undoubtedly, the invention and development of the hair diligence vitamin a well as hair extensions have made a bang-up breakthrough in the beauty industry. Girls, who love changing their hair count now can do it in alone a few minutes using hair   extensions alternatively of waiting hours in a salon. however, with some people, hair’s-breadth extensions are sometimes complicated in custom. Believe us, it is not arsenic difficult as you thought once you know the method. So guy, let me tell you a simple method acting of how to apply  I-tip hair hope that you will master this after our tutorial .
mcsara How To Apply I - How To Apply I-Tip Hair Extensions?

What are I-tip hair extensions?

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I-tip hair extensions mention to the style in which the tip of the hair is made in I-shape. Another characteristic that tells I-tip hair’s-breadth extensions apart from the others is pieces of bread. The beads used to stick I-tip extensions with natural hair are very modest. They are the perfect size to carry both the lifelike hair and the lean of the hair extension. Beads can vary in colors, but they are all little and voiced adequate to be crimped depressed to keep the hair’s-breadth and the haircloth elongation together in put.

mcsara I - How To Apply I-Tip Hair Extensions?
I-Tip hair extensions are becoming one of the most outstanding hair products which attract lots of women in many countries around the world. You possibly wonder why it goes that direction, don ’ thymine you ? It is the public toilet in application and fusion when you insert these extensions into your lifelike hair’s-breadth .
When it comes to fusion hair extensions, I-tipped extensions are besides known as Cold fusion which is a pre-tipped variety of hair reference that uses a cold method acting to connect the firearm. This process requires a hook or loop, microtube and fusing pliers. This method works well for those who do not want to apply heat to their natural hair .
It ’ mho no surprise that I-tip hair extensions are great for just a few foreground strands. There ’ south no necessitate for heating system or harsh chemical treatments to apply these micro ring fusion hair extensions so they are perfect for outdoor events, team colors, jacob’s ladder events, and parties. And fortunately, you can do it right at base with elementary manipulation. Follow me and see how to install I-tip hair’s-breadth extensions !

How to apply for I-tip hair extensions?

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That ’ s the hair-installing march in general. here I just explain it to you !
first, by using your fingers or a tail comb to section the hair into horizontal sections, place some clips to hold the peak layer of the hair’s-breadth up and then you can add extensions to the lower layer. second, string micro rings onto the hook part of a pulling needle. third, grab a segment of your natural hair in which you want to attach new extensions with the hook. The section should be small to fit on well with the pipe without hard attempt. At the same time, fix to pull the hair through the micro ring with the other bridge player. Next, while holding the micro-ring in place with one hand, use the other hand with the pulling hook, pull the hair through the micro rings. then, slide the micro-ring about 1/2 edge from the scalp. Insert the I-tip strands between the micro ring and your natural hair. Hold the ring and hair’s-breadth in space and tightly close the ring with the extension tool. Repeat the steps to apply professional tips to early locations and until you achieved the hope look .
Wow, it is not arsenic unmanageable as you suppose, is it ? now, this poses the following question….

Where to buy good I-tip hair extensions?

It ’ mho important to choose high-quality I-tip extensions because it can have a great influence on how natural the extensions are. consequently, if you are having difficulty in this, you can take MCSARA into consideration. MCSARA always provides customers with hair extensions that are manufactured from 100% Vietnamese Remy hair with no chemistry, no tangle, and no shedding. What ’ s more ? All products are sold at an low-cost price. It sounds fantastic, right ?
Consult our I Tip Curly Hair Light Brown with length 20 inch or make a travel to our web site for more choices .
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