Natural nail care and simple

Nails is a very important parts for every person. Not only makes the hand becomes longer and more slender that they protects you against injury to the nerves in the fingertips. Here are some simple nail care tips to help you own a nail and beauty.

Natural nail care and simple
Natural nail care and simple

-You should use between nails instead of using Press Foundation. They will cause less trauma at once for many nails, also easily shaped nail type that you want to own.

-Excess skin under the nails are important, because they protect the nails to avoid infection under the skin, so you should only do thinner layers of excess skin a gentle way and in about 3 weeks/times.

-You should remove the layer of paint the nails regularly and do not override new paint paint over old paint. When you paint on nails, nail in the normal state for a day then continued to paint a new paint color.

-If your nails are difficult to cut, you should soak the nails in warm salt water. Ads: treatment of Melasma Melasma treatment, laser effective for today only at Placencare Salon.

We will do your nails softer sets, easily cut without the risk of damaging and hurting the Foundation.

-When the nail was completely clean, you can soak them in warm olive oil within 10 minutes. This is a great method to nourish and make nails stronger.

Natural nail care and simple
Natural nail care and simple

-Will be very dangerous if your nail inflammation, excess skin inflammation is under the nail. They will cause pain and swelling, making you very hard work. You just need to prepare 1/2 onions and a little vegetable oil until a suitable amount. You DAB the mixture onto the inflamed nails and wait for freezing. You just made 3-4 times daily, your nails will recover and become healthy again.

-Nails gold and bad can be due to many possible causes by smoking, due to lack of vitamins or use dark Paint ball too much. You should remove the bad habits and provide sufficient vitamins for the body and only occasionally use a Paint ball up the nails to reinforce firmness.

-To own a set of bright white nails, you only need 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide (bought at the pharmacy) and 1 cup of warm water, soak your hands in the mixture for about 15 minutes. Or more simple you just need to rub gently nails in 15 minutes. This way you can own a nail as Italy.

-Nails reflect how we eat and provides nourishment for the body. You need to wash your hands frequently to prevent the infection of the disease to other parts of the body.

-You should not bite fingernails because that is very not good for your nails. You overcome by relatives prompted and use regular Paint ball.

Take care of your nails regularly with these nail care tips above!

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