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Hair Extension Sale Reviews Reviews : perform you buy hair extensions or wigs from Hair Extension Sale ? If so, please leave your Hair Extension Sale’s hair extension review below. In this review, I will be reviewing Hair Extension Sale. I purchased HairExtensionSale extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.


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Being a professional hairdresser, I have many years of experience in the field of hair’s-breadth extensions. Working as a hairdresser, I developed an deathless passion for haircloth extensions. I decided to get myself trained as a license professional in installing haircloth extensions and today, I can gladly say that I now have years of experience in this field. I love writing reviews and I love hair’s-breadth extensions, which is why I decided to write hair extension reviews. I in truth want everyone out there to get the best haircloth extensions in the most fair rates ! All of the reviews that I post on this page are entirely my reviews and are not influenced by any affiliation or promotional advantages .

Today’s Review: Hair Extension Sale Fusion Nail Tip Review

today I will be reviewing Hair Extension Sale ’ mho intersection, Fusion Nail Tip hair extensions. They have an on-line storehouse. Their web site actually seems pretty impressive, so I decided to try them out. I used to buy extensions from this company a ten ago and I was always satisfied. I made the HUGE MISTAKE of buying from Hair Extension Sale. Why ? Because it ’ s a victimize. You read this right. Hair Extension Sale is literally a victimize. Out of all the hair extensions companies I ’ ve reviewed, I ’ ve never experienced pure robbery. This company literally took my money, ignored me, and shipped nothing. It took a PayPal shell to have them ship my arrange ! This is my second review regarding Hair Extensions Sale. The first recapitulation was a general reappraisal of my shop feel at Hair Extension Sale where I go in details in how they scammed me, whereas this is a detail review of the quality they ’ ra provide. To read more about my general experience while shopping at Hair Extensions Sale, snap here. To read more about the product choice offered by Hair Extensions Sale, keep reading ! hair extension sale reviews

Hair Extension Sale: My Order

Like I ’ ve said earlier, their web site was pretty impressive, which is why I thought their products would be pretty impressive, besides. short did I know what was to come ahead. I purchased the Fusion Nail Tip Extensions because one of my clients needed them and I was tidal bore to try them out ! These haircloth extensions can merely be installed by a certify hairdresser, like me. consequently, if you ’ re planning on installing them yourself at home, please refrain from doing so because these are very difficult to install and can ruin your natural hair besides if installed incorrectly. The risk just international relations and security network ’ thymine worth it ! furthermore, it ’ s not adequate to get these installed by a hairdresser. You need to make surely that the hairdresser is certified in installing these hair extensions and has adequate experience besides ! Fusion Nail Tip extensions are of the semi-permanent type. An adhesive material is introduce at their tips. This adhesive material is supposed to be melted and then glued onto the natural haircloth of the customer. This is why these haircloth extensions are of the semi-permanent type. They can not be removed again and again like clip-in haircloth extensions.
Anyway, I placed my order and I was waiting for it to arrive, very sky-high, of course .

Post Order Updates, Delivery and Customer Service

My enthusiasm soon ended. First of all, I forgot to use a coupon. I contacted the company to redeem the coupon for the order I placed a few moments ago. The company ignored me… despite the fact that I sent numerous emails. The have a bun in the oven rescue date had passed a long prison term ago, so I decided to contact them and leave them messages on their electronic mail address inquiring about my order. They didn ’ triiodothyronine answer again ! then, I tried reaching them out on social media. once again, I didn ’ triiodothyronine receive a answer. however, I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate blockage there and messaged them on all the platforms they had provided me. I was angered because they were literally ignoring me ! No matter how much you message them, they will not reply to your messages ! I kept on trying but then I last decided to give up. What kind of a stigmatize does not respond to their customers ? This company just doesn ’ thymine commune with you, which is thus annoy because you could be having issues with your regulate and they wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even care to reply ! It was identical disappoint. I ’ ve been fooled by companies before, but none of them had ever wholly ignored me like this ! It was identical annoyance and no ship’s company should put their customers in a placement like that ! By this time, I had expected that I had been fooled and that my arrange would never arrive. I found it very strange that Hair Extension Sale had ignored all my messages, which pushed me to the point of opening a PayPal encase against them ! To my surprise, a few weeks former, about a month after I had placed my initial order, the Fusion Nail Tip extensions that I had ordered, last arrived ! It was shipped from China, which credibly explains drawn-out pitch time, even though I ’ ve ordered extensions from other faraway places that arrived in much less time. Anyway, I was actually thus disappoint with their service that I had accepted I ’ five hundred been ripped off. I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even surely if they had dispatched my regulate because I received no collateral text or emails and all my attempts at communication were downright ignored.

basically, it took a PayPal shell to get this party to ship what I paid for. Hair Extension Sale is literally a SCAM… and I ’ megabyte not the only one complaining about their shady behavior. Look at all those bad reviews : hair extension sale bad reviews bad reviews hair extension sale scammers hair extension sale hair extension sale scammers fraud hair extension sale hair extension sale fraud reviews hair extension sale scam hair extension sale hair extension sale reviews hair extension sale scam

Hair Quality

As mentioned earlier, Hair Extension Sale doesn ’ t communicate with anybody. tied if you ask innocent questions such as “ when will my order transport ”, they will literally ignore you. After opening a PayPal character, the company finally decided to ship my order ( 2 weeks after I placed it ). It took another 2 weeks to get my ordain. approximately 40 days late, I received my product ! In all honesty, I ’ m surprised I receive my rate. This company is the most shady ship’s company I ’ ve ever dealt with. so now that I received my order, let me review their hair quality. Taking into account how bad this caller is in terms of communication ( they just ignore everybody ) and the fact that it took a PayPal case to get them to ship my club, I was expecting the hair’s-breadth quality to be identical bad. And indeed, it was very bad. The hair quality offered by Hair Extension Sale is the worst I’ve ever received. a soon as I opened the package, I was highly defeated because the hair felt dry and pall. Upon touching the hair extensions, I realized that they weren ’ thyroxine voiced either, which meant they were decidedly made of low-quality celluloid hair that was identical obviously man-made. The wholly point of getting haircloth extensions is to make it look like you have naturally long hair. They ’ re not supposed to be so well discernible. hair extension sale reviews reviews hair extension sale hair extension sale customers reviews
The hair’s-breadth quality offered by Hair Extension Sale was identical poor. There was no shine on the hair and they literally looked dead and lifeless ! furthermore, their circus tent to bottom ratio was frightful ! It was literally the most atrocious top to the bottom proportion that I had seen in my entire liveliness ! I ’ ve manage with numerous types of different hair extensions, but they never had such a bad proportion. The top to bottom ratio is very important in determining whether the extensions look natural or not. After all, if you have very thickly and dense at the peak but the bottom is very sparse with entirely a few handful hairs, how atrocious would it look ? well, this was the case with Hair Extension Sale ’ s extensions. hair extension sale bad reviews hair extension sale fusion nail tip

I measured the duration of the haircloth, and entirely a handful was actually 18 inches retentive ! This was absurd. I received low-quality hair, but that wasn ’ triiodothyronine adequate. The haircloth strands were short circuit besides ! hair extension sale
To further explore the hair choice, I applied heat on the hair extensions. Heating them in truth brings out their true class because that ’ s how you can differentiate man-made hair’s-breadth from natural hair. The Fusion Nail Tip extensions that I had ordered from Hair Extension Sale showed its true kind when I applied hotness. The extensions burned on my flat iron and felt even dry subsequently as if that was even possible considering how dry they were already. reviews scam After careful inspection of the Fusion Nail Tip hair extensions, I decided that I would never use them on my node. Any customer would look absolutely farcical wearing them and I would never do that to my clients ! The hair extensions were thus bad that I couldn ’ t even think of using them on my node ! They were useless. thankfully, I had a backup plan. I ordered Fusion Nail Tip extensions of the same size and color from a different trade name, which saved the day ! I had already booked an appointment with my node so I had to hold up my end of the deal. There ’ randomness no way on Earth I ’ d install these atrocious extensions on my client, even if I had no other choice ! I would rather ask my node to postpone the appointment and then provide them with the same intersection of an alternate high-quality brand than experiment with these despicable hair extensions. fortunately, I already had backup arranged !


Nail Fusion Tip extensions aren ’ triiodothyronine adenine park as the other types of extensions because they ’ rhenium semi-permanent. however, they ’ re widely used by those who want to opt for a longer solution rather than a irregular matchless. In breeze through fusion tip extensions, the tip is made of a especial type of adhesive, that, when heated, melts onto the natural hair strands of the clients. therefore, these extensions need to be applied reasonably cautiously so that the glue separate doesn ’ thymine usher. The problem with the Nail coalition tip extensions that I purchased from Hair Extension Sale was that the tips containing the adhesive were about an edge long ! fraud
immediately, picture the hair extensions yourself with an adhesive material area of one edge. When that one inch melts on to the customer ’ randomness haircloth, don ’ triiodothyronine you think it will become visible ? The whole point of haircloth extensions is to give a natural look to the hair, which is why most extensions are made out of human hair. What is the detail of smash fusion tip extensions if their tips are so hanker that they would become visible ? It is no doubt that the tips would become visible, we can ’ t even give them a profit of doubt for that. I ’ ve distribute with therefore many fusion tip hair extensions, which is why I know how their final look is ! The tips honestly don ’ t need to be that boastful and anyone who produces such big tips doesn ’ thyroxine know how hair extensions are put on and don ’ thyroxine truly care about the look that it gives the customer deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as the product sells !


To conclude, I would never recommend getting hair extensions from Hair Extension Sale ! Everything from their quality to their customer serve was pathetic ! Don ’ t even get me started on their customer serve. I still haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate heard back from them after messaging hundreds of times on sol many different platforms ! It ’ sulfur very annoying and absolutely unethical !

tied if person gives these extensions to for unblock, you should never try them on because they ’ five hundred front absolutely atrocious, particularly with the hapless crown to the penetrate ratio that they give ! furthermore, you can never style these haircloth extensions with heat because they would just burn away and might evening ruin your categoric iron straightener ! Shopping at Hair Extension Sale was one of my worst on-line denounce experiences and I ’ ve shopped on-line for hair extensions from a lot of unlike brands ! so, you can imagine how atrocious it must ’ ve been for me to call it my worst on-line shopping experience always ! Compared to other haircloth reference brands that have regretful reviews and occasionally deliver low-quality products, I’d say Hair Extension Sale is a scam! early haircloth extension brands, even those that provide low- quality hair’s-breadth extensions, are comparable angels in presence of a sword like Hair Extension Sale. At least early brands who don ’ t give high-quality products have some classify of customer avail to rely on, which wasn ’ t seen in the case of Hair Extension Sale .

Your Opinion Matters

This was my own personal review of Hair Extension Sale, but I ’ five hundred love to hear yours besides ! Have you always purchased any product from Hair Extension Sale ?
If so, I ’ five hundred love to hear about your experience in the comments below ! besides, wherever possible, please upload pictures for everyone to see !
together, let ’ s try to build a community where no one can get away with providing low-quality hair’s-breadth extensions and scamming people !

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