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I ’ ve been wanting to try this line of beauty products by actress Salma Hayek since Birchbox promoted it back in May. The beauty line is called Nuance, and is designed to help reduce the signs of aging and improve and perfect your skin and hair. here are the items I grabbed :
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Color Vibrance Lipstick in My Favorite ( $ 9.99 )

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I completely understand why Salma Hayek named this lipstick color My Favorite. It ’ mho beautiful. It ’ mho neutral. It ’ second flatter on closely every peel note .
It ’ s sol moisturizing ! It feels heavenly as you glide the product across your lips. And the color pigment is identical buildable. You can make the discolor as bluff or a opaque as you like .
There is entirely one drawback, but it ’ s a big one. The color does not last. At all. Forget about it making it through a meal, I had fuss keeping the color to even stopping point an hour. In the world of lipstick, that is unacceptable .

Lights, Camera, Action Eye Trio in Champagne/Gold Shimmer ( $ 8.79 )
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I thought this was an interesting concept. Three eye products – center liner, cream eyeshadow, and highlighter – all in one makeup scepter .
however, I wasn ’ metric ton in love with it. It was therefore shimmery and iridescent, my makeup looked “ wet ” all day. While the color did last all day without fade, it creased like crazy and the eyeliner smudged .
besides, the highlighter was unmanageable to apply because every time I pressed it onto my bark, it would roll spinal column inside the tube. I had to hold it near the tip in order keep the product out of the pipe so it could be applied. identical annoying .

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Pomegranate ( $ 7.49 )

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This lip glossary smells and tastes very balmy. It has a becoming last fourth dimension, and adds soft color and lots of glow to your lips .
however, I noticed during application, the petroleum jellify would separate from the pigment inside the tube, and it ’ s very unmanageable to get the two to mix rear together. besides, it has a slightly farinaceous texture, which is a little unpleasant .

Mineral Eye Shadow Duo in Midnight Blue/ Silver Steel ( $ 8.49 )

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I thought the colors of this eye shadow couple were beautiful. I was surprised that the Silver Steel was more pigment than the dark Midnight Blue .
I put Silver Steel into the inner part of my eyelid and blended the rest of the hat with Midnight Blue. The formula blended very nicely. however, it creased after only a few hours, and by the conclusion of the day, the color had faded significantly .

Nail Lacquer in Cayenne ( $ 5.99 )

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This was probably my front-runner item. I was very impressed with this nail polish .
Cayenne is a deep, true red that was completely opaque in just one coat. The photograph above shows two coats ( and please pardon my boggy manicure ) .
The recipe was politic and easy to apply, and dried pretty quickly with a dainty shine. My manicure lasted 3-4 days before it started to chip. And I was able to remove it very easily .
I would absolutely buy this nail polish in other colors .

Lasting Wear Gel Liner in Black ( $ 9.99 )
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I had high hopes for this eye liner. It ’ s a gelatin liner, which I had never tried before and it ’ s condom for sensitive eyes, which is good for me. The gel rule goes on so smoothly. You scantily need to apply any pressure at all. And it gives you a nice, pigmented, benighted black line .
however, it actually started to smudge around mid-day .

Ageless Clarity White Clay Treatment Mask ( $ 12.99 )

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I ’ ve mentioned on this blog many times that I love a good mask. however, this is merely an okay mask .
The recipe was very thin. In fact, I think I have excessively much on my face in the photograph. I used the mask a second time using less merchandise and it seemed much more effective. And because it ’ s thus reduce, it came off truly easily. Normally I need a washcloth to remove a facial mask, but this one rinsed off easily with fair my hands .
This disguise is meant to cleanse, absorb anoint, and improve skin tone. There was about no tickling sensation, so if you ’ re broadly not a sports fan of your face tingle, you might enjoy this mask. besides, I was surprised to find that there was no tightening sense as the mask dried.

The cause I wasn ’ t blown aside by this mask is because my skin didn ’ t feel any different after I removed it. That ’ mho pretty disappoint .

Walnut Facial Scrub ( $ 7.99 )
This scrub is super-packed with backbone to very exfoliate your skin. In fact, it was indeed farinaceous, it was actually a little painful as I scrubbed my boldness. so possibly in the future I need to be a little more gentle in that area .
That being said, my skin was incredibly indulgent and politic after I rinsed and dried my front. I was decidedly please with the results of this cancel. It ’ mho credibly my 2nd front-runner item that I tried .

Wheat Protein Repair & Restore Shampoo & Conditioner ( $ 7.99 each )
There are several different shampoo/conditioner formulas in the Nuance agate line, but I chose this one for the compensate and regenerate properties. recently I feel like my hair is in want of some extra TLC. This particular rule is besides safe for discolor treated hair .
I wasn ’ thyroxine terribly impressed with the results after washing my hair with these products. And for me, the beginning time I use a new shampoo and conditioner will by and large give me the absolute best results. My hair in truth didn ’ triiodothyronine actually feel all that different – in fact, it ’ randomness possibly a little drier than common .
The shampoo formula seemed a little dry as I lathered it up, and while the conditioner was a fairly thick formula, it wasn ’ t the best ever .
immediately, I don ’ triiodothyronine know how Nuance shampoo is formulated compared to professional/salon brands. And possibly that ’ s why I ’ megabyte not that impress. I used Redken on a daily basis and I love it .
In fact, that brings me to my most authoritative luff in regards to this shampoo/conditioner. The bottles were very minor – good 10 oz ( with my long haircloth, it would be empty after precisely a pair weeks ), and priced at $ 7.99 per bottle on That means the monetary value of Nuance shampoo is $ 0.80/oz. A liter sized bottle ( 33.8 oz ) of Redken All Soft is $ 24.50 at Ulta, which comes out to $ 0.72/ oz. That means Nuance is more expensive per ounce than my salon quality Redken .
It should come as no surprise that this will be my beginning and last bottle of Nuance shampoo and conditioner .

My ma besides picked up a few products for herself, and then let me try them so I could review them myself .
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Flawless Wear Tinted Moisturizer in Light ( $ 13.99 )

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For the most part, this tint moisturizer produced the results that I had hoped it would. It moisturized my peel angstrom well as adding absolute coverage .
It mellowed out the inflammation in my impudence and just gave an overall even look to my skin note .
The convention was very whippersnapper weight and non-greasy. I did not use powder on top of it. I equitable let it be. It wasn ’ metric ton until respective hours late that I noticed a truly glazed appearance and wished a had a little bit of powder to dust on. I will say, however, that it didn ’ thyroxine absorb into my clamber angstrom well as I had hoped. My face felt like I had merchandise on it ( light weight, but still… ). If I compare it to be the CC cream I received in my September Birchbox, I would prefer the CC cream over this tint moisturizer .

Front & Center Concealer and Brightener in Light ( $ 10.99 )

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This concealer is a little on the dry side. Dry enough that I didn ’ triiodothyronine feel the motivation to set it with powder. It was good okay in its comfort of blend, but the product stayed on my face, rather than transferring onto my feel while blending. But it was a challenge not to tug excessively a lot on the delicate under eye clamber .
I used the brightener along the fold of my under center area and it did seem to add some biography to my eyes and face. The brightener was much more liquid and blended identical easily .

overall, most of the Nuance items were kind of disappointing. There were a couple stand-outs and the colors were beautiful, but generally, this smasher trace left a batch to be desired .
Sorry, Salma .
Have you tried any Nuance products ? What did you think ?

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