Welcome to a new way to get absolutely polished nail ! These 100 % veridical nail polish strips make at-home or on-the-go manicures fast, fun, and easy with no dry time or particular tools. Find your perfective stylus in solids, glitter, french or fashionable pinpoint art. Each set comes with 8 unlike sizes to achieve the perfect fit for your nails. You get your free-base coat, polish, and peak coat all-in-one for easy nails that look and feel fabulous. They ‘re great for pedicures besides ! When you ‘re quick for a raw coloring material, dash, or purpose, simply remove your polish strips with regular nail polish remover .
As a busy ma of three young kids, it ‘s a challenge to find fourth dimension for self-care. I ’ thousand normally trying to keep up with my kids Zoom meetings, virtual extracurriculars, and wherever my coffee cup went ( that thing needs its own track device ). Herding 3 kids out the door can take an eternity but your nails do n’t have to. I can make my fingers and toes sparkle while my kids take a bathroom or I ultimately crash on the couch with Netflix and my cat at the conclusion of another long day. No spills. No smudges. When I discovered these amaze complete strips, I fell in love with how fun and easy they are but I bought them for gifts and none for myself. Two weeks late my sample was silent looking capital and my friends and I compared our nails in incredulity. thus, I decided to host a party. I ‘ve never been great at painting my own nails — regular polish smudges, runs onto my cuticle, and take FOREVER to dry. These polish strips rightfully are easy to apply and give a professional end. Simply press it on and use a charge or your thumbnail to remove the surfeit. That ’ s it ! There ’ sulfur NO dry time ! Well, after trying my foremost full set I knew I wanted to parcel this have.

It ‘s a bless to build a meet business from home with a sincerely compromising agenda that works for my class and the chaos of 3 outside learning schedules. My 10 year old thinks it ’ s the funnest job in the earth ! I ’ m truly excited to share these products and this opportunity with you. Let ’ s show your nails some love !

Ask me a motion, request a release stress nail to try, or shop the newest colors and designs. Thank you for supporting my small business !
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