Hello Ladies , hope you are having a lovely weekend ! indeed far mine has been reasonably feverish, sol no different from the week. wish things would all fall into stead, without a lot campaign, but that never happens does it ?
anyhow, I have another recapitulation for you all. Its another nail paint, I wore over the weekend. It is by OPI and is called Pink Flamenco. There was a time, where I only wore pinks and reds and I have so many of those shades in my nail down polish collection, this being one of them excessively. I had not in truth worn this color in a actually long time, and decided to wear it on friday after a long day at college, it was the arrant color to cheer me up.
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Price – GBP 11.95 for 15 milliliter Product Claim- Shake your castanets to Pink Flamenco from OPI. part of the Coleccion de Espana ( that ’ s spanish Collection to you and I ), this ‘ sizzling ’ hot pink it indisputable to awaken your inner Senorita .

My Experience with OPI Pink Flamenco

The promotion of this ace vibrant pink color, is the standard OPI packaging. It comes with a professional wide brush, which induces smoother application of the product on to your nails, the bottle itself is a clear one and the color is visible through it. The name of the shade is written underneath the bottle. I have constantly raved about their comfortable to use brush applicator and with this one, I find no difference at all.
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The semblance is a gorgeous, vibrant and bold pink nail tinge ! It has blue undertones, which decidedly makes the color pop more than common. The finish of this breeze through rouge is creme and has a gorgeous shininess when applied on to your nails. I love how it makes my hands stand out even more when I wear it, and is decidedly eye catching. This tinge is perfect for the summer in my opinion, however it would look perfect during the fall season arsenic well, because of a pop of bright pink color can nerve go wrong .
I was a bite surprised about the formula for this nail rouge, it was not fluid upon application as I had noticed with the early two OPI ’ mho I had worn recently. It was of a great consistency, no besides compact nor besides reduce, good right ! The color did not bleed into my cuticles and came on pretty neat and tidy on my nails. The brush holds the smash lacquer truly well, you don ’ t have to constantly dip the brush into the color during application. besides, the discolor comes on beautifully opaque with precisely one coat, but I prefer using two coats as I feel as though semblance comes to its full moon glory. Like all early OPI Nail lacquers, this excessively dried relatively cursorily and was not a hassle .
The staying ability of this Nail Lacquer is great, I used it without a base coat and a top coat, it stays on my nails for at least 5 days. And you don ’ thyroxine in truth need a circus tent coat, because the formula has an in-built shininess which is absolutely gorgeous on my nails. however, I decidedly prefer Essie ’ s staying office more on my nails than OPI ’ s because, Essie can actually stay on my nails without any chips for a workweek or more, I have noticed .

Pros of OPI Nail Lacquer Pink Flamenco

– A gorgeous bright pink coloured nail down lacquer, with undertones of amobarbital sodium which helps make your hands look fairer and beautiful.
– It is a sophisticated pink and can be worn by adults without apprehensions.
– Has a beautiful shininess when applied to the nails, you don ’ metric ton truly require a top coat for a bright look.
– Creme finished, my absolute favored.
– Great staying power, wont chip easily.
– Would look great on all skin tones.
– Does not take besides long to dry !
– Non-streaky upon beginning lotion.
– Can be incorporated into your wardrobe all round the year.
– Classy packaging which is besides travel friendly.
– DBP-toluene-formaldehyde free formula .

Cons of OPI Nail Lacquer Pink Flamenco

– Essie Bachelotte Bash, could be its gull and with a much greater formula and staying office .
Would I repurchase OPI Nail Lacquer Pink Flamenco  again?
credibly not, I do enjoy this discolor a draw. But I have Essie ’ s nail paint deoxyadenosine monophosphate well and prefer that one decidedly over this. besides, I will take ages for this color to evening finish wholly.

IMBB rating- 4/5
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