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Is your birthday coming up ? Well mine is, and I started thinking about birthday nails ! Is that tied a thing ? After a little bit of searching, it turns out that YES, birthday nail down designs ARE a thing and they ‘re indeed flippin adorable that we equitable had to plowshare with you ! So what are birthday nails precisely ? The birthday nail designs are basically celebratory nails that are normally colorful and will have some birthday art such as cupcakes, confetti, sparkles, balloons, flowers, and even your birthday day. indeed if you have a birthday coming up, or barely a special occasion check out these 21 birthday collar designs !

21 Birthday Nail Designs

#1. Age Accent Nails

These birthday themed nails are super cute and very slowly to replicate ! You can even get creative and choose the pinpoint polish color of your choice ! Grab a nail polish playpen and write your ( modern ) age on the stress nail .

festive manicure

#2. Birthday Candles

nothing says “ Happy Birthday ” like this birthday candle nail down invention. For this especial birthday nail design, you ‘ll need a steady bridge player and some artistic flair. If you do n’t though, just take this to your local nail salon and they ‘ll be more than glad to recreate it for you !

birthday candle nails

#3. Cupcakes and Glitter

This cupcake inspired birthday nail design is barely what any birthday daughter needs ! plenty of colors, polka dots, glitter, and of course, cupcakes ! Have a friend replicate this complete art for you, or show the design to your local nail salon .

cupcake nails

#4. Happy Birthday Cupcake Nails

Another cupcake breeze through design, these pink and imperial nails are the perfective accessory to any birthday ! Get creative and put your own spin with different colors and themes !

birthday polka dot nails

#5. Age Accent Nail

This pink polish is a great birthday color that anyone can pull off, and the accent nail is to die for !

cup cake nails

#6. Cupcakes, Candles, and Balloons, Oh My!

With such a visually stunning purpose, these birthday nails will be the envy of everyone ! All you need are a few unlike polish colors and a nail polish write to pull off this nail art !

balloon nails

#7. Birthday Decorations

Decorate your nails with these birthday decorations and be the most gay belle or the ball ! This finical design is reasonably easy to replicate, so give it your best scene !

birthday nails 7

#8. Confetti Nails

Birthdays are all about lionize, and nothing says celebration like confetti ! Sprinkle some colorful confetti all over your nails and top off with a cupcake or balloon dialect for the ultimate party nails !

confetti nails

#9. Pink Birthday Nails

This pink birthday collar art is super fresh and gay ! Get creative with different colors and nail stress ideas !

birthday nails 9

#10. Birthday Balloons

birthday balloons and gold glitter accent nails make this birthday nail design stand out !
sparkly manicure

#11. Lilac Cupcake Nails

Sweet and bare birthday nail down designs like this one are easy to replicate and look amazing, particularly on short nails !
birthday nails 11

#12. Rhinestone Nails

Grab some nails glue and a hale bunch of colors rhinestones and get to work on replicating this ace amazing balloon rhinestone pinpoint design !
rhinestone manicure

#13. Minimalist Birthday Nail Design

minimalism is where it ‘s at this temper, and these nails are all about elegance and chasteness .
birthday nails 13

#14. 99 Balloons

fair like the sung 99 Balloons, this birthday breeze through design is indeed much playfulness, we ca n’t stop starring at it ! And while it may be arduous to hand paint this yourself, your local breeze through salon will be happy to do it for you !
birthday nails 14

#15. Birthday Nail Decals

Easy peasy pinpoint decals make this birthday nail design easy to replicate and wo n’t take up besides a lot of your fourth dimension !
birthday nails 15

#16. Comic Birthday Nails

For the cartoon and comedian lover, these amusing birthday nail designs are right up your alley ! Have a acquaintance do these for you or head to your nail female child !
birthday nails 16

#17. Pretty in Pink

If you love pink nails, you ‘ll love recreating these sweet pink nails ! Cupcakes, hearts, and rhinestones take this nail design over the top !
birthday nails 17

#18. Cupcake Birthday Nails

This eye catching birthday breeze through design will make you crave a cupcake right now, but you can besides fair keep it childlike and alone do an accent nail, while keeping the rest one color .
birthday nails 18

#19. Neon Birthday Nails

Stand out from the crowd with these neon pinpoint ! Grab some neon nail down polish and get creative by combining different colors and drawing eye catching graphics !
birthday nails 19

#20. Pink Birthday Nails

Be pretty in tap with this birthday themed blueprint that include historic period, balloons, cupcakes, bow, and a martini !
birthday nails 20

#21. Festive Birthday Nails

This nail design is like a party on your nails – there is no deficit of color and celebration ! Have a acquaintance replicate this for you or head to your local pinpoint salon !
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