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Orly Neon Heat smash polish is one of the 6 new shades from Orly Baked Summer 2014 Collection ( swatches, photos ) which recently became available. This is the moment shade from this solicitation that I got to test and I wore it for a couple of days until yesterday. This is truly a summer tad, very vibrant and intense, I honestly love it a lot and I ’ thousand guess every pink nail lover will vitamin a well .

International Launch Date – now @ orlybeauty.com, @ transdesign.com, @ nailsave.com and all Orly retailers
Romania Launch Date – now at Rowe, @ rowe.ro, @ orlyromania.ro, Keiko Beauty Salons, @ keiko.ro and dedicated Orly nail salons
Orly Neon Heat nail polish ( $ 8.50/ 45.00 Lei for 18 ml/ .6 florida oz ) is a cool tone bright neon pink with blue undertones. It ’ s a very intense fuchsia pink, which is fully opaque in two coats. The formula is very thin and liquidy, about watery like but unlike early smash polishes with watery consistency, this one glides actually well on the nails, without any problems during the application and without leaving any lines behind .
Neon Heat it has a quite singular finish as it dries down to a delicate satin end, something between a felt and a natural shininess. I applied Orly Rubberized Lacquer Gripping Base Coat on all of my nails and then returned with Orly 3-in-1 Top Coat lone over my leave hand nails .
The application went fabulously well without streaking even a bit and pooling along the edges of the complete. If you prefer the satin finish you can skip the top coat but if you want this color with a intense glistening finish then you should actually go for the top coat. I have to admit I do like this tinge a set more with an intense glitter as it looks very exchangeable to a gelatin nail down polish. The dry time is under 3 minutes ( that is if you apply clear coat ) which makes this color perfect if you are in a haste and you don ’ t have time to wait for a complete dry. I like to apply neon smash polishes right before I walk out the door as they dry fabulously fast .
I wore orly Neon Heat for 3 days before it started to chip a little bit on the nails where I ’ ve applied peak coat. I have to admit the color inactive looked incredibly pigmented, opaque and vibrant so I in truth felt bad it didn ’ thyroxine last long but like all neons it has its disadvantages. On the nails where I layers alone 2 coats of nail polish the results are pretty much the same, the only deviation lays in the finish which is semi-matte .
Enjoy more photos…

orly Neon Heat Nail Polish – One Coat
orly Neon Heat Nail Polish – Two Coats
orly Neon Heat Nail Polish – Two Coats + Top Coat
orly Neon Heat Nail Polish – 3 Days Later ( with Top Coat )
orly Neon Heat Nail Polish – 3 Days Later ( without Top Coat )

If you like to wear acute and bright complete colors on your nails, Orly Neon Heat would be a bang-up choice to consider for the hot season and not to mention the new smooth satin coating. I hope you enjoyed this reappraisal and found it helpful in case you are considering purchasing this shade .
Have you tried any color from Orly Baked Summer 2014 Collection ( promo photograph ) even ?

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