YASSS, it ‘s ultimately ardent and cheery out, which means bright nails will popping up everywhere ! then, it ‘s perfect timing for Essie to bring out its annual neons collection—six bold shades that you ‘ll ( possibly ) want to wear all season long .Essie Neon Nail Polish Essie ‘s neon complete polish solicitation

This year ‘s colours were inspired by Coachella and summer festival style. Let ‘s take a spirit at how they measure up !


Essie Coacha’bella Essie Nail Polish in Coacha ’ bella I ‘m identical into this peony pink called Coacha’bella, which is n’t besides bright nor besides night. I would n’t consider it a neon ( you ‘ll see a traffic pattern here ), but it ‘s a flattering color for bounce and summer, so I ‘m not complaining ! Plus, application was great and merely took two coats.

Melody Maker

Essie Melody Maker Essie Nail Polish in Melody Maker I want to love Melody Maker, except that it stained my nails in less than five minutes ( ugh ! ! ! ). I never use base coat for swatching, so I was super-bummed when this left a dim bluish green coloring material after removing. Be certain you ‘re using a generous total of base coat with this color ! otherwise, it ‘s a pretty nuance, but is it neon ? Nope. My application was a little crafty and the foremost coat did n’t go on well, but smoothed out with coat total two .

All Access Pass

Essie All Access Pass Essie Nail Polish in All Access Pass

now this is decidedly not a neon. All Access Pass is a grape-toned purple and not my favorite, but it applied well and I only needed two coats. It ‘s reasonably, but I wo n’t be reaching for it when I want to wear something bright .

Groove is in the Heart

Essie Groove is in the Heart Essie Nail Polish in Groove is in the Heart Groove is in the Heart, a peachy pink, has to be one of my favourites from this solicitation. The color is equitable so pretty ! But, but, but … it ‘s actually not all that neon. I love it however. I painted this tinge on all my nails once I was done swatching the full moon collection, and it bubbled on me while drying, which drove me crazy. I love Essie polishes, but if you do n’t in truth let them dry between coats, they always bubble. Annoying ! This one took two coats and was an easy application .

Make Some Noise

Essie Make Some Noise Essie Nail Polish in Make Some noise The blue/green shades in this collection are not making me happy, because Make Some Noise besides stained my nails. not cool, Essie ! otherwise, this nuance is great, but I ‘m hush not feeling the neon vibration with these. Two coats was all I needed .

Vibrant Vibes

Essie Vibrant Vibes Essie Nail Polish in Vibrant Vibes last a neon –ish ? I think I ‘d call Vibrant Vibes a pastel lime, and I looooove how it pops on the skin. Two coats and I was commodity to go, plus it dries semi-matte if you like that look. I ‘m very into this color !


My final examination thoughts ? I do like this collection as a whole, but I would n’t call these colours neon ! inactive, they applied well with two coats and did n’t give me any fuss ( besides bubbling ), so if there ‘s a nuance you must have, go for it … we ‘re all cook for a short pop of color !

Where to Buy

Find the Essie Neons collection at drugstores and salons. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a perpetration. See our disclosure for more information .

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