Besides OPI ’ s core shade collection, the nail brand frequently releases newfangled colors that align with trends, including Pantone ’ s seasonal worker colors .

Which OPI nail polish is best?

A good manicure can make you feel like you ’ ve had a sum makeover, but going to the breeze through salon can be expensive. rather, you can save money and calm get a great manicure at home when you invest in a few bottles of OPI pinpoint polish .
Although OPI is one of the leading drugstore nail polish brands, its color-rich formulas are a anchor in nail salons. If you ’ d like to try OPI ’ s best-selling classic polish, the OPI Holiday 2021 Celebration Collection Gift Set includes two life-size varieties featuring classical shades .

What to know before you buy OPI nail polish

What is OPI nail polish?

OPI is a popular nail polish post known for its highly pigmented formulas and extensive tad collection. The sword offers three main varieties : classical Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine 2 and Nature Strong.

Although OPI nail polish is sold at drugstores, it is the preferable polish of many salons — some of which offer all 200 shades to their clientele. That ’ s not all OPI has to offer, either. The brand besides has some of the top-rated base and top coats on the market .

What you need for an OPI nail polish manicure

You can give yourself a elementary manicure with a couple coat of OPI nail polish, but for a salon-quality manicure, you ’ ll need to invest a little more time and money .

  • A basic manicure kit has essential tools to shape nails and trim cuticles, such as clippers, cuticle pushers and nail lifters.
  • Sanitize all manicure tools after each use, ideally with rubbing alcohol or an ultraviolet sanitizer box.  
  • Glass nail files are gentler on nails than abrasive emery boards, and may prevent nail splitting and peeling. 
  • Top and base coats may prolong the polish’s wear time. There are even quick-drying formulas available to speed up application time.
  • Moisturizing products, including rich hand creams and cuticle oils, help soften and protect hands from everyday stresses, such as dry heat exposure or windburn. 

What to look for in a quality OPI nail polish


OPI Nail Lacquer and Infinite Shine 2 formulas often contain acetate, alcohol, camphor, titanium dioxide and artificial dyes. The nature Strong collection, on the early hand, features cleaner formulas with plant-based ingredients. nature Strong is besides a “ 9-free ” nail polish, which means it ’ s made without nine harsh and potentially harmful ingredients frequently present in other formulas .


All OPI nail polish have shiny finishes, but there are little differences among collections and formulas. Solid shades have the glassy finishes, with other varieties available in drop, cream or shimmer finishes. however, the polish bottles won ’ thymine constantly list the eat up. As a leave, you may need to look up the ghost on the OPI web site or reach OPI directly .

Bottle size

OPI breeze through polish is available in two bottle sizes : miniskirt that are an one-eighth of a fluid ounce and life-size varieties that are half a fluid ounce. It ’ mho much easier to find life-size bottles than miniskirt, as the smaller size is typically reserved for limited-edition sampler boxes or seasonal worker gift sets .

How much you can expect to spend on OPI nail polish

OPI ’ s classical Nail Lacquer normally costs about $ 11 per bottle and the Nature Strong collection typically costs about $ 12. OPI occasionally releases give sets or measure packs featuring mini or life-size bottles, most of which run between $ 16- $ 65 .

OPI Nail Polish FAQ

What is the shelf life of OPI nail polish?

A. Once you open a bottle of nail polish, you have about 2 years to use it before the formula and semblance get down to deteriorate. If you ’ ve stocked up on OPI smash polish, including your favored shade, it may death up to 5 years if it ’ randomness stored in a cool, dark plaza .

What is OPI GelColor nail polish?

A. OPI GelColor is a professional production line of gelatin polish that features well over 100 shades. Like other mousse polish, the application procedure involves curing under a UV smash lamp. It ’ s merely sold to licensed salons and professionals, so you won ’ thyroxine be able to buy it for at-home manicures .

What’s the best OPI nail polish to buy?

Top OPI Nail Polish

OPI Holiday 2021 Celebration Collection
OPI Holiday 2021 Celebration Collection
What you need to know: This polish duet features two best-selling shades, both of which are suitable for day or night wear .
What you’ll love: The classic convention offers up to 7 days of tire time without chipping. Because the tinge is saturated, it doesn ’ t take more than two coats to achieve opaque coverage. The categorization comes in a gift-ready box .
What you should consider: The alight pink tad, Bubble Bath, has more big peach undertones than expected .
Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top OPI nail polish for the money

OPI Nail Lacquer
OPI Nail Lacquer
What you need to know: If you want a signature color, OPI Nail Lacquer comes in over 200 shades .
What you’ll love: The ghost image includes dozens of high-shine finishes a well as several glitter, metallic and shimmer finishes. OPI offers one of the most diverse red and pink collections on the marketplace. The brush applicator has flexible bristles for flawless application .
What you should consider: Deeper shades may stain nails when you remove polish, so you may need to soak them to remove all traces of coloring material .
Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Ulta Beauty

Worth checking out

OPI Nature Strong Vegan Nail Polish
OPI Nature Strong Vegan Nail Polish
What you need to know: OPI ’ s newest addition, a vegan formula, is nowadays available in over 30 shades .
What you’ll love: The cleanse rule is dislodge of nine harsh additives much seen in early polish formulas. Each nuance has a glossy, high-shine finish up and saturated color. The solicitation includes several earth-inspired shades, including Simply Radishing and A Great Fig World .
What you should consider: Unlike with early OPI formulas, a few people felt they needed to apply three or more coats .
Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Ulta Beauty

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