Health Tips : Does your child have a substance abuse of biting his nails ? Nail biting habits can be dangerous to children ’ s health Parenting Tips in Telugu

Nail Biting Habits
Nail biting habit: Biting nails is a common habit. This substance abuse causes them many problems such as abdominal trouble, worms in the digest, skin around the fingers and nails. It is very important to discipline these habits in children to avoid any problems. It naturally improves as children get older. But sometimes even this habit of the child can sometimes cause problems. Find out what dermatologists propose on preventing nail down biting in children .

Causes of nail biting in children
Children bite their nails for a variety of reasons such as anxiety, stress, and perch. besides biting their nails for some park reason. That means not being able to concentrate on studying or watching television. Let ’ s find out about the main causes of nail down sting in children .

In infancy, newborns suck their toes as a self-calming military action. This is a natural thing. This action relaxes them when they are playing or alone. Nail biting is a form of thumb sucking that develops as children get older ( finger pointing ). That is why children and teenagers bite their nails with their teeth because it is comfortable for them .
At work ..

Children bite their nails when they are engaged in any work or when their mind is not busy with any influence. They do this even when their hands are release while watching television receiver or attending course .
Conditions can cause stress or anxiety at home or at educate to relieve stress as children develop the habit of biting their nails. many nerve-racking situations, such as fights between family members or parents, miss of concentration while studying, can cause children to become restless. Children accrue into a similar habit at a time like this .

Your habits are besides more likely to be passed on to your children through your genes. If you were biting your nails as a child .. your children are besides probably to bite their nails .
Trim their nails regularly

Trim your child ’ second nails once a week. This will slowly reduce the tendency of the nails to chew. A better way for kids to relax. early than that .. you should involve the child in any other reaction like solving puzzles. It is important to plan to keep their hands busy .
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