Want to remain all natural but still make maximal  gains?

then Natty God is the answer ! Natty God is a high drug blend of herb tea extracts and branded ingredients that will literally force your muscles to grow.
Bold claim, we know, but Natty God backs it up !

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That is because Natty God is not just a natural test booster.

Will Natty God still boost your test ? of run ! But it will do much more than that.
The fact is that boosting natural test levels alone will only do sol much toward increasing size, military capability, and performance in the gymnasium, and that ‘s because a natural trial promoter will never be able to elevate your testosterone levels to the supra-physiological levels you ‘d get from taking exogenous, or external hormones .
rather of relying on simply boosting natural test levels, Natty God uses 3 chief pathways to create the ideal natural environment to prime you for the best gains of your life .

These three natural anabolic pathways are:

  1. Natural testosterone/ hormone optimization
  2. increased protein synthesis
  3. skeletal muscle incendiary reply

In order to activate these 3 natural, synergistic pathways, Natty God relies on 4 basal compounds .

KSM-66 ashwagandha

    Myriad studies have been conducted worldwide demonstrating the health, performance, and natural hormonal optimizing effects of KSM-66. More than a twelve of these studies are randomized, double blind clinical trials conducted on Human subjects.. This is authoritative because randomized human trials the are the scientific gold criterion, and are extremely rare in the fitness and supplement industries.

    The potent record of human trials for KSM-66 think of that you can rest assured that this compound produces very results in real people.

    • Reduces stress and anxiety, thereby improving quality of life. [ 1 ]
    • improves male sexual function and testosterone production. [2]

    • Enhances cardiorespiratory endurance, improving VO2 max in healthy athletic adults.[3]
    • KSM-66 promotes significant increases in muscle mass and strength making ashwagandha supplementation the ideal compliment to a resistance training program.[4]
    • Promotes stress related weight loss by lowering cortisol (a stress hormone) and improving thyroid function. Reduction in cortisol also improves the testosterone to cortisol ratio, a key component in optimizing natural hormone production in men. [6][10]
    • KSM-66 promotes improved cognitive function, enhancing memory and improving decision making, attention, and information processing speed. [7]

    5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin 98%

      Laxogenin is a natural compound found in plants that acts as a pro growth agent. What makes laxogenin such a quality add to a natural performance foil is that is does not work by binding to androgen receptors like a pro hormone or a steroid does .
      This is superintendent crucial because that means that it does not act like an anabolic/ androgenic hormone and will not suppress you or shut you down .

      if it does n’t bind to androgen receptors, how does it promote gains ?

      Laxogenin promotes gains naturally by increasing rates of protein synthesis by about 200 % ! [ 8 ]
      Protein synthesis is the rate at which your cells manufacture proteins used to improve recovery and enhance tend weave repair and advance .

      Increased protein synthesis is one of the key effects of classical steroids such as anavar, which, coincidentally, besides increases protein deduction by approximately 200 %. [ 8 ]

      This means laxogenin makes an ideal safe manner to provide some of the keystone effects of classical anabolic compounds while staying natural and side effect release .

      Arachidonic Acid

      Arachidonic acid is an omega 6 fatty acidic that is substantive for homo biography. AA helps signal the incendiary response inside the muscles which is key for enhanced emergence and recovery .
      By increasing arachidonic acid levels though supplement you can trigger a larger natural anabolic recovery and growth cascade than would differently be possible .
      Human and animal studies on arachidonic acid have shown it to be effective at :

      • Lean body mass
      • strength
      • peak power output [9]

      BioPerine (black pepper extract)

      No matter how good the ingredients you use are, they do n’t work if you do n’t absorb them .
      BioPerine is a patent infusion from black pepper that is clinically proven to increase the oral bioavailability of compounds it is stacked with .
      thus not only do we use clinically effective dosages of these key ingredients, we include BioPerine to make certain you absorb ampere much as possible.

      Be a Natty God

      not lone does NattyGod make you stronger and improve physical performance, but it super charges genial operation adenine well !

      More than just the best natural test supporter on the grocery store, Natty God is the best damn natural performance enhancing accessory on the planet, guaranteed !

      Improve your natural operation in all facets of life .

      Be a natty god, with Natty God!

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