It ’ second clock time to give your manicurist a call, because the spring/ summer 2019 nail trends are here, and they absolutely beg to be mimicked. When it came to shapes, the spring 2019 nail down trends ran the gamut from short and square to long and pointed, with some tone down options in between. There was besides variety in the spring/ summer 2019 breeze through polish trends when it came to color, with a long ton of bright yellows and pinks as the seasonally appropriate options, and some colored shades as well for those who don ’ thyroxine care excessively much about arbitrary rules .

Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends
When it came to the spring 2019 collar artwork trends, there was less diversity, but rather there were two options that were basically polar opposites : uber-minimalist designs, normally applied over a bare nail, and extreme appliqués and embellishments that stand out even from a distance. Give all of the spring 2019 nail polish trends a good hard look – possibly you ’ ll be inspired to try something modern, or possibly you ’ ll stick to the safe classics. We guarantee that this is a temper where you can ’ thymine go wrong !

Spring 2019 Nail Trends: Shapes

#1. Short Squoval Nails

The squoval complete condition fits a shorter pinpoint perfectly, since it gives the sleek elegance of a square without the harsh edges. It is the arrant way of looking sophisticated and put together without uncomfortably long nails .

While normally this shape works best with simple, solid colored nail polish, we actually saw it paired with a fortune of joyful spark, like at Kate Spade, where models ’ natural nails were filed into clean squoval shapes and embellished with glitter, and at Anna Sui, where confetti glitter pinpoint polish gleamed .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Short Squoval Nails

#2. Almond Nails

An almond collar is a authoritative with which you can never go wrong, specially if you favor medium or long nails. The overall spring/ summer 2019 nail trends leaned towards length, and that besides included hanker almond nails, which were normally in the form of press-ons that were prepared in advance. We saw dark, marble-inspired almond nails at Laquan Smith, and impossibly shimmery press-ons in the lapp shape at Tadashi Shoji .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Almond Nails

#3. Long Square Nails

A square nail is normally a more unplayful complete, but once it obtains length it actually becomes one of the most dramatic nail shapes, particularly when embellished with appliqués. On the runway we saw a bunch of drawn-out press-on nails with a squared-off tip, including the embroider nails at Adeam and the fierce green nails at Area. We saw more sanely sized ( but hush longer ) square nails at christian Siriano .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Long Square Nails

#4. Stiletto Nails

Every good, sedate woman needs to break out of her shell at least once in her life, and the spring 2019 breeze through trends are giving you merely that opportunity with some in truth intense stiletto nails. This manicure determine, with its boisterous distance and target end, is both truly feminine and sharply dangerous. Is that not what we need right now ?
Of naturally the most impressive stiletto nails we saw were on The Blonds track, where they fit in absolutely with the Disney villain theme. At Kim Shui, stiletto nails were merely a touch more clothing and painted a metallic ghost .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Stiletto Nails

Spring 2019 Nail Trends: Polish & Art

#5. Glitter and Sparkle

Get your sparkle on with bits of glitter, and don ’ t worry excessively much about applying it precisely – the pinpoint artists responsible for the spring/ summer 2019 breeze through trends surely didn ’ thymine .
The root at Kate Spade was one of the late couturier ’ sulfur quotes, “ she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes, ” which expressed itself in bare nails covered with barely a few delicate sparkles per nail down. It was all about that humble touch of glitter at Tibi, where glitter polish was merely applied to an dialect nail down, and only near the ends, in an undone, about chipped front. Anna Sui ’ s girlish runway gave us confetti nails covered in motley sparkles .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Sparkly Glitter Nails

#6. Metallic Nail Polish

Take heed – metallic nails are reserved for those who do not mess around ! Metallic nail down polishes have a rejoinder for the spring/ summer 2019 nail trends, and for a dear reason – they can be edgy or epicurean, boisterous or frivolous, all depending on how they are applied .
Metallic nails were undeniably fierce at Kim Shui, thanks to their sharp stiletto form. They were painted a argent duo-chrome nuance that gave us retro-futurist space warrior vibes .
All kinds of intensely hanker egg-shaped nails were on display at Opening Ceremony, with one of our favored designs being silver medal stripes over a metallic blue polish. We have Rodarte and Badgley Mischka to thank for a more delicate carry on metallics, at the former with nails painted a rose aureate and then dotted with a few finespun and colored jewels, and at the latter with simple almond nails painted a cover girl metallic silver-white .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Metallic Nail Polish

#7. Joyous Yellow Nails

Pantone declared a few different yellows as the defining shades of the season, and the spring/ summer 2019 nail artwork trends verify and strengthen that title. Yellow nails were all over the runways, adding cheery cheer .
The models not wearing cutesy character manis at Alice + Olivia wore undimmed yellow nails rather that were artfully matched to jackets and bags. At Natasha Zinko, shorter nails were given a elated touch with a bright canary yellow scandalmongering shade .
The nails were besides reasonably short at Maryam Nassir Zadeh and decorated with an acid washed yellow design. At Tibi and Chromat, we saw all kinds of complete colors, including quite a bit of yellow .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Yellow Nails

#8. Frame Nail Art

We saw two very different takes on frames in the spring 2019 breeze through art trends – something that particularly stood out because we hadn ’ metric ton seen much of this particular smash artwork design before this season .
At Jeremy Scott, a two-toned manicure appeared framed, as a thin line surrounding the circumference of the nail was colored lavender, acting as frame, inside of which the polish color of choice was a soft pink. The frame impression at Libertine came in the mannequin of a gold chain nail appliqué that was carefully applied around the circumference of the breeze through, with a gorgeous floral design in the center. This was a super cool way of doing nail art, and we are excited to see if designers will keep innovating it in future seasons !
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Frame Nail Art Design

#9. Black and White Nails

If you ’ re not a bad fan of color, but still want to play around with nail designs, you might like the black and white spring/ summer 2019 smash art trends that a few designers made use of .
The black and blank nails at christian Siriano were flawlessly marbled into an organic zigzag design that flowed beautifully and gave the feel of movement. At Opening Ceremony, a discipline design of black, white and grey was one of the more restrain pinpoint designs used. A black and white wrench on a french manicure at Fashion East wholly won us over with its graphic and bluff design .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Black and White Nails

#10. Bare Nail Touched with Art

The most minimalist of the spring/ summer 2019 nail down artwork trends were modest designs drawn or stuck to largely bare nails, either all over or just on an accent breeze through. This swerve was one of the most omnipresent, because it is quick, easy, and versatile .
At Nicole Miller, bare nails were used as writing surfaces, proclaiming BAD on one hand and decorated with crimson flames on the other. Kith besides deserves a good mention, as we saw many different designs decorating bare nails there – our personal darling was a straight black corkscrew decorating only the complete tips, although Americana-striped tips besides deserve a note .
A clean press-on smash at Moschino was the arrant canvas for the nowadays iconic black scribble that decorated every kit on that track. At Tibi, we enjoyed the purposefully flaw manicure, as the nails were left by and large bare while entirely a modest part near the tap was covered with a swipe of collar polish, with a classify of chip effect. Minimalist white reigned at Monse, where the nails were left bare salvage for some apt white stripe .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Bare Nails with Art Designs

Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Bare Nails with Art Designs

#11. Red Nails

crimson breeze through polish could never go out of style, so it was only natural that it would be included in the spring 2019 nail polish trends. Red nails are normally a way of showing a passionate, seductive side with good a pilfer of a brush .
bolshevik nails were the altitude of course at Ryan Lo, with their cover girl almond supreme headquarters allied powers europe and sexy shininess. They were painted to contrast similarly shaped whiten nails. The press-on red nails at Veronica Beard were similarly classy in an egg-shaped shape .
The nails at Custo Barcelona showed us that red could be adorable, as the crimson choose was cool-toned, and applied to shorter nails. If you prefer a deeper bolshevik, on the early hand, have a look at the benighted shade used to polish the nails at Brock Collection .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Red Nails

#12. Cutesy Drawings

You can get ace cunning with the spring/ summer 2019 nail art trends. If you have a flare for the precise, or access to some stickers, then you should decidedly play around with some of the adorable designs we saw on nails this season .
It was all about stickers at Alice + Olivia, with nail designs featuring cunning cartoon characters a well as full luck charms like eyes and hamsas. At GCDS, colorful smiley confront stickers over a rainbow stiletto manicure did the trick, interjecting flightiness into a fierce complete human body .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Cute Nail Art Drawings

#13. Nudes

Nude nail polishes are a capital choice as an all-over color for the spring 2019 nail polish trends, preferably than strictly as separate of a french manicure .
We saw the classiest of nude nails at Noon by Noor, solidly colored and with a classy squoval shape. A pink bare nail down at Oscar de la Renta combined femininity with edification, thanks to half moons of bare hide at the bottom of the nail adding interest. last at Brandon Maxwell, nude nails were super simple, as they were created with just a match of coats of Essie ’ mho Sugar Daddy .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Nude Nails

#14. Spring Femme Nails

Peaches and pinks were the perfect shades for femme nails in the spring 2019 smash polish trends. They interjected the runways with a girlish partake that echoed princess trends in both fashion and accessories, and were perfective complement to spring florals .
Pastel spill the beans at Gucci gave ultra-short nails a feminine braid, while a deeper peach at Temperley London was specifically chosen to match peach-colored lips. The nail art at Tome was all about unlike shades of pink in a feminine ombre. even cheery millennial pink nail polish made an appearance on press-on nails at Marco de Vincenzo .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Feminine Pink & Peach Nail Polishes

#15. White Nail Polish

Are whiten nails clean and virginal, or do they fair look like you mistook the white-out bottle for polish ? It ’ s up to you how you feel about this color as one of the spring 2019 nail down polish trends .
The nails leaned more towards clean beauty at Ryan Lo, where many of the models sported almond-shaped nails painted flawlessly with a creamy egg white. At Guy Laroche, on the other hired hand, there was a bit of white-out vibration, as the nails were shorter and there was ample quad between the coat of polish and the cuticles. even at Monse, we saw a allude of white, applied diagonally across a bare little finger as an stress .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: White Nails

#16. Dark Solid Colors

Some runway nails made us forget that we were looking at spring looks, with artists making dark, solid polishes one of the spring/ summer 2019 smash polish trends. This was true for both Armani collections, with blue blasphemous nails showing up on the Emporio Armani track, and colored greens nails making an appearance at the Giorgio Armani testify .
We saw similarly dark green nails at Koche, along with some solid black nails as well. The black nails at Philipp Plein were besides memorable, as they were supernumerary long and studded with a few jewels, while at Tom Ford, black nails were merely elegant .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Dark Nail Polish Colors
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Dark Nail Polish Colors
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Dark Nail Polish Colors

#17. Three-Dimensional Embellishments

We can always expect a few nail artists to go all out in their designs, by building up nails loaded with 3D appliqués that can be seen from a mile away. Most of the 3D pinpoint embellishments that we saw in the spring/ summer 2019 breeze through trends were on the deluxe side of things, made with gold and valued jewels, but there were some luminary exceptions .
No manicure was quite a hit as the deluxe one we saw at Adeam, where three-dimensional jewel-encrusted golden or silver appliqués added sparkle and drama.
At Area, massive nails sported an decorate french manicure, with the base of the collar covered in a nude shade, and the tips embellished with stick-on jewels applied in clean little rows .
Nail piercings besides showed up, decorating the tips of blue nails at Chromat. The golden chains and jewels used at Libertine complemented ultra-feminine manicures replete with delicate floral designs .
final but surely not least are the brilliant nail creations at The Blonds, with each juke nail carefully built and embellished to represent a particular Disney villain .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: 3D Nail Art Embellishments

#18. Two-Tone Nails

One of the most minimalist and wearable spring/ summer 2019 nail art trends is the two-tone design, where you do nothing but merely apply a coat of your darling solid discolor and paint the tips in another color using the shape you like .
Two-tone nails came in different color combinations at Fashion East, implementing the lapp french manicure design however in an update, mod way, where you ditch the classical nude and white color combination .
Sadie Williams used pointy black tips over a golden nail discolor for an edgy, yet simplistic search, while Kith decided to add a third gear color to the pack, since the nude nail polish used as a basis coat was about inconspicuous .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Two-Tone Nails

#19. Clear Press-On Nails

The most strange, unexpected and fiercest spring/ summer 2019 complete vogue is wearing ultra-long press-on nails in their raw kind without late on applying a complete color to make them look more natural. This course is the perfect legitimate sequence of the spring 2019 clear bag swerve and the PVC materials used all over the runways for the approaching spring.

Area, Sandy Liang and Marta Jakubowski used colored clear press-on nails in undimmed, bluff shades, from neon yellows and greens to red. Vivienne Westwood kept the tips of the clear talons as they were and added a metallic color to the smash beds. As for Fashion East, the clear press-on nails used for the show were more opaque and flat, yet evenly long and fierce .
Spring/ Summer 2019 Nail Trends: Clear Press-on Nails
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