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I love you, orly

After a few badly experiences with OPI, a mark which I used to love, I stumbled upon orly by accident. I had a identical specific shade of aristocratic in mind and had conceded my kill in its acquisition until the shadow of my dreams jumped out at me and slapped me from the comfort of its display. I bought the bottle and fell in love. This detail brand, though there is a difference in polish viscosity from clock time to prison term, has managed to be the longest-wearing complete polish I have ever used. I about always pair it with Orly ‘s Bonder and have closely perfect polish for weeks. The particular tinge offerings change frequently, so the variety is nice. I am often complimented on my nails and particularly that shade of blue ( which I have now purchased several times over ). Unless there is a ohmygoshineedthatnow shade in another sword, I would n’t buy anything else .

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Compare to OPI

I still polish my own, natural nails by myself : – ) unlike women in my group. So I buy nail polish and keep them and use them multiple times, unlike those who go to salons. I ‘ve been buying OPI for 20 years when a bottle was around $ 6, and switched to ORLY when I found them on sale because paying for $ 10 for a bottle of polish is not feasible for me. I LOVE the Beach Cruiser BTW, it ‘s the best Hot Pink coloring material you ‘ll find !. I ‘ve gone through 3 bottles before reviewing. What I do n’t like about it : It chips in chunks, compared to the direction OPI polish recedes. After 3-4 days, my previous OPI polish would recede off the sides and front of the nail. With ORLY, the polish peel off off in big chips, as in whole corners of the breeze through. now I have Hot Pink chips everywhere … I ‘d see hot pink flecks on the floor of the car, in the bathroom, between the keys on the desktop keyboard, and on the layer. I find myself picking up Hot Pink chips everywhere I go …. deoxyadenosine monophosphate army for the liberation of rwanda as long persistent : I find them the lapp or less than my previous ones. If these were not on sale, I would stop buying them.

Reviewed by 383 customers

Pretty lav

5 Shan barn from oregon Goes on smooth, dries reasonably quick. decent deep saturation of discolor

Thick, sticky, gooey nail polish

1 Manda from Collegeville, PA This nail polish goes on thick and sticky, making it hard to apply. The discolor is dainty, but I ‘m not a fan of the paint itself .

So cute on but hard to remove

4 Laura from Fl The “ twist it Up ” glitter polish is so fun with the colorful confetti specks. It wore well and was beautiful. But the glitter specks were identical unmanageable to remove- much more so than normal glitter. Acetone & nail file did n’t get it all off

I would buy it again

5 Maro from TN I ‘m a harbor so my hands are always between handwriting sanitizer and wash, and this is sidereal day 3 and it looks very good .

Chipped in less than 12 hours

1 Jenn from Chattanooga Loved this color for my beach weekend but did n’t even make it out the door before every nail chipped. Do not recommend .

Beautiful Colors to Play With

4 Nails for Fun from Portland, OR The colors are gorgeous, but it tries more lento than I ‘m used to from other independent brands, so I ended up smudging it a lot at first. This was the first base time I tried Orly and now that I have a better estimate of what to expect, I ‘m certain my future Orly mani will be better .

Beautiful but gunky

3 Grazmite from NY color : So fly I purchased a few but this is the first gear I ‘ve applied. amazing tinge but it was kind of a nightmare to apply. topple : for the foremost coat precisely exploit on covering the base of the nail near the epidermis and then kind of randomly spread it up towards the dislodge edge. For the second coating give liberally in 2-3 strokes. You ca n’t do thin coats with this therefore just use that method acting and then use seche vite. It looks absolutely stunning if you can get it on neatly which I did using this method acting and then cleaning up with a brush dipped in acetone .

It’s a beautiful color, also great quality nail polish.

5 b from Miami, FL ultimately has great products, but need to stock up a bit more .

Love the colors, formula is AWFUL

1 JessieOH from NJ Used to love Orly ‘s smash polishes. Bought a few of the neons and other creme colors and the rule is terribly. so slurred, does n’t dry, and way besides much polish stays on the brush ( even after wiping it off ). Would recommend ANY brand over this one .

So Fly & Oh Snap

2 Miche from Chicago, IL I tried the neon chicken and neon orange colors. This is my first time using this mark and I LOVED how undimmed and beautiful these neons looked. however the polish was so thick, the brush was atrocious to use and was just overall hard to use. I was disappointed to have such a hard clock time with such beautiful fun colors .

Must have been OLD

1 sunlover56 from Ortonville MI Purchased this got home plate and the insides were clumpy indeed I returned


3 sasshaw from ogden utah This brand has such beautiful neon colors but the blaze sunset was compact and gunky. No matter what I tried it would not dry down either. I will be returning it.

Wow! Whoa! POP!!

4 HMR from Myrtle beach, Sc I love the brush and the way the polish went on ! It was ace bright and attention snap up for certain. It did, unfortunately chip after only a few days, but looked great until it did .

Gorgeous, vibrant color I will wear year-round!

5 Honeycita from West Texas Do n’t be afraid to wear this color all the time ! Perfect for every season. One of my favored colors for nails .

Orly “So Fly” polish

1 Skye from Novi I ‘m highly disappointed in this product, because I love orly and normally their products are great. however, this polish is extremely slurred and hard to apply. It ‘s besides impossible to apply it evenly. On top of being midst and hard to work with, it takes 2+ coats to get a commodity color bribe .

I would buy this product again

5 Britt from Kansas city I hear everyone says it bubbles and I think my polish bubbled deoxyadenosine monophosphate good but I equitable assumed it was the top coating I was using. I used two different ones. I used seche vete and I ‘ve had the like trouble with the bubbles on different polishes sol I do n’t believe it ‘s orly. This polish lasts very long, longer than opi and I think I ‘m gon na start building a collection .

Vibrant color

5 queen Crystal from Bloomington, CA even after a week in cancun and being in the water the color looks better than ever, did n’t chip

First time trying this brand

5 S-mart from Idaho And I love it. It goes on smooth, dry fast, and lasts a adept measure of time for regular polish .

I like this.

5 kayceewy from Mills, WY It looks foreswear decent on my nails, I did n’t think it would work on my nails but it is a better fit than on my feet. I can show off my nails and it lasts longer than other polishes .

Love this color!

5 rachel from Soldotna Alaska My in-between school daughter adores this tinge and wears it all the time. Constantly gets compliments. I may use it on my toes this summer .

Not as purple as pictured

4 Rebeccdh from Los Angeles Applied two coats over Orly top2bottom. Finished with a top coat of top2bottom .

Orly Turn It Up Review

4 lady of the Lipsticks from Greenbelt, MD Orly ‘s turn It Up is a actually playfulness, colored, felt glitter best. I used this over China Glaze ‘s Celebri-tree for a Christmas tree-inspired manicure and Turn It Up worked perfectly a small “ ornaments ”, with a normal base and greatcoat. I think this will besides work very well in the summer over undimmed colors. besides, the bottle is absolutely packed with glitter ; the real-life bottle looks merely like the photograph. The only downsides for me are that the glitters do n’t apply evenly, so you may have to do a fiddling bit of careful placement if you want them to be nicely spaced. It ‘s besides a fiddling bit more feat to remove this than your average polish since it is a glitter polish. I do n’t know that either of these are actually “ cons ”, it ‘s very just the reality of using a glitter polish .

Purchased bright purple

5 MADA from Raeford, NC tiptoe : prenatal vitamins, 6 month late one can grow/do their own nails .

Cracked and peels. Bubbles

1 b from San Francisco CA The brush itself is nice. The polish dries and bubbles shape. Within 2 days the polish was cracking and chipping off.

No, doesn’t even last a day!

1 drmwvr929 from Lancaster, PA Applied base coat, two color coats and exceed coat .

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