Listen up, Rossi Babes, there’s a new nail swerve in town and everyone it ‘s talking about it. Have you heard about the slender nails proficiency ? SLIM NAILS is an innovative proficiency used to build ultra-thin, natural-looking nails. This manicure stylus has gained popularity and looks to be everyone ’ mho favorite this class. possibly you want to fix a broken collar or have longer nails but you do n’t have the time to wait for them strengthen and grow out, fortunately for you the reduce nails method is the perfect solution for you .
The reduce nails proficiency is a total game changer for those who desires a slender, elongate look but doesn ’ triiodothyronine want the hassle of long nails. It ‘s a childlike method acting, and the results are stunning !
To learn more about this technique, check out our tutorial under and find more about this amazing method acting !

PRO tip : Always make certain you prep the nails to ensure adhesiveness & durable wear ! Shorten your nail, push back cuticles and roughen the texture of the nail plate by using a fender .
mistreat 1
Apply a thin coat of Rossi Primer and let it air dry for 30 seconds .
step 2
Cover the lifelike nail with a reduce layer of floor coat. cure for 60 seconds in Rossi LED Nail Lamp.

step 3
adjacent, apply a breeze through form. Set the form under the nail seduce indisputable there are no big gaps between the form and the complete. Align the in-between line of the phase and the in-between of the complete. For this nail design tilt the imprint slightly up, as we don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to form the authoritative apex and curvature .
step 4

Take a bead of Rossi Nail Gel and invest it on the complete. Move it around to create a duration. Dip a brush in some alcohol to smooth out the surface. remedy in Rossi LED Nail lamp for 15 seconds. slightly pinch the pinpoint using your fingers or tweezers to achieve a perfective shape. Do not put excessively much imperativeness. This step should never be irritating. coating hardening in a Lamp for 60 seconds .
step 5

Remove the nail form and target another bead of Rossi Nail gel. Move it in plaza using a spatula and Smooth everything using the brush soaked in alcohol. This footstep is identical significant for creating the structure and strength of the nail. bring around for 60 second in Rossi LED Nail Lamp .
step 6
File, supreme headquarters allied powers europe, and smooth nails with 180 grit file. Remove any filing dust using a lint free rub pawn in alcohol .
footstep 7

Apply a thin coat of Rossi Top Coat and bring around in the lamp for 60s. cleanse nails .
gradation 8
massage Rossi Nourish Cuticle Oil into the peel surrounding the nail plate and you are done ! Enjoy your finished spirit .

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