Hi friends . Hope all of you are enjoying your life ! I am here to share my thoughts on my latest lavender nail down paint ! It is one of the bright shades from OPI ’ s bright pinpoint lacquer collection. I was actually standing in hanker queue, when I suddenly spotted these bright complete lacquer collections ( I explore most of the things while standing in queue immediately, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tell me you just stare at your feet all the time.. : phosphorus ). finally I just moved out and asked my husband to hold our place for I was not in position to start with hale steel wrecking queue again and moreover I am more comfortable when he is not buzzing around.. 😛 Anyways, please read on far to know more about OPI Nail Lacquer, Do You Lilac It .

Price: $ 7- $ 9 for 0.5 Fl Oz ( 15 milliliter ), price may vary store to store
Ingredients: No DBP, Toluene and formaldehyde
Product Description: High-fashion bright shades create look-at-me nails. Whether to complement a bold sense of style or to add a pop of undimmed and bold color, Brights by OPI has the shades that have attitude and confidence all their own .
Packaging: This milky lavender smash lacquer comes in the usual uncompromising glass box with classy black crown. It is indeed an eye attention-getting and travel friendly promotion !
OPI Do You Lilac It

My Experience with OPI Nail Lacquer in Do You Lilac It:

I wanted to be in synchronize with current spring season so I picked this delicate, milky lavender shade ! however, lavenders are quite slippery for me there are times when they truly look cool while stay of the time I look colored in this ghost but, I good love lavender !
This milky lavender pinpoint key is creamy and flimsy thickly without shimmers ; it looks actually subtle even bright on my skin. This tad is besides slight catchy, however it gives me cool toned expression over all and I feel indeed fresh and happy looking at my nails ! It does not brighten up my peel tonicity though but I am gladiolus that it does not give me tan expect as well !

It has perfect consistency which well spreads on my nails in single stroke without streaking or looking goopy thereby delivering opaque, not streaked, creamy end in one pilfer. I only need second stroke for finishing touch and most of the times I am dependable to go with single swipe. needle to say it is my perfective leap nuance after green complete paint which I will share shortly !
furthermore, I never felt any major issues with OPI nail lacquers character from their staying world power on my nails. thankfully this particular pinpoint paint stays for full 6-7 days on my nails without chipping which is relieving. however it starts to peel slightly after a week. overall I am wholly glad with my spring solicitation and wearing it since the day I brought it home. I highly recommend this milky lavender to all of you I know it is a crafty shade but you can not resist yourself from wearing it I bet .

Pros of OPI Nail Lacquer in Do You Lilac It:

• A creamy, saucy shimmer free milky lavender pinpoint lacquer
• It is a bright even cushy milky purple shade for spring and summer to tone down heating system and skin
• It will complement every fair/medium skintone I guess though its catchy but it won ’ t give any dark or tan look to our bark
• It is formulated without DBP, Formaldehyde and toluene
• It gives closely opaque complete in single stroke which is good to go
• I lone need second stroke for finishing equitable for equal ups
• It very stays for about a week without chipping and fading a act
• The radiance lasts very longer
• It is in truth low-cost deal for its quantity, travel friendly and attractive packaging and gorgeous, retentive survive shades .

Cons OPI Nail Lacquer in Do You Lilac It:

• The shade is tricky on most of asian clamber tonicity
OPI Nail Lacquer Do You Lilac It
well I do not have any issue with this nail down paint honestly ; it is super amazing milky lavender shadow. I am already fetching compliments from everyone around for such eye attention-getting summery shade ! I need to get it again and again ! You just get it gals ; I bet you will fall in sexual love with this pastel milky lavender. I would give it 5/5.

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