Nail Tech Tips

Terms & Technology: Gel Systems

A pinpoint technical school ’ s scout to common gel systems, terms & engineering .

Terms & Technology: Acrylic Systems

A nail technical school ’ s guide to common acrylic organization terms & technology .

Terms & Technology: Dip Systems

A collar technical school ’ s guide to common dip system terms & technology .

Custom Color Mixes – Part 2

Working with the NSI Acrylic and Gel lines makes mixing your customs colors easy ! There are entire ranges of color in both the Gel and Acrylics lines that can be used to make that one of a kind color.

Color Theory & Skintone – Part 1

Creating custom color mixes that match your clients ’ skin tone can be the ultimate manicure and pedicure service. Customizing a color for your clients ’ creates a singular color that no other salon has, and it is a big way to boost your service cost and stylus .

5 Tips to make you the Tech-Savvy Nail Pro

Have you ever wondered how some smash technicians get their nails to look extra aglitter ? We have created this template of need to know apps and websites that will make you the Tech-Savvy Nail Professional .

A Guide To Adhesion Products

With different types of dehydrators, primers, and ph balancers it is commodity to know what they all do and why they are authoritative .

A Guide to Nail Forms

Check out our handy scout to find what complete form is correct for your customer and for your salon military service.

Dispel The Myth: Nails Don’t Need to Breathe

A Common Myth that some clients and Nail Technicians believe is that nails need to breathe between services.
Let ’ s set the phonograph record straight : Your nails are not living weave. They don ’ t need to breathe .

Understanding Clients with Nail Enhancement Allergy & Sensitivity

As a nail technician, some clients may approach you with a chemical reaction to nail enhancement products. This reaction can be caused by overexposure to the product, and can develop into an allergy – and this can be avoided .

Tricks & Tips: Brush Care

A high-quality acrylic fiber nail brush is a smart investment for any nail technician, follow this easy trick to keep your brush looking like raw !

How To Apply Edge Nail Tips

They are a dim-witted way to get an alternate nail shape and can easily be used in a salon service !

Troubleshooting Polish Pro Gel Polish

A reference steer for our polish Pro Gel Polish System to help you spot problems on your own and promptly remedy them sol you can provide the identical best service to your clients .

Why is MMA suitable for use in nail powder (polymer) and not suitable for use in nail liquid (monomer)?

As a reputable complete products manufacturer, we are required to list ingredients on our packaging. evening then, reading the ingredients can be confusing and even a little chilling. specially when it comes to an ingredient like Methyl Methacrylate, or MMA .

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