You are viewing the details for the salon, Nail Tips, located in Cooper City Florida. To help you get a better horizon of this Cooper City breeze through salon, we provide the business reach data including their address, telephone phone number, web site, hours of operations and if available, what services they provide at this location. If you are planning to visit this constitution, we first suggest that you call them, using the salon earphone number listed below, to verify if they accept walk-ins or require an appointment so you can schedule a visit, if required .
When you call them, you can ask if they offer any extra services and ask for their current prices. If you prefer, you can check for “ a louisiana menu ” price. Most manicure services are offered “ a louisiana menu ” ( i.e., application of nail strengthener or moisturizer may be an extra charge over the price of the basic manicure ). When speaking with them, inform the manicurist what you want and ask what it will cost before having the manicure completed .
Before Visiting This Salon
Before you visit Nail Tips, we highly suggest that you verify the business or persons license. You can lookup a cosmetology license on-line by visiting the Florida Board of Cosmetology license confirmation foliate. If you find their license, you can then be able to view any disciplinary records, allowing you to make an inform choice about the person or business providing you overhaul.

Be responsible for your Own Health
If you have a health history that may trigger a reaction or other problems, be certain to let the Nail Tips Salon nail technician or cosmetologist know. These professionals are not allowed to ask about your health data. They perform their services based on what they can see and what you tell them. If you are getting a pedicure, try not to shave your legs 24 hours prior to the avail. This reduces your chance of infection from a dirty tool or item used during your service. If you have cuts, blisters or other injuries prior to getting services, you may want to reschedule your visit. evening minor injuries can increase your hazard of infection .
Reasons to consider using a different salon
once you arrive, one of the beginning things you should do is take a look approximately. Take this opportunity to look at person performing the service you plan to receive and the overall activities in the salon. See if employees are washing their hands. When performing a pedicure, are they washing their clients feet ? Are areas where services are provided clean and organized ? hera are a few other reasons that may require you to re-consider looking for another breeze through salon :

  • Salons that do not look clean in general

  • Services provided to clients with infected fingers, nails, toenails or feet
  • Salons using dusty or dirty nail files and other tools
  • Restrooms are dirty or unkempt, lack liquid soap and/or clean towels
  • Nail files and other tools stored in a dirty drawer or container or mixed with clean tools
  • Nail files or other tools placed in dirty or contaminated-looking solution
  • Razors used on your feet to remove a callus
  • Products used from unlabeled or unmarked containers
  • Methyl methacrylate (MMA) used to glue false nails to nail beds

When the person who is providing the services is cook for you, make sure they have the proper license. The law requires that the license is displayed for populace wake. You should see a license display on the wall as you enter the Nail Tips or an individual ‘s station. If you can not find it, then you can inquire to see the license. The type of license should be for a cosmetologist or nail down technician. Any other license does not cover those services. If person refuses to talk about a license or wo n’t produce it, that should throw up a red flag. It ‘s very potential the person or business is not licensed to perform the overhaul .
“ Single-use ” items mean single use. Items such as paper breeze through files, orangewood sticks, pumice stones, or foam flip-flops do n’t survive the clean and disinfection march. If you see that these items are used or dirty, ask for a modern, clean detail. Multi-use tools that are alloy and plastic must be cleaned and disinfected with each new node. If there is an appearance of lotion, skin, hair or anything that shows the tool has n’t been cleaned or disinfected, it should n’t be used .
Ask the cosmetologist or complete technician to clean and disinfect the item before it is used on you. Observe the condition of the manicure postpone. The manicure postpone is required to be by rights sanitized between each node. A autoclave ( a container filled with a bactericidal solution for sterilizing manicure tools ) should be visible on the board. The manicure tools besides must be by rights sanitized between each client. Manicuring requires the manipulation of chemicals ( such as acetone ) and salons must be properly ventilated. If you are conscious of a potent chemical smell, proper ventilation may not be in set.

Pricing and Advertising
The price list for all services must be posted in a conspicuous place in the salon. No salon may use any ad which is misleading or inaccurate or misrepresent any materials or services, terms, values or policies .
In the end, trust your instincts. If something does n’t look or feel right, trust your instincts and ask questions. If you become uncomfortable or experience unexpected pain, immediately interrupt or stop the service. If you received servicing, but you were dysphoric and want to file a complaint, then you can do therefore through the country department, Florida Board of Cosmetology. In most cases they offer the ability to submit your complaint on-line or allow you to download the file manually and mail or facsimile it in .

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