and compressed irons ( and they are entirely near the haircloth for a few seconds at a time ), you may have fragile or damaged haircloth that you ’ d like to keep as far away from heat as possible .
how to choose different hair extensions
So we can see that different types of people may need to choose different types of hair extensions. It is not necessarily the best that others say is the best for you. You should choose the most suitable and beautiful way according to your hair choice. If you have early special questions, you can directly contact us or your professional hairdresser, of course, this is release .

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