When would you need to ‘ stay away ‘ the nail paints

This is the moment that nail serious harm for us!
1. Hand scratched

According to the study by the experts, most types of nail polish that we use today have contain a lot of toxic chemicals. These substances may cause damage to the body and threatening human health.

If the nail when the hand is scratching, these substances can penetrate the body through scrapes and causing severe toxic. It not only hurt the finger part of us that is still capable of causing ill effects to the other parts inside the body, the internal organs. Even, it can even lead to cancer.

When would you need to ‘ stay away ‘ the nail paints


2. body fatigue

Benzene is one of the polar substances toxic to humans in the nail. This substance has the ability to evaporate very quickly and be absorbed into the body through the respiratory tract, accumulate in the liver, bone marrow and fat cells. It can cause tiredness, dizziness, less awake. If we breathe right. So, when nails are tired will render the body susceptible to impact and withstand the effects worse.

More dangerous, the inhalation of benzene continuously for long time likely to cause diseases to lack of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets or lead to cancer. Therefore, we need to carefully when the nail. You should wear a mask to avoid inhalation of benzene along other toxins contained in it.

3. serious diseases of the heart, the liver, the lungs

When we have to nail the exposure to ethyl acetate and butyl acetate, acetic is the common was used as nail polish solvent. This is the bad influence and leads to many problems of the heart, liver, lungs. If you nail in time are getting the disease of the heart, liver or lungs in severe forms, it can cause the condition to become worse and reduce the likelihood of disease resistance.

When would you need to ‘ stay away ‘ the nail paints

4. Are pregnant

In the nail, most of the chemicals cause serious effects to pregnant women. These substances, especially toluene capable of acting on the brain tissue, the liver, the kidneys. and directly affects the nervous system, irritation of the eyes, throat and lungs. It causes bad complications to the health of pregnant women, even causing the child born to suffer birth defects. So, you absolutely should not be exposed to paint the nails (including through the air) when pregnant!

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