Toe Nails Trauma: can Nails Extension be the Solution?

Toe Nails Trauma : can Nails Extension be the Solution ? The Answer is Yes ! Gel Nails Extension can give a new, looked-after and healthy aspect to your Feet, provided that it is appropriately carried out, choosing Professional Nail Supplies and the most desirable exploit Methods ! Enjoy your reading !Toe Nails Problems and Trauma Over the years, in our Nail Salons Pics Nails often happened to meet Customers who had unlike complete problems, liked to past Trauma repeated in time that already visibly damaged their toe Nails, causing aesthetic problems, and not only ! Often, a traumatised and damaged Nail in fact is not just a problem linked to the aesthetic field, but it can compromise also our psycho-physical wellness, from the comfort of wearing a shoes up to the psycho difficulties…it is not always easy to show a Foot with an “unpleasant” aesthetic aspect ad it often happens that who suffers from these diseases, chooses not to show their feet, even during the hottest months of the year!

Toe Nails Problems even is less frequently, it besides happened to know Male Customers who suffered from Toe Nails Trauma !
We know that, unlike Women, Men are more reluctant to do aesthetic Treatments and they choose improbable to contact experts to remedy annoying problems like this ! But, just as we told in the Deepening dedicated to Onychophagy, also for Men it is possible to adopt some little solutions and precautions able to solve their nail problem, in a moderate way and with a finish which is not evident and completely natural! As in the Case shown in the Photo here Beside : a very apparent and inaesthetic nail trouble for the feet of a Customer, then solved with the use of a Nail Drill utilitarian, in these cases, to “ lower ” the thicken Nail to give it a more natural aspect ! lone in this way it will be possible to Rebuild the Nail, being identical careful of choosing then the most desirable Gel Camouflage to obtain a lifelike finish and effectively hide the underlie smash surface. once concluded the Nails Extension, furthermore, it will be appropriate perfecting the exercise by trying to obtain a “ flatness ” effect with the care of a Smoothing Nail File, frankincense avoiding the glossary effect which is not allow for Male Nails !

CLICK AND DISCOVER THE NAIL DRILLS photograph breeze through !

Problematic ToeNails Nails Extension But let’s go back to the main Question: the Nails Extension as an useful method to hide and solve the blemishes linked to the Toe Nails Trauma!
In the photograph Nex to there is a first case of how it is possible : in this font our Nail Technicians chosen to carry out a Gel Nails Extension realised with Nail Forms and, therefore, with the method acting called “ sculptural ” !


For this Customer it has been selected a Natural Color able to give a natural and extremely looked-after finish to the work: Feet have a new, healthy and aesthetically impeccable aspect!

Gel Nails Extension with Nail Forms hera is again another case relating to a Gel Nails Extension with Nail Forms, a method that has been selected besides for this Customer who had a very traumatize big toe and desired to give life to her metrical foot ! In the photograph beside we show you the “ before and after ” precisely to prove how it is potential to obtain a very satisfy result flush such cases !
The Nails Extension with Sculptural method allowed to create and literally “give life” to the Nail of the Hallux by covering the skin area with the Gel conveniently applied and shaped to achieve a natural and completely credible finish! Obviously, before proceeding with the Extension of the Nail, is fundamental to evaluate the sizes of the Hallux of the other foot, in order to obtain a balanced and harmonious work.
Our Advice, anyway, is to avoid Excessive Extensions, and to opt for a length that does not arrive beyond the fingertip and to work with care on the Gel sides so that to create “fake” Nail Walls and realise a really credible and perfect work!
Unlike the previous work, this time the Customer decided to opt for a more alert color : a dateless Red, a color which is symbol of femininity, to be ultimately able to show Feet !
Nails Extension with Tips Traumatised ToeNails Still another Photo to tell you with concrete examples the possibilities at your disposal to solve this problem: in the case of this Customer, our Nail Technicians opted for a Gel Nails Extension with Tips for Feet, used for the Extension of the Hallux Nail visibly traumatised and damaged!


In this cultivate, the Tips allowed to create an impeccable Nails Extension and, furthermore, the use of the Hexagon Glitter Powder Aquamarine allowed to attract the care on the glistening and brainy aesthetic aspect guaranteed by the function of the Glitter Products Pics Nails !
besides in this event, Feet acquired a New Amazing front !
Nails Extension Traumatised Toe Nails We conclude thorium Series of Examples with a new case.
This time the Customer had – as it often happens specially to women, besides because of tight-fitting shoes or with a tapered form – a particularly damaged Pinkie Nail and she desired to obtain a balance and perfect result for all the nails, giving to her Feet a looked-after and hex expect ! Also in this case, we chosen to Rebuilt the Pinkie Nail with the Aid of the Nail Tips! As you can see, the result obtained is completely natural and aesthetically pleasant, enhanced by the profundity of an intense and trendy colors as this!

We arrived at the end of this path, created to show you how it is very possible to put remedy to aesthetic problems such as those that we told you !
Obviously, our first advice is always to contact a specialist doctor in case of nail problems, to be able to find an appropriate therapy, if necessary. Our aim, here in our Nail Artist Blog, is to tell and show examples of real cases that we were able to aesthetically solve!

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