Reclaimed wood is attractive and eco-friendly, but where do you get it? Here’s a primer to help you locate a source online or in your neighborhood.

If you ’ re newfangled to reclaimed woodwind, think of it as have forest. Recovered from honest-to-god buildings, barns, fences and other structures, reclaimed wood defy the ravages of prison term and nature for decades — possibly a hundred or more — while developing a fictional character that you plainly can ’ thymine find in impertinently milled baseball bat. sometimes wood reclaimed from honest-to-god buildings is an over-forested species that ’ s no longer common, or was milled with techniques no long used because they ’ rhenium considered wasteful .
Reclaimed wood combines character with the eco-friendliness of a recycle build material, so it ’ s no surprise that more and more people are using it. It can be turned into flooring, furniture, beams and other geomorphologic members, though rampart panel might be its most democratic application .
There ’ s one catch, though : You have to find a source. If you run “ how to find reclaim forest near me ” through a search engine, you might be surprised by all the options.

Online Sources

Search “ reclaimed wood ” on Amazon and other mega sources, like The Home Depot, and you ’ ll get enough of hits. But beware : Some wood purchased through large retailers isn ’ triiodothyronine actually reclaimed. It ’ sulfur newly woodwind that has been distressed, stained or differently processed to look older and more weather than it actually is .
real reclaimed forest is normally unstained, unfinished and riddle with pinpoint holes. If the wood you purchase is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council ( FSC ) and bears its label, you can be sure it ’ south reclaimed .
You ’ ll broadly besides have luck searching locally through community pages like Next Door, Craigslist or a neighborhood Facebook page. Depending on your network, you may find what you ’ rhenium looking for by posting a request on any of these sites and letting people come to you .
Ebay and Etsy are besides potential sources for domesticate woodwind. Instagram is one of the best on-line sources, according to Robert Kundel of Restorer Tools. Search “ reclaimed wood, ” snap on any of the pictures, and the comments will much provide suggestions and sometimes links for suppliers .
A son to the fresh, though : buying reclaimed woodwind sight-unseen from an independent seller can be hazardous. You could end up with some partially rotted or insect-infested lumber. Reclaimed wood from a large principal is more likely to be FSC-certified. Though some of it may be surly, it will all be functional .
Don ’ metric ton forget to figure in transport costs when buying on-line, which are comparable to new lumber ship. Shipping rates, calculated per-foot, are typically highest for small orders ( five pounds or less ) and most economic for orders exceeding 150 pounds .

Direct from Owner

Do you know of an old construction in your community slated for demolition ? possibly there ’ s an old, dilapidated barn on the outskirts or township. Contact the place owner, whom you can normally find by searching the property address at the county plan office, and negociate .
You may find the owner alone besides happy to let you to haul away wood for free or a nominal price. If the owner happens to be a neighbor or person you know, you may be able to barter with something other than your hard-earned cash.

Local Contractors

Builders are aware of the value of rescued lumber. During a destruction, they ’ ll frequently take great pains to salvage useable flooring, inner carpentry, siding and structural timbre. They may already be under contract with a allocator, but they may not. Either room, they ’ re frequently happy to sell to anyone willing to haul the wood away and save them the disturb .
You can approach this option in two ways. One is to cold-call contractors and construction companies in your area and tell them what you need. The other is to approach the contractor-in-charge on a destruction site. A contractile organ who doesn ’ metric ton have what you need may be able to direct you to person who does .

Recycling Centers

If you ’ ra lucky enough to live near a local occupation that recycles used construction materials, that ’ sulfur probably the foremost set you should go, even before searching on-line .
Any substantial you find there will probable be de-nailed and ready to haul. And because you can examine it firsthand, you ’ ll keep off debatable wood with defects like warping, decomposition or austere insect damage. ( Wormholes and minor worm damage are actually desirable arsenic long as the insects are gone. )
A Habitat for Humanity Restore is a good source for used build materials and reclaimed wood. If there isn ’ metric ton one in your community, there credibly is within driving outdistance .

Reclaimed Wood Retailers

By far the most reliable sources for reclaimed wood are retailers that deal specifically with this product, and finding them is on-line is easy. If you ’ rhenium lucky, there ’ south one in your area .
If you live near Peculiar, MO, you can visit the showroom at Elmwood Reclaimed Timber. If you live in Southern California, try Ganhal Lumber, which has outlets all over the area, or Box Kite Barnwood in San Luis Obispo .
In the Midwest, take a slip to Illinois-based All american Reclaim. In the east, Virginia-based Appalachian Woods and Antique Lumber of New England in Oxford, MA may have what you need.

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