Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the link included, we may earn commission. I ’ m a one day of a pristine manicure, 13 days of chip polish kind of female child. Upon arriving at my house last give for her baby sprinkle, my sister called into interview my hostess skills after catching a glance of my chip mauve polish. Forget the crisp, tea-length shirt attire I had chosen for the occasion. Forget the bantam finger sandwiches placed between stunning ( if I do say then ) hydrangea arrangements. And don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even get me started on the perfectly mix mocktail I had waiting on a silver tray when she arrived. It was my nails that gave me away. No hostess worth her salt would dare preside over a party with chip paint decking her fingers. Shame. But this was all before my fingers found their fresh best acquaintance, Olive & June ‘s Nail Polish Remover Pot, which you can presently snag for 25 % off thanks to the brand ‘s early Cyber Week deal. BUY IT: $6 ($8 after sale); oliveandjune.com

After my spring hostessing fake pas, I skipped the polish for a while. Part of the reason being that as the area shut down, my social calendar obviously did alike. For a while I had bare nails and was loving every moment of it, but then my urge to pull myself together started to gain momentum. It was like workweek nine of pregnancy leave. finally feeling like half yourself, you ’ rhenium eager to slap on a little lipstick and see if that will pull you through to the early side. so as painting my nails started to become a bi-weekly ritual once more, therefore excessively did my habit of letting my polish check off until I finally pulled out the cotton balls and acetone—with fear at that—five days into the lacquer massacre. little did I know that would all change the minute a delivery from Olive & June landed on my doorsill. It came in the shape of The Mani System ( presently $ 60 for Cyber Week, regularly $ 80 ) : a solicitation of six 7-free polishes in colors of my choose, a touch-up brush, top coat, file, limiter, cuticle serum, buff, The Poppy everyone is obsessed with, and the most improbable hero—the Nail Polish Remover Pot. For polish-removing procrastinators like me, it will be an $ 6 well spent to snag this mess- and acetone-free rule that comes housed in a tidy pink container. All you do is insert your finger into the jar ’ south foam mooch center field, twist, and repeat with each digit. Voila. Polish will be gone without a touch and without the chemical smell. Of course, there are far more important things than worrying about chipped complete polish, but if you ‘re looking to make your polish removal serve a short more enjoyable, this might be the ticket. It is hands-down the best complete polish remover I have always owned and, if you ask me, well worth the $ 4 up charge from the drugstore varieties I ’ ve used all my liveliness. I ‘m even polishing my nails more much equitable sol I can indulge in a little polish removal treatment. We ’ ve surely come a long way, baby .

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Olive & June Nail Polish Remover

Olive & June Nail Polish Remover

credit : olive & June

Nail Polish Remover Pot

Insert a finger into the jar and turn to let the foam sponge lightly wipe away polish with an acetone-free rule. SHOP IT: $ 6 ( on sale from $ 8 ) ; oliveandjune.com Olive and June Mani Kit

Olive and June Mani Kit

credit : olive & June

The Mani Kit

Revolutionize the at-home manicure with the kit out that does it all. Each box includes the Poppy ( below ), a smash buff, carapace serum, 6 no-chip polishes of your choose, a Super Glossy Top Coat, clippers, a nail buffer zone, a cleanup brush, a polish remover potentiometer ( above ), and a charge. SHOP IT: $ 60 ( on sale from $ 80 ) ; oliveandjune.com Poppy Nail Tool

Poppy Nail Tool

credit : olive & June

The Poppy

The patent cosmopolitan polish treat makes painting with your non-dominant hand a part of cake. SHOP IT: $ 12 ( on sale from $ 16 ) ; oliveandjune.com

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