Nail tips are pre-molded nails made from _____. ABS fictile Nail tips are used to _____ and serve as back for nail enhancement products. Add extra length

A _____ is similar to a nail clipper but is designed specially for use on nail tips. Tip cutter many nail tips have a shallow depression called a _____ that serves as the point of reach with the pinpoint plate. well When fitting tips to your node, the tips you choose must precisely cover the complete from _____. sidewall to sidewall Nail tips that are _____ necessitate less filing on the natural pinpoint after application. Pre beveled The adhere agent used to secure the collar tip to the natural breeze through is called _____. Nail peak adhesive material Nail adhesives are normally available in a tube with a point applicator tip, as a one drop applicator, or as a _____. Brush on applicator When opening your adhesive material container, it is recommended that you point the open away from _____. Your face and the client ‘s front _____ is made from cyanoacrylate, used to coat and secure framework wraps to the natural nail and breeze through tiptoe, and normally used with overlays. Nail wrapping resin The most democratic type of nail down wind is the _____. Fabric wrapping Fabric wraps are normally available in swatches, rolls, and _____. Packages of precut pieces A silk wrapping is lightweight and _____ in appearance. Smooth When wrap resin is applied to a silk wind, the silk becomes _____. diaphanous What is considered to be the strongest envelop framework ? linen Fiberglass is _____ as linen or silk. not as strong Paper wraps must be replaced every _____. Time the customer comes in for care Activator dissipates about _____ after being applied. 2 minutes Wrap resin activator is besides normally known as _____. Wrap resin accelerator Clients who have a _____ are most likely to prefer a dip powder and adhesive enhancement. Skin sensitivity or allergy Nail wraps broadly require the first alimony service after about _____. 2 weeks the fortune of the maintenance service that involves applying enhancement merchandise onto the fresh growth of a collar is called a _____. Backfill

A _____ is a small strip of fabric applied to the watery point of the nail during the four-week fabric wrap alimony service to repair or strengthen a diminished point on the enhancement. try strip Nail wraps are removed by immersing the entire enhancement into a belittled glass stadium filled with _____. acetone it is recommended that you make certain that your disinfection container is filled with fairly bactericidal solution at least _____ before your first base serve of the day. 20 minutes if a smash technician is left-handed, it is recommended that when setting up her workstation for a nail wrap serve she plays the disinfectant container _____ on the manicure table. To the leave if a nail down technician is dextrorotary, it is recommended that when setting up her workstation for a smash wind service she placed the finger bowl _____. In the in-between when setting up your manicure table for a pinpoint wrapping service, it is recommended that you tape or clip a plastic udder to the side of the table for what function ? pan A nail technician performs the customer consultation _____ seating the customer at the manicure mesa. After when filling out the _____, a nail technician should record servicing data, her observations about the service, and her product recommendations to the customer. Client military service form When performing a pinpoint tip application, it is recommended that you begin with the _____. little feel on the client ‘s entrust handwriting when performing a smash tip application, if you incidentally touch the newly prepped natural nail, it is recommended that you _____. Clean the smash again and reapply collar dehydrator When applying a nail lean, you must hold it in place for _____ until the adhesive has dried. 5 to 10 seconds It is recommended that you use a _____ for blending after applying complete tips with a well. medium to fine grit file It is recommended that you use _____ to slide off softened nails tips after soaking them in acetone. pusher When preparing a nail for a breeze through wind service, it is recommended that you lightly buff the plate with a _____. 240 grit abrasive Spraying pinpoint dehydrator on the nail down plate during a breeze through wrap service removes _____. moisture from the surface and improves attachment When placing a fabric envelop on the breeze through plate, it is recommended that you keep it _____ away from the sidewall or eponychium. 1/16 of an column inch Wrap resin catalyst is applied with a brush, as a spray, or _____. With a dropper After a nail wrap has been applied and refined, it is recommended that you _____. Apply pinpoint oil and buff to a high fall with a fine buffer At the two-week maintenance service for framework wrapping, it is recommended that you use _____ to remove existing nail polish. Non-acetone polish remover during the four-week maintenance service for framework envelop, after removing the polish and cleaning the natural nails, you must next _____.

Push back the eponychium. When it comes time to remove the fabric wrap, it is recommended that the node soak the nails in _____. acetone or acetone polish remover
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